Licata: Disgusting poster rooted in philosophies adopted by City of Burlington

by Tom Licata

Miro & the Burlington City Council – This is the kind of sickness and perversion you have wrought. Just an hour ago, while walking my dog, I found this pamphlet taped on a telephone pole at the corner of South Prospect & Cliff. Let me quote its entirety [profanity, racist and sexist epithets edited]:

“Hurray!!! 3 more years of killing the poor!!! [Expletive-deleted] you KKK [sexist epithet]! Sincerely, an Angry-[N-word racial epithet]” All this with Miro’s photo in the background.

This is the result of the nihilism of Social Justice Theory along with its cousins Critical Race Theory and Postmodernism. If we don’t return to the Founding Principles of this country – Classical Liberalism – for the briefest of terms, we’re going to experience a kind of misery nobody wants.

Edits in brackets by Vermont Daily. Explicit, offensive language cropped from photo. The author, a frequent commentator on Vermont Daily and in other publications, was a 2020 candidate for the Vermont Legislature.

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  1. My most significant take-away from this is the insight it affords into the twisted, contorted thinking of leftists. These people are severely mentally disturbed.

  2. Not sure exactly what “classical liberalism” is, but how about this? We all return to the USA that the founders and their honorable followers attempt to achieve by following the Constitution & the Bill of Rights & ensuing laws that disallows discrimination, promotes equality, yet doesn’t have the government intruding on the innate rights & privacy of citizens?

    Teaching children to believe there is no male or female in this world, that you can alter your gender if you so choose, that the police are to be hated, that common words such as “mom”, “dad”, “cousin”, etc. are off-limits are not either “liberal NOR progressive: they are INSANE.

  3. Montpelier and Burlington’s governments are an embarrassment to the conservative,Godly,Patriots!!It is very sad that liberals,progressives socialists have taken over our State!And placed our State in direct judgment of God,in the name of Jesus Christ!!

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