Alleged car thief gouges cop’s eye

A man with five arrest warrants gouged a police officer’s eye during a 2 AM struggle Saturday, August 20, Burlington Police say.

The incident began when police located a stolen vehicle on Elmwood Avenue. The vehicle had been reported stolen hours earlier and was located via GPS.

The officer approached the vehicle and found a male unconscious in the driver’s seat. This male was identified as Eric Loyer, age 30, whom officers were familiar with from previous law enforcement encounters, police said.

The officer was able to wake Loyer up. After Loyer started reaching in the center console and then his pockets, he was ordered several times to leave the car. After police tried to place Loyer into handcuffs, he began to reach into his waistband. Fearing Loyer was reaching for a weapon, the officer placed Loyer on the ground. Loyer then clawed at the officer’s eye and then continued to gouge the Officer’s eye as the officer ordered Loyer to stop resisting. A second officer arrived on scene and assisted with gaining control of Loyer who was subsequently secured into handcuffs.

The Burlington Fire Department transported the officer and Loyer to UVMMC for treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

It was learned the Mr. Loyer had five active arrest warrants for: Misdemeanor False Pretense of False Tokens (Cite and release warrant), Misdemeanor Cocaine Possession (Daytime warrant), Felony Grand Larceny, Misdemeanor Vehicle Operation with License Suspended, Misdemeanor Fraud-3 counts with a $500 bail warrant, Misdemeanor Retail Theft warrant for $200 bail, and a Felony Receiving Stolen Property with a $500 bail.

His criminal history revealed 7 Failures to Appear, 2 Violation of Court Order Conditions (1 conviction), 8 Felony charges (4 convictions), 16 Misdemeanor charges (10 convictions), 2 Assaultive crime charges, 2 Escapes charges, and 2 Probation and Parole charges. Loyer has had 12 incidents since 2019 where he was an involved person, a person of interest, or an arrestee in an investigation into a stolen vehicle and/or recovered stolen vehicle.

Loyer was lodged at Northwest Correctional Facility on the active arrest warrants and received a bail of $500 for the above mentioned charges stemming from this new incident.

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  1. Chittenden Courts put THIS officer at risk of HIS life because of the courts FAILURE to keep the community safe.

    That’s what Progressives DO. Esp when George Soros give his approval.

  2. Then , the perp gets a whole $500 bail offering from the SAME USELESS court AFTER he assaulted a LEO.

  3. Going to leave him on the streets until he badly hurts or kills someone. Nice job court system WHAT A JOKE, BUT THE DUMB VOTERS VOTED THEM BACK IN OFFICE



  4. Chittenden County police get zero help from the ?Prosecutor?
    or ?the Judge?

    Is this George Soros? if so WHY???

    So “we” reelected the ?Prosecutor” and keep the ?”JUDDGES”
    for giving work to the police, who are perpetually understaffed.

    Criminally Absurd.

  5. And some question why officers are leaving their positions in Burlington and elsewhere.
    Elections upcoming or not, cases such as this demand that Vermont’s Attorney General Susanne Young step in and remove the Chittenden County States Attorney’s office from prosecution of this individual. Quoting directly from the VT AOG webpage:
    “Office Overview
    The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer in the state. They are charged with representing the state in all matters in which the state is a party or has an interest. The office of the Attorney General is dedicated to the protection of the health and safety of all Vermonters.

    What We Do:

    ENFORCE laws of the State of Vermont
    DEFEND State of Vermont laws, policies, employees
    PROTECT Vermont citizens”

    Apparently, aside from some Vermonter’s being more ‘equal’ than others-we need to remind both sarah george and susanne young of their constitutionally mandated responsibility. Either now or November 8th.

  6. A PROSECUTOR is elected to their position to: PROSECUTE.

    She is NOT a public defender. She is in VIOLATION of her oath of office, in violation of the VT Constitution and should be REMOVED.

    And Vermont still needs a state-wide exorcism by Catholic exorcists – preferable flown here from Rome.

  7. Nice to see actual media coverage when a LEO gets attacked by a perp, instead of the moonbat media which only reports on stories where the police “abuse” a perp.

  8. It sounds like the officer would have been justified using more force. I don’t blame any for choosing not to in the moment however, given the local climate and lack of support for the work they do.

  9. From the description of events, it sure sounds as if the officer had full justification to use at least a non-lethal stun device, but realistically, when split seconds counts, a Glock would have been completely appropriate. We have to assume that police in Vermont are risking life and limb these days to avoid being under the boot of certain State’s Attorneys and the Attorney General. Is it any wonder they are resigning and recruits are scarce. A majority of Vermonters have expressed approval of this scenario at the polls.