Farmer loses government contract for speaking out against transgender ed in public schools

By Guy Page

A South Hero farmer says he lost a government contract as a result of his December 29, 2021 op-ed in the Vermont Daily Chronicle warning parents about public school advocacy for transgender identity.

Vermont Daily Chronicle has reached out to the Northwestern Regional Planning Commission of Vermont and will promptly publish any response received. An op-ed about the non-renewed contract was published on VDC last night. In an interview this morning, author Robert Fireovid described what happened.

Fireovid, 71, is a former white-collar worker who, with his wife Joan Falcao, operates Health Hero farm. They raise and butcher grassfed beef for their customers, mostly individuals. 

To help pay the bills, Fireovid and his wife also rent out storage space, including coolers and freezers, to the Healthy Roots Collaborative, a NWRPCVT subsidiary that ‘gleans,’ i.e. collects collects vegetables farmers can’t sell and distributes them to food shelves and food banks. 

Health Hero provided the storage, the government-funded regional planning organization paid the bills, and everything was fine until March 2022, when Healthy Roots declined to renew the contract past June, 2022. At the time, it didn’t say why. However, a representative of the organization subsequently told him the letter bothered the regional planning group, which has a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity policy. 

The op-ed doesn’t name any particular school or school personnel or NWRPCVT. Nevertheless, Health Hero lost the contract.

“I can understand how you would feel ostracized,” the representative said in a spring, 2022 letter. “However, there are consequences to voicing views and supporting policies that harm the most vulnerable and historically oppressed in our society – transgender, queer, people of color, indigenous people, and undocumented foreign workers. Northwest Regional Planning Commission has zero tolerance for that.”

The reference to people of color is telling, Fireovid believes. Earlier, he had protested vociferously after a Zoom presentation, sponsored by the South Hero Land Trust, about BIPOC farm ownership. The chief presenter – a black person – expressed racism towards white people, he claimed. 

Fireovid said he applauds getting people of color more involved in farm ownership. “But I was appalled by this one black presenter,” who said “White farmers, they don’t care for the land, they trash the land, so we want to come in and do it right.”

The same presenter also said “If I do farming, I don’t want to do the grunt work, I just want to be the head honcho.” Fireovid laughs at the recollection of that comment, but adds that the emergence of racist, anti-white views is no laughing matter.

Shortly after the pandemic began, increasingly ‘woke’ rural farming organizations like Rural Vermont and NOFA began to promote the notion of white supremacy in farming, he says.

“I would hear things like ‘there is a lot of white supremacy here in Vermont, we have to do something about it.’” 

As Fireovid sees it, that’s just punishing the poor.

“The really poor people in Vermont are rural white poor people. That’s where the real poverty is. You’re just trashing them.”

Fireovid complained to SHLT executive and board leadership. SHLT has since withdrew its community garden from Health Hero, which the farm had provided at no cost. Someone connected with SHLT leadership wrote an article in Front Porch Forum criticizing Fireovid’s VDC gender fluidity op-ed. 

VDC also has reached out to SHLT for comment. Fireovid said he was told by SHLT director Emily Alger, “If we have anyone [working in the garden] who was a transgender person, and they knew about this article, they would not feel safe.” 

Yet the only person he knew was transgender requested to return after an initial day in the garden, he said. 

The NWRPCVT statement of inclusion is published on its website.

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  1. Seems the inmates are running the asylum. I wonder when they’ll come to their senses and realize the world doesn’t revolve around them or their delusional belief system?

  2. What is happening defies the natural order, he’s surely never seen animals change gender, none in the universe.

    And it’s not changing gender, it is preying on the natural sexual tendencies of humans, it’s really strong glue. That’s why biologists, anthropologists, historians and religious leaders all come together around the same ideal that is often forgotten these days.

    Sex is for marriage. Monogamy is good.

    But then they’ve taken away the 10 commandments and started worshipping their sexual desires and fetishes, surely the road to contentment.

    Our kids don’t have a prayer, they are taught such lies it boggles the mind.

  3. When I was a kid I sometimes wondered just what caused the fall of Rome. We are now seeing the cause in the USA. Its the lack of ethics and morality.

  4. Thank you very much Guy! One clarification I’d offer is that the Northwest Regional Planning Commission is a quasi-state entity. It’s not under the direction of any State agency although most all of its funding originates from the State.

    It’s very important that no one other than Guy communicates with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission or the South Hero Land Trust about this matter. We are in the middle of an election, and the last thing we want is to have these folks threatened in any way. The number one priority right now is to get Republican candidates elected; and to do that, we need to demonstrate that we are more capable of governing. Thank you all!

    • This is a denial of freedom of speech! He had a fight to voice his opinions just like the rest of us. This hatred and retaliation must stop!! I’ll remember this “quasi” government program!

  5. the deep state / shadow govt is doing everythng in their power to make us see each other as the “enemy” … Vermonter’s have more in common than they do not have in common … BUT they’d rather Divide & Conquor us all to take away the power of the people … Do not fall for their shenanigans. We are one people … our differneces are not that great to create this manmade chaos.

  6. This document is incisive and insightful.
    He should sue. Such tactics may have some effect.