DC Statehood resolution introduced in VT House

by Guy Page

A Vermont House resolution to admit Washington, D.C. as the 51st state has been sent to a committee for further study.

Rep. Rebecca White (D-Hartford)

JRH 4 was sponsored by Rep. Becca White (D-Hartford) was introduced March 10 and sent for study to the Government Operations Committee. Resolutions addressing complicated issues are often sent to committees rather than facing an immediate floor vote. For example, earlier this year a Senate resolution expressing friendship for Taiwan, Vermont’s largest Asian trading partner, was sent to the commerce committee for further study.

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and U.S. Senator To Carper of Delaware have respectively introduced in the 117th Congress H.R.51 and S.51 to grant statehood to the District of Columbia, the resolution says. DC Statehood issue is often supported by Democrats and opposed by Republicans, because as a state DC would almost certainly vote Democratic. White’s resolution offers a helpful history of voting rights in the District.

According to JRH 4, the U.S. Constitution, as ratified following the Constitutional Convention of 1787, granted the right to vote for congressional representation to qualified voters in all the states, including those living in the sections of Maryland and Virginia.

The “District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801” designating the nation’s capital disenfranched DC citizens from voting in local or federal election. In 1961, the 23rd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gave the District’s electorate the right to vote in presidential elections. In 1970, Congress authorized the District’s voters to elect a nonvoting delegate to the U.S. House of
Representatives. In 1973, Congress enacted the District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act, establishing local mayoral and city council elections.

The resolution claims “Congress has repeatedly interfered in the local government’s decision-making process, especially on budgetary matters,” and says residents pay federal income tax but are denied full congressional representation.

DC Statehood flag

Puerto Rico is the most populous of U.S. territories and also historically Democratic, has been mentioned as a possible 52nd state. But as recently as January 2021, Puerto Rico had a Republican governor. Democrat-leaning columnist Michael Barone last year cautioned like-minded MSN readers: “So just as Democrats are discovering that Hispanics in Florida and other states are trending away from Joe Biden and toward Donald Trump — even though they’re deemed people of Color in a systemically racist nation — so they may discover, if they pursue their statehood ploy, that voters of varied origin in faraway territories are not as politically reliable as they assume.”

No-one in Washington or Montpelier has introduced legislation for statehood for Pacific island territories Guam (five GOP governors of nine elected since 1971) and American Samoa (eight GOP governors of 13).

Thumbnail photo from DC Statehood Facebook page.

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  1. This loon’s nonsensical waste of legislative time-and subsequently taxpayers hard-earned money-confirms that leftists are perhaps the most dangerous invasive species. The Vermont legislature needs to be made aware that it’s job isn’t to dictate how others live whether it be in-state or out-of-state.

    • Bingo !!! The lefty loons are doing more harm to that State of Vermont than Zebra Mussels, and wild parsnip will ever do.

    • This is the representation one gets, and can expect, from the socialists sent to Montpelier. There is apparently nothing of REAL importance to work on right here in Vermont.

  2. I my memory serves me correctly there was talk about dividing Califorication up into between two, and six new states as so many of their more sensible citizen’s are feed up with the way that insane asylum is being run. At the present time some are exploring proposing a new state called “New California”. It would comprise all the counties outside of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento making it the 6th largest state in the country. Maybe those people would like help in determining there political destiny ? Two can, and maybe should, play this game.

  3. Hartford Voters must be some proud of their representative.
    Unfortunately we are forced to pay these people for their foolishness.

    • Hartford does not have the market cornered on people like this. The State House is full of them.

  4. PATHETIC. But I’m sure Vermont’s favorite hot-tempered Socialist (there are so many here now) Bernie is loving it!

    When they were all little kids, these leftist legislators must have done some wicked cheating whenever they played Candy Land……

  5. Why is DC statehood any of Vermont’s business,and why is this brought up when there are many pressing problems in Vermont and our Nation?If this is an example of our legislators,we need to get responsible people in our government!!

  6. Designate Washington DC as comprising the Federal parks and buildings and return the remainder to the states DC was originally created from.

  7. Lester has it right. The solution for giving DC residents representation in Congress is having those residing in the part of DC east of the Potomac River vote with the rest of Maryland, and have those residing on the west side of Potomac vote with the rest of Virginia. Done!

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