AG candidate Clark outspoken about climate change, abortion rights

Less so on shoplifting cessation strategy, refiling murder charges

By Guy Page

Asked this morning on WVMT The Morning Drive to name the most important issues facing the next Vermont Attorney General, Democratic candidate Charity Clark listed ‘reproductive freedom’ and ‘climate change.’ The latter is the ‘existential’ threat of our times, she said. 

Charity Clark

Clark, the chief of staff for TJ Donovan (who resigned earlier this month) before she resigned earlier this year to run for the office, and Washington County State’s Attorney Rory Thibault are seeking the Democratic nomination. H. Brooke Paige is the sole Republican candidate. 

Clark said her role in the Vermont Attorney General’s investigation of child abuse at St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Burlington was one of her proudest achievements. 

In December 2020 the office released a 300-page report outlining abuses at the orphanage, which closed in 1974. No charges were filed because the statute of limitations had expired on any charge short of murder, the report said. 

Clark also said the office needs to work hard to reduce the opioid epidemic. Last year 210 Vermonters died of opioid overdoses, a 33% increase over the previous year. The increase is largely due to the influx of fentanyl, which is even more potent and dangerous than heroin, and to pandemic-related isolation. 

During her 30 minute interview with Morning Drive host Kurt Wright, Clark said at least twice that she was on “the leadership team” in the AG’s office. However, when asked by Wright what steps she at Attorney General would take to resolve the increase in shoplifting and some state’s attorneys’ unwillingness to prosecute misdemeanor shoplifting of less than $900 worth of merchandise, she did not offer a specific strategy. 

Clark also said she was “in the room” when the decision was made to refile murder charges on three suspects whose charges were dropped by Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George, who maintained they were suffering from insanity. But she declined to say how, as AG, she would decide in similar circumstances, saying instead that she was “reluctant” because the circumstances were “unusual.”

Clark was raised in Vermont and graduated from law school in Boston. Her family operated Clark’s IGA in Londonderry. 

Her bio from the May, 2022 class of Emerge Vermont, the Vermont Democratic Party boot camp for women political candidates, reads:

“Charity Clark is the Chief of Staff and an Assistant Attorney General at the Vermont Attorney General’s Office. A graduate of Boston College Law School, University of Vermont, and Burr & Burton Academy, Charity previously worked as an associate at Downs Rachlin Martin in Burlington and Orrick in New York City. Prior to law school, Charity was a policy analyst at the Vermont Governor’s Office.

“She is a Justice of the Peace and serves on the board of trustees of the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library in Williston, the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington, and Burr & Burton Academy in Manchester. Charity recently completed hiking the 272-mile Long Trail.”

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  1. Seems like a Sarah George clone to me. Any contributions from Soros?

  2. I need to say that there is a significant segment of the constituency who disagrees with your vision that the abortion issue has anything to do with “reproductive freedom”. Also your characterization of climate change as an issue for our AG is not very compelling.

  3. Ms. Clark,

    You sound like another far left Marxist/Socialist/Progressive and therefore, a clone of TJ Donovan. Look at the ridiculous mess your likeness has created in our State. If it wasn’t for ALL the Federally printed fake money being lavished on Vermont, we would have been bankrupt long ago.

    I wouldn’t brag about being on the “leadership team” at the Vermont Attorney General’s Office under TJ Donovan. It’s NOT a positive on your resume. It won’t get you votes from those Vermonters who are paying attention and believe in our Constitutions, Individual Rights and overall Lawfulness.

    Child Abuse? Where were you when our Government was/still is illegally forcing “experimental shots” on our children and mandating they wear masks ALL DAY, EVERYDAY? THIS IS REAL CHILD ABUSE!

    I am really sad for you as you believe that murdering babies is a “healthcare right for woman.” Wanting to enshrine this egregious practice up to the day of birth in our State Constitution is especially heinous. It’s NOT a woman’s body. It’s an individual human life and soul with its own unique DNA and what about the father’s rights?

    I hope Vermonters are waking up and they have had enough of your kind of governance. I hope they will come out in great numbers and vote for Common Sense, Decency, Morality and Freedom in November of 2022.

