Condos won’t seek re-election

Secretary of State Jim Condos will not run for re-election this year, he announced on a YouTube video.

“For me, the end result of the work of government should always be to improve the health, safety, and lives of all residents. After each election, I took an oath to uphold the Constitutions of our nation and our State, and I have worked every day to abide by those governing principles,” Condos said.

“It was critically important to me that the Secretary of State’s Office operate in a non-political, non-partisan manner, and I know we have strived to conduct our work in that manner.”

Condos, 71, does not say why he’s retiring. However, he may have tacitly endorsed his preferred successor, Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters: “I particularly want to recognize Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters who has served the Office for 25 years, the last 7 of which have been as my Deputy. He has been a tremendous asset and indispensable partner carrying out the work to make our office more efficient, more credible, and more accountable to the public. Chris has been a vital member of my senior management team overseeing policy and operations; and spearheading many important legislative changes. He is a true, dedicated public servant to the people of Vermont, and as a state we’ll be lucky to have him in whatever role he considers next.”

He cited his contributions to the Vermont electoral process: Same Day Registration, Automatic Voter Registration, Online Voter Registration, ADA Accessible Voting, Enhanced cyber security, Universal Vote-by-Mail, Ballot Drop Boxes, And, Ballot Curing.

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  1. This is wonderful news! Yeah, great things like universal vote-by-mail, and drop boxes that pretty much ensure fraudulent elections! With what is coming out in AZ, Wisconsin and other swing States, Mr. Condos could want to get out before the hammer is dropped on the questionable methods used in our elections!!

    Let’s get a true conservative in that office, not another woke puppet of the left.

  2. His doctor probably told him that as morbidly obese as he is he may want to enjoy his remaining time enjoying life instead of destroying Vermont like he has been doing. Not gonna miss this leftist control freak one bit.

  3. The old phrase attributed to Abraham Lincoln, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Was never more fitting than to the current circumstances both nationally and here in Vermont. Imagine if everyone thought the same way all the time. I think Mr. Condos has realized the meaning of the above quote. The heat is getting hotter and I don’t mean the climate. The nationwide examination of 2020 election has revealed the nasty truth that the public has been lied to repeatedly, that election fraud is alive and well, that voting machines can be manipulated over the internet and that politicians like this one have tried desperately to cover it all up as well as the lying media. We could give him credit for knowing when to jump ship. Just like the guards at prison camps in world war 2, I wonder if saying “I was just taking orders from my superiors” will be enough when the crimes are exposed like in the Clinton spying fiasco just released but not seen in the mainstream media? Could we really assume that no laws have been broken here, in our elections?

  4. TERM LIMITS across the board, both high and low…….NO pay for life, do your service go home to your JOB, business whatever was BEFORE you were…….end of story……everyone write your reps and ask them……Term Limits Yes or NO…….and then report back!!

  5. Hope he erases the software algorithms in the stored voting machine before he leaves office, or he’ll be next year’s Secretary of State. Laugh out loud!

  6. “Same Day Registration, Automatic Voter Registration, Online Voter Registration, ADA Accessible Voting, Enhanced cyber security, Universal Vote-by-Mail, Ballot Drop Boxes, And, Ballot Curing.”

    ^ Condos’ legacy. Your vote is worthless. They can rig the election any time they want and there is no way to stop it. And now that his job is done, he can run for cover while passing the torch onto his buddy who will extend these outrages.

    The really depressing thing is that the Vermont Republicans don’t seem to think this is a high priority.

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