Coester: Elected officials uninformed, cowardly

To the editor:

For more than a year now, I have studied, watched and paid close attention every day to what has been happening In Vermont, the USA and around the globe.                                                                                                                                

We Saw The ” Covid ” come in last year. We saw the theft of election powers from our towns by the Governor, Phil Scott , and Jim Condos on the pretense of a global pandemic. Yes i did write pretense! Do all our elected officials think we are all fools?  Are we to suck up the propaganda and believe every lie without investigation, without research, no questions asked?                                                                                                                                                                                          

Many people in Vermont are far more intelligent than our elected officials assume, yes we work hard and actually prefer to be socially distanced.                                                                                                                                       

Now just who is the CDC ? They are a vaccine company with 50% of their income from vaccines, and are supported by donations from all the big pharma as well as MacDonald’s and Shell Oil, the Gates Foundation and many others. They do not treat people. There are no frontline doctors there.

Fauci knew from March 2020 Hydroxychloroquine worked, combined with zinc. He knew Ivermectin worked. These are not false claims. With a small amount of Investigation any child could have learned this back in the summer of 2020.                        

It has become Increasingly annoying to me just how uninformed or plain cowardly our elected officials are as they conduct more than one full year of Legislation through zoom meetings, like the Wizard of Oz, the great, powerful and wise. Still to this day we have not one Senator nor Representative to stand up and call out this Covid hoax.                                                                  

In the spirit of the Green Mountain Boys, as It must be, I do call them all out, with the exception of one fine lady I met in Newport. Governor Scott and Mark Levine should resign immediately.  Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Patrick Leahy along with Congressman Peter Welch are a total embarrassment to the State of Vermont. The lies and cowardice perpetrated by all three of them toward the previous administration in Washington makes them the lowest of low.                                                                  

This is not about politics and parties any more. It is about America, what America stands for, and what Vermont stands for. Do we stand for our Constitution and our Flag?   Do we stand for truth? Do we stand for humanity? Now is the time for the rest of our elected officials to take a stand, pick a side!  He who sits on the fence for too long sooner or later gets a fence post up their backside. Have some spine and some courage.                                                

C. Mark Coester                                

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  1. The Green Mountain Boys would be proud to real vermonters like Mark are out there saying like it is.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with the writer, except for one point: I sadly believe that he is giving Vermont voters faaaar too much credit. Many people are very easily led and despite Vermonter’s public, likely self-imposed reputation for being “independent thinkers” – they are NOT.

    They are instead like “Stepford” voters buying into the bologna propaganda from decades ago that democrats are “good”, republicans: bad.

    WAKE UP, Vermonters!

    Democrats are murdering unborn babies through their ninth month of gestation!!! They are brain-washing your children in schools to believe that the USA is horrible & that all Caucasians are bigots & suppressors.

    They are seeking to devalue females in the eyes of the world as they once were long ago, and legalizing prostitution under the guise of “helping” women! They very conveniently sought to close churches & all places of worship during the “pandemic” in violation of the Constitution.

    They are looking to remove your right to bear arms and Soros-funded State’s attorneys are chronically placing drug dealers & violent criminals back onto the street who get your children hooked on drugs and sometimes gun down rival gang-bangers whilst often shooting your wives or kids by “accident” – it’s simply part of doing business….try not to take that bullet personally.

    The majority of democrats are NOT serving you, your family, or your country. THINK about what they are enabling & encouraging here before you next blacken that little oval on your “universal” ballot!!

  3. Thank you for a right-on article! Yes, our leadership has failed the citizens of VT by not doing ANY investigative work on any of the important issues we face – mail-in ballots, CRT, silly drumming of white supremacy – paying people to not work. They just jump on the social justice wagon, since it is the easiest course to take.

    But don’t be discouraged. Forensic audits are taking hold of many States to get to the bottom of the Nov 3 fraud. MSM is going berserk about it. Also the truth about the Plandemic is coming to light and if you listen to an excellent recent interview with Dr. Peter McCullough – (go to DuckDuckGo – and put in his name.) Then click on the interview entitled: Massive: World Renowned Dr. Blows Lid Off of Covid… Dr. McCullough methodically details the missteps of our medical institutions from day 1. He has stood up to the harmful suppression of the elites regarding early treatment for the virus. He is the only one with enough clout to bring to light the truth about what is going on. Dr. McCullough has testified in front of Congress. His assessment of the vaccines is also critical for people to hear!

  4. I believe in the reality of the virus.
    I have valid chemical sensitivities and have had bad reactions to the flu vaccine.
    I had serious misgivings about the covid vaccine, but, nevertheless, took it.
    The situation is confusing. History has countless situations that aren’t easily answerable.

  5. The problem is the majority of Vermont government no longer acknowledges God. It all starts right there. Without God sin prevails. Next comes wrath. In light of the Bills that were just signed by RINO Governor Scott, all I can say now is, get ready Vermont, here comes wrath.

  6. Title says it all! Great comments as well, however I am still baffled by those willing to subject themselves to jabs without having diligently scrutinized the substances within that jab. Why would information be censored? Why would one not seek out what was censored – your body and soul is worth that effort. We all have been lied to for so long…hope many are ready for the truth.

  7. Where can one find a Dr in VT who treats prevention of Covid w/ Hydroxychloroquine or IVERMECTIN?

  8. Wow, what has happened in Vermont since I have lived there?! This letter is full of lies. The CDC is there to protect you, Fauci has devoted his life to the health of the American people and the Green Mountain Boys would run you out of town. Stop spreading lies and stop putting down good people devoted to truth and your health and safety! What a slight of hand to accuse others of propaganda while you are spreading it.

    • Trump Won . Election Fraud is Real . and The Pentagon threw The Democrats Under the Bus admitting to 46 Bioweapons Labs in the Ukraine . Fauci is a Murder

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