Condos: mailed ballot law lets voters ‘cure’ mistakes

Secretary of State Jim Condos

Following the enactment of S.15 yesterday, which will make the mailing of ballots to all Vermont voters a permanent feature of general elections, Secretary of State Jim Condos issued the statement below. – Editor

Today we should be proud as Vermonters. Around the country we are witnessing an assault on voting rights, as state legislatures use conspiracy theories and lies as cover to restrict the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of American voters.

Here in the Green Mountain State we chose a different path. Building on the success of 2020’s record-setting voter participation, legislators of all political stripes worked across the aisle with my office, with Vermont’s hardworking Town Clerks, and with advocates representing a wide range of Vermonters, to carefully craft S.15, which will remove barriers to the ballot box for Vermont voters.

S.15, signed into law by the Governor today, represents the largest expansion of Vermont voter access in decades. This historic legislation will empower more Vermonters to vote, while preserving the integrity and security of the elections process. Through the mailing of ballots to all active, registered voters, those Vermonters who traditionally have found it difficult to cast their ballot will have new options to participate in the civic process.

S.15 also includes an important “ballot curing” process. Now, if you make a mistake on your mail in ballot, such as forgetting to sign the envelope, you will be notified and will have an opportunity to fix it rather than being denied your vote. I firmly believe that our democracy is stronger when we all participate.

Once again, Vermont is leading the nation. Other states are inexplicably rolling back successful policies from 2020 and making it harder to vote. We are making sure that democracy remains in reach for all voters, and becomes even more accessible for those Vermonters who may otherwise be left out. 

With the enactment of S.15, Vermont is now one of the most voter friendly states in the country, while maintaining strong safeguards ensuring the security and integrity of our elections and the results they produce.

In 2020 my office mailed ballots to all voters out of necessity. It was done to preserve our rights to vote while keeping our communities safe. Vermonters responded by voting in record shattering numbers, for both total turnout and early or by mail voting. The message was clear: when you give people the tools they need to vote, they do.

I want to thank the legislative leaders, Clerks and advocates who worked hard to craft this landmark bill, which received strong support from Republicans, Democrats, Progressives and independents. I also want to thank the Governor for signing S.15 into law.

I am eager to get to work with my elections team on implementing S.15 and want to assure Vermonters that we are already at work planning for increases to voting by mail, to ensure our elections remain safe and secure. As always, we will keep working to identify and dismantle any barriers to the ballot box Vermonters may be facing.”

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  1. Is there anyway to find out how much money Sec Condos and Gov Scott collect from the CCP in the quest to destroy the USA and turn VT into a cesspool? Asking for a friend.

  2. stop the narrative that voter ID and verification is restrictive. need ID to get into Costco, airport, bank, get OTC sudafed. stop saying making it easier, if you want to vote all that is needed is verification, simple. are these the same voters who dont get on a airplane, open a bank account, etc. dont automatically send out mail in votes to every register voter, what a waste of money. voters should ask for them if they want them. voting verification is more important than getting thru TSA!

  3. “Once again, Vermont is leading the nation.” Yeah, right down the toilet, buddy!!! Yes, we are a voter friendly State for – illegals who get more benefits than citizens, dead people who vote or people who have long moved away and still will get a ballot to vote in VT. Total incompetency and
    And the man says other States are making it harder to vote. No, fella, they are making it harder to cheat and commit fraud!! They only want LEGAL votes – something you don’t care about at all.

  4. Election Fraud in Vermont is massive beyond belief . It has been progressing rapidly since 1960 . then with the addition of Computer Tabulators it got worse .. Jim condos Sold out to the CCP for 30 pieces of silver . Trust in God , Trump won the election and Vermont will have a full forensic audit . We use the same machines as New Hampshire and New Hampshire is Going to do the Entire State .. Arizona Audit , Finishes up in one week , Pennsylvania is Next , along with Georgia .. Democrats and Republican Thieves in Full Panic Mode .. God Bless America

  5. In theory, this is something that will expand access to the voting process for all.
    In practice, it opens up dangers of fraud.
    Those states which have enacted laws to ensure voting integrity have included details that are restrictive. This is also dangerous.
    In these times things are too polarized.

  6. Vermont now “represents the largest expansion of Vermont Voter [Fraud] access in decades” [added Fraud]. Wait, doesn’t this sound similar to what the illegitimate, fraud resident Biden said on video about the election 8 months ago, he said “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics”. Wow, sounds so similar, what a coincidence. I read S15, there are NO SAFEGUARDS AT ALL in the Bill, None, Zero, Zilch, Nada. It is written so poorly that it should be thrown in the trash. Unbelievable how this was voted “yes” by any logical person. I also sent a lengthy e-mail to ALL representatives, Senators and Governor with my analysis of each section of the Bill with questions regarding the missing Safeguards. Only 2 people responded back, one saying only Thank You and the other responding his/her vote is a No and will always be a No. Any “elected official” who voted “yes” for this illegal Bill committed an act against the Vermont Constitution of “corrupt-free voting” as mentioned in Article 8:

    Article 8. [Elections to be free and pure; rights of voters therein]

    That all elections ought to be free and without corruption, and that all voters, having a sufficient, evident, common interest with, and attachment to the community, have a right to elect officers, and be elected into office, agreeably to the regulations made in this constitution.

  7. What is even more disturbing then these communism-aimed bills, is the fact that we cannot trust the courts to rule them unconstitutional — which they are.

  8. I witnessed first hand what mail in ballots mean. Your office sent the small residential care home that I work at 12 ballots. !0 of the ballots were addressed to deceased individuals. This is nothing more than a sure process for voter fraud. Very upset, I took those ballots to the Town