Constitutional Republican Wilson advises: register to vote, kick out the Progs

To the editor:

I am running for a seat in the Vermont House of Representatives for Caledonia District 3: Lyndon, Wheelock, Sheffield, Newark and Sutton as a Conservative Patriot and Constitutional Republican.

Charles Wilson

In the last legislative session in a time of recovery, Democratic/Progressives/Socialists forced programs and laws to make big government bigger and more invasive, ignoring our constitution and laws. Our state and nation are in grave danger due to rapid growth in socialist ideology which carries a very high price. No faith in God, no economic freedom, the removal of personal responsibility and destroys prosperity and brings misery. 

Their support of: illegal aliens, taxation without representation of “We the People”, the Global Warming Solutions Act hoax, electric…everything…, Planned Parenthood, critical race theory, needless gun control, racism, division, drug culture killing our youth and on and on to the point of confusion, fear, anger, withdrawal, and no trust in government. All this must stop.

What to do? Register to Vote and Vote out Democratic/Progressives. Vote in Candidates of Common Sense, Honesty and a true commitment to the people of Vermont.

Charles Wilson

The author ran for state senator of Caledonia County in 2020.

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  1. Here’s my message to the VT GOP: Stop being namby-pamby, & start SUING those in elective office who are VIOLATING the VT Constitution – such as those responsible for decriminalizing/legalizing prostitution and offering employment and loans and health care to LGBTQWHATEVER groups & “special” races — completely UNConstitutional!!!

    What an immeasurable disgrace!

    Oh, and Dame? Trump ROCKS and…..Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Agreed!!! Getting Vermonters to vote is the only way. We all need to be screaming this from the highest hills from now until November. This is THE most important issue.

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