Brodowski: informing parents about gender ideology

“Irreversible Damage,” book by Abigail Shrier

by Renee Brodowski

Parents must arm themselves against the gender ideology assault.

Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, outlines the three issues involved in the transgender phenomenon during her speech at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar: 1) the 0.01 percent of the population that truly experiences gender dysphoria, most of whom are male, of which seventy percent outgrow their dysphoria; 2) the “rampant onset gender dysphoria” contagion among adolescent girls since 2012 that Shrier compares to social contagions anorexia and bulimia; 3) activists that exploit the other two groups, resulting in invasion of women’s spaces and sports.

“In the United States, this crisis among teenage girls gets treated as a political issue—a conservative issue—rather than a medical one. And so perhaps the greatest medical scandal of our time is dismissed as a conservative preoccupation,” Shrier says.

Parents who have trusted so-called experts in education and mental and physical health often find themselves ill-equipped to address issues of gender and sexuality that arise in their own children, as Chloe Cole, an eighteen-year-old former transgender child, testifies.

Chloe began transitioning at the age of twelve. She describes herself as a person who never fit into social norms, a shy tomboy who learned on Instagram that she could become part of a celebrated community by subscribing to gender ideology; she was seduced by the praise and attention LGBTQ+ persons received online and found the attention she received while transitioning intoxicating.

In her seven-minute testimony, Chloe says, “I was only twelve years old when I told my parents that I was a boy. Like many parents in that situation, they didn’t have a clue what to do. They were scared and desperate for answers. They wanted what every parent wants for their child – for me to be okay and thrive.

“The gender clinic presented my parents with the classic false dichotomy regarding children with gender dysphoria: ‘would you rather have a dead daughter, or a living son?’

“Given these options, what loving parent wouldn’t choose to transition their child? Scared for my life, my parents were prepared to sign anything the doctors asked. This was not informed consent. It was a decision forced under extreme duress.

“At sixteen, I finally realized what happened to me – that I had made a huge mistake . . . my parents were shocked and felt like they failed me on every level imaginable.

“The medical professionals who got me into this mess now have no idea what to do with me, and they refused to help me. It almost killed me, as it has killed many who regret transition,” Chloe stated.

Walt Heyer, author of A Transgender’s Faith and Paper Genders: Pulling the Mask Off the Transgender Phenomenon, is a man who learned hormones and sex change surgery did not solve his underlying issues. He now helps others “whose lives have been derailed by sex change” through his website, sexchangeregret.

To repeat the question posed in Part 1: If a parent disagrees with state statutes regarding medical and mental health protocols for minors, would their parental custody be at risk?

Knowledge of gender ideology and active participation in government are part of the antidote against efforts to usurp parental authority.

Parents are the experts of their children, not the State. Let’s keep it that way.

The author is an Addison County resident.

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  1. How about this, stop thinking of sexuality or sex as a “gender” and as an IDEA. It is just a way for the left to confuse children and stupid adults. If parents would actually put in the effort to be actual parents then maybe the schools and other propaganda camps would have little to no effect on the children they are trying to brainwash. Gender Ideology is demeaning, a dog whistle for the schools and institutions to propagandize children and like I said before, ignorant people to confuse their thinking so the government can do something to We the People. Like subjugate us. This is also another avenue to child worship and saying sex with children is ok and “normal”.

  2. When defining legal criminal culpability, many on the left like to argue that a youngster cannot be held responsible for discerning right from wrong while the brain is “still developing”, up to the age of 26. This concept is in stark contrast to having adults “interpret” that a sixth grader is non-binary and in need of “gender affirmation”. We vote for this.

  3. The Left: In the interest of cultural sensitivity, your choices of halloween costumes have been drastically diminished…in the interest of cultural sensitivity, your choice of “genders” have been greatly expanded.
    In the interest of cultural sensitivity, the members of the Vermont Legislature have apologized for their predecessors’ promotion of eugenics practices such as mutilating the reproductive organs of “undesirables”. In the interest of cultural sensitivity, these legislators are now contemplating codifying and normalizing the mutilation of childrens’ reproductive organs. We vote for this.