Blam! Blam! Blam! Weekend shootings in Brattleboro, Brookfield and Burlington

By Guy Page

Vermont police are investigating three weekend shootings – one fatal – in Brattleboro, Brookfield and Burlington. 

Friday, August 19, a man was shot dead on Putney Road, Brattleboro police said. 

“Officers arrived a little after 9 p.m. to find one male, deceased,” Brattleboro Police Chief Norma Hardy reportedly told the Brattleboro Reformer. The man was not carrying any identification, she said. It’s the second homicide in Brattleboro this summer and the first at the former Lamplighter motel, which was converted into a ‘homeless hotel’ during the pandemic and has been a source of many police incidents. 

At 4 AM on Sunday, state police responded to a home on Halfway Brook Road in Brookfield for a report of a male with a gunshot wound, police say. The male was transported to UVM Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries. This incident is still under investigation, and no one is in custody. All parties are known to each other and there is no danger to the public, police claimed.

Burlington’s 22nd gun incident took place at about 10 PM Friday at the popular skate park along the city’s waterfront and bike path. One person was shot and another fled gunfire by jumping into the nearby lake. Police rescued that person from drowning, WCAX reports

No information about the identity of the victims or shooters, or the reasons for the shooting, have been released by police. 

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  1. Only the 22nd “gunfire incident”? Surely ALL those caught had fully legal guns, right? If they did NOT then WHY didn’t Slippery Sarah turn them over to the US Attorney for FEDERAL gun charges? Better yet, why doesn’t the USAT prosecute them on their own w/out a referral? Oh RIGHT! There’s a Prog/Dem as county A/G and a Dem Administration ALLOWING this crime wave with headquarters in DC. They’ll chase down some loudmouth woodchuck on “hate crimes” in Bennington & a over 10 rd, clip/magazine but ACTUAL shooters & recidivist thugs? NO problem! Had enough yet? I’ll bet there’s 50 “gunfire incidents” by next year, Jan. 1st, COUNT on it! And where’s Bernie? Is it safer in DC these days? No comment from EITHER senator or Pee Wee Welch? Maybe Guy Page could reach out to them for “comment”?

  2. And this is what you are taught to think when you listen to WCAX : Criminologist Brandon Stroup:” I think we have to assess it in a historical context of what just happened to all of us during the pandemic. We’re experiencing a housing shortage, especially in Burlington, we’re experiencing high rates of inflation everywhere, all these things are impacting us. We all just came out of isolation for a year and a half. I think what we might be seeing is everyone’s different trauma responses, and I think that has to be assessed. If people can’t find housing, if people can’t afford to feed their children, you’re going to start seeing more and more desperation. A lot of research on crime and the causes of crime point to those sorts of social ills as something that a high number of all those things combined are going to cause strain and suffering and it might result in higher crime rates and more violent crime “.

    • Pretty sure we all came out of government imposed “isolation” in early to mid 2021…… and what does THAT exactly have to do with being homeless or a gangsta?

  3. It would seem that Vermont may be a bit less hospitable in recent years than it had been in the not too distant past.

    Any hint why that could be?

    Perhaps it is something in the water…..or maybe the most recent crop of arrivees exercising poor judgment trying to make the 802 more like the dumpster they emerged from.

    • The problem is that Vermont has become TOO HOSPITABLE to the undesirable elements of humanity, welcoming them with open arms and with a generous cornucopia of benefits…

  4. Criminologist Brandon Stroup; your an idiot, how did you happen to get this job. Drugs not mentioned and we all know a big part of police investigation points to drug involvement in most instances…….HELLO Burlington, and Vermont…….Leaders; start talking to Washington instead of the other way round…..Tell them to Close the border and reform immigration NOW

  5. No worries !! There will be new gun laws for everyone in the state coming soon !!
    I seriously have issues funding the State Police to go and help Burlington PD when the problems they have are self inflicted ! Help yourself !

    • For the State Police to provide mutual aid to Burlington seems prudent- but an invoice for services rendered should be paid by the Burlington City Council. They along with the voters that support them are the irresponsible parties in this matter, they ‘defunded’ Burlington Police. Vermont taxpayers are not responsible for Burlington’s bad decisions.

  6. Police are doing their jobs – but with little support

    Prosecutors and Judges butter over these crimes, asking for little penalty, Just keep doing your looting, burglary, gang fights, drug dealing, and now GUN FIGHTS!! Arested, and back on the street in hours,
    with a new stolen gun, dealing drugs, in gun fights, ……….. No END!!

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