  4. Charity Clark filled the Freedom of Information Request filed with the AG’s office asking for the pages and pages of documents that included all of the meetings held between Planned Parenthood of Vermont and legislators to work on the language of H. 57, now Act 47 – along with the wording for the proposed amendment to the Vermont Constitution. No one knows better than Clark that abortion rights are not under threat here in Vermont – no matter how much she wishes otherwise – she is just trying to create an atmosphere of false panic so that she can win votes. Is there no integrity left anywhere among the Democrats candidates?

  5. To call those two things “major” issues……..well that’s both sad and funny. Any contributions from Soros? Do you read or explore any information that is not on TV, Ms Charity?

    • …yes lieutenantm — I wonder if she has tried to get a reading on her potential constituents. Is this “agenda” of hers what the folks want?

      • I’m starting to think it’s some kind of flag to say that they are part of the communist takedown.

        Political worker: “Hey George (Soros) – This one in VT says she’s for Climate change and abortion.”

        George: “Perfect, hook her up to one of the 1000 pac’s that I’ve setup and make sure that the machines do the work so we can continue to ruin each state individually, with Sarah George and her at the same time we will decide what justice is (insert evil laugh here)!”

  6. The top issues for the state are the growing legislative infringements on our rights, the drugs coming into the state, the growing crime, and the growing number of shootings around the state.

    This lady wants to arrest clouds and people gave her money already?

  7. WTF!!! Climate change and abortion rights are the two main issues facing Vermonters!!! What planet does she live on?

  8. She will not get my vote. No more commies are needed in Vermont. And a real candidate would be willing to work on getting rid of the ones that have infected us with their poison.

  9. They say “charity begins at home”, so Charity..STAY HOME! We’re facing the highest number of shootings, OD’s, insane inflation, fuel prices spiking & shortages looming, and a border invasion that some snowflakes think we need to “re-settle” impoverished illiterate criminal aliens HERE during a “housing shortage” for REAL workers and THIS CRACKPOT thinks “climate change” & infanticide are HIGH PRIORITY? She was “in the room” for re-filing murder vs. insanity defenses? Good thing we was NOT “in the room” when one whacko “New American” CHOPPED UP his wife & mother in law w/a MEAT CLEAVER! What is WRONG w/these people? Seems now that weed’s legal brains are frying everywhere, NO prosecution for SHOPLIFTING? No sweat off HER brow! Hell, is’s ONLY $900! I guess in “Biden Dollars” that’s really about $100 in Trump Dollars, and she can ALWAYS just blame Putin too..Insanity!

  10. Thank you for reporting this Guy! I was on the road when I heard Clark talking about her number one priority – climate change, and I was wondering if this woman was on a parody show or was actually running for Attorney General.
    Thanks to the VDC her words are there now for all Vermonters to discover and for the Vermont mainstream media to digest as well. Every article enlightening Vermonters about the depth of the progressive/ globalist/ elitist agenda of political office seekers is an act of resistance against the danger of legislating from an ideological angle rather than common sense. Every reader comment reinforces free speech and the need for discourse. Remember that comments have been eliminated by the VTDigger and Seven Days. It is it getting clearer and clearer as time goes by why. Vermont’s MSM was at the forefront of the cancel culture!

  11. Considering the Democratic Party is imploding under the direct result of: Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, the Jan 6 debacle, Adam Schift’s recent insurrection using Stephen Colbert’s staff, inflation at an all time high, supply chains breaking down, fuel prices, housing market, stock market, defenders of pedophiles, etc.,etc. Pervmont is one of the last bastians of their demonic plans. The clown show, which is the Dem/Prog/Rino uniparty, will continue until they are driven into the holes they crawled out from – keep calling them out and push the phony fake narratives right back in their faces.

  12. Go readers of VDC!!! YOU SAID IT ALL AND I AGREE WITH EVERYONE. Keep her out of our government!!1

  13. White liberals don’t want more black babies to be born. I replaced the actual word they use with “black.”

    Black liberals generally agree with white liberals that too many black babies are being born.

  14. Climate change is a relatively safe thing to be working on. You don’t actually have to do anything.