Controversial “Gender Queer” book in circulation at Essex High School library

By Guy Page

A controversial school library book portraying graphic sexual scenes is in circulation at the Essex High School library. 

“Gender Queer: A Memoir,” a 2014 graphic novel by Maia Kobabe, (2014) has become an issue in the growing national conflict between parents and school boards. On Oct. 26, an Orange County, Florida parent was removed from a school board meeting by police after he refused to stop reading sexually explicit passages of the book out loud during a school board meeting.

As a result of the incident, however, the Orange County school board ordered the books removed from the library shelves, pending review. 

“Gender Queer” essentially is a primer for youth on sexual identity, masturbation, gay pornography (individual and group), sexting and performing gay sexual acts. 

An Essex parent emailed photos of the copy of the book to Vermont Daily Chronicle. The photos show the book physically on the library shelves and also its very sexually explicit drawings and language. None of the sexually explicit drawings are republished here out of regard for readers’ sensibilities and concern about being accused of publishing pornography. 

The Essex High School library website does not include any discussion on how books are selected. Vermonters interested in learning more about the school library book selection process, and whether “Gender Queer” is available in their school district’s library, may contact school libraries directly, or contact their school districts.

On the state level, a law passed by the Vermont Legislature in May, 2021 established a Working Group on the Status of Libraries in Vermont. School libraries are included in its purview, and school librarians are included on the committee. One of its many tasks is to “study the size and diversity of library holdings and assess the strengths and gaps in materials available to Vermonters.”

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  1. Leftist sexual indoctrination is so cool! Their media/education highway is where they run over and bully the straights.Transform and evolve the children into a PC-New Age inclusive “one Love” global society, But it has to be their way with The Village People dragging (no pun intended) everybody back into Sodom&Gomorrah. There’s nothing new or groovy about sexual perversion or propa-ganda aimed at innocent kids. “There’s nothing new under the sun.” King Solomon

  2. Every parent or grandparent or concerned citizen should check whether this book is in the library at their local high school or (God forbid) middle school. You may be able to access the library catalogue online, or recruit a student to do that. If you find it, please let me know at We’re trying to gather this information.

    Thank you!

  3. Those who made the rules about hazing and bullying are now guilty of it. When private bedroom preferences become public policies and when private medical decisions and choice become public policies – we are losing the Republic and our freedoms. Where is the line in the sand? Taxpayers own those buildings and pay those salaries – time to take control of it now or relinquish it to the demons.

  4. Thank you Guy Page for informing the public about this! In response to another pornographic book Lawn Boy,by Jonathan Evison, I can see how that could easily slip by concerned parents unnoticed because there is another book by that same title by Gary Paulsen that came out back in 2009 that was not controversial. It was actually a very popular book at that time. A solid example of the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!” Pay attention to the content…and the source!!

  5. I just heard about these books in our school system here in Essex Vermont. It is embarrassing as a community, state and humankind that this disgusting display of perversion and illegal pedophilia is being defended by our so-called educators. Anyone who supports this sickening garbage should be forced to read the whole book on video, posting it on youtube to brand them to what their perverse, depraved views are. I stand against this immorality along with the majority of Vermont parents.