Despathy: Never experiment on children

by Alison Despathy

Many Americans are outraged now. As reported by Vermont Daily Chronicle, the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) just unanimously voted to recommend that the experimental Covid injections should be added to the CDC Children’s vaccine schedule. 

Typically this means the CDC, then state committees, will adopt this guidance. But fortunately, this time, many Governors and states are saying no. 

Most importantly, parents have had access to these genetic Covid injections for their children and have made their own informed decisions regarding what is best for their children. Any mandates related to requiring experimental Covid injections for the children’s vaccine schedule are unethical, dangerous, a complete infringement on parental rights, and bring unnecessary, high risk to healthy children.   

The children’s Covid injection is Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only. It is not FDA approved. 

This is unprecedented. 

All of the existing, current research clearly demonstrates that children are not struggling with Covid and that recovery rates for children are 100% unless severely immunocompromised. No states mandate the influenza vaccine for children to attend K-12.  

All of the research and the CDC also openly acknowledge and confirm that these injections do not stop Covid or transmission, they may reduce severity in at-risk and vulnerable individuals only. They are not traditional vaccines. They are biologics: synthetic gene therapy injections that were never intended or designed to prevent transmission.  

This is another critical reason they should never land on the children’s vaccine schedule: they are more specifically treatment, gene-therapy treatment, not prevention

Due to the Emergency Prep Act still in effect, pharmaceutical companies cannot be held liable for any damage or death related to these experimental injections. If these hit the CDC children’s vaccine schedule, pharma continues to be fully shielded from any liability due to damage or death from their product. 

More children are being injured and even dying from Covid injections then from Covid. This is clearly evident in all of the Health And Human Services (HHS) reports.  

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) currently shows submitted reports of 6 month old – 5 year olds at a total of 4,279 adverse events with 182 noted as severe and 7 deaths.  The 5-11 year olds have 14,622 adverse events reported with 692 noted as severe and 29 deaths. 

The UK, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark all have ended recommendations for Covid vaccines for children.

These are our children. This decision completely contradicts the actual data, research and evidence regarding the benefit:risk analysis of these injections, Covid and our children.  There is zero reasoning or research to support this decision. They are experimenting children. 

This decision regarding Covid injections for children belongs in the hands of the parents alone. Many have said no for a reason. They have made their own informed decisions based on their specific circumstances.  Respect for a parent’s ability and right to make medical decisions for their children must be maintained and honored.   

It is also important to note that currently 12 governors have publicly stated they will not allow the Covid injections to be mandated for children.  

It is imperative that the Vermont Immunization Advisory Council is aware of all of these realities. Hopefully they will do the right thing for Vermont families and children and not accept or mandate these experimental Covid injections. 

The author is a Danville resident and independent candidate for the Vermont House and a St. Johnsbury clinical nutritionist. 

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  1. SARS-CoV-2 has been from the day it was created- an ideological virus. In the US, it is a liberal virus, used to further the cultural marxist agenda that has flourished in the last decades. Look no further than Vermont, New York and California for the way this virus is being used to control and subjugate populations into submission to ‘the state’.

    The premise that an experimental mRNA ‘vaccine’, untested, unproven and as we are finding out- ineffective- should be injected into children, whom have little risk from infection and virtually no risk of death- puts all of the US square in a dark age of totalitarianism. That’s it, the bottom line:
    We as a society have accepted that the known and unknown risks to our children from this ‘vaccine’ is an acceptable and required action to serve our ‘masters’, because our ‘masters’ tell us it is so.

  2. One of the biggest proponents of the shots is the world economic forum who claim we need to reduce global population from 8 billion to 2 billion “equitably”. Hhhmmm, all cause mortality higher in high vax areas, new term- sudden adult death syndrome, massive decrease in sperm counts, massive increase in miscarriages, reduced projected lifespan….i’ll let you do the speculating.