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Hartford CT men sold coke, heroin in Rutland, fed say

The defendants are: Ralph Mariani (a.k.a. “D”), 27, of East Hartford, Connecticut; Cedano Brownswell, 26, of Hartford, Connecticut; and Rashane Wedderburn, 25, of Hartford, Connecticut. The five-count indictment includes charges that: Mariani and Wedderburn distributed Fentanyl; Mariani possessed, with the intent to distribute cocaine base and fentanyl; and Brownswell possessed cocaine base.

Irasburg church, VT Health Department at odds over facts

Friday, the Vermont Health Department issued a press release claiming an attendee had tested positive and urged anyone who had contact with the person to get tested. The press release and subsequent media coverage prompted Pastor George Lawson of the New Hope Bible Church to investigate. He determined that not only was the person not present, but also had been tested three times – each time with negative results.

VT lawyer groups reject First Amendment resolution – now citizens must lead

A few days ago, I asked my colleagues in Caledonia County Bar to urge the Vermont Bar Association to take up the resolution. The response? I was verbally assaulted and publicly shamed. Lawyers said that the resolution was “right wing lunacy”, called my defense of the First Amendment “crazy rantings”, and said my proposal was “raw politics”. Several lawyers told me to stop sending messages—they were busy. One lawyer told me to go home and lie down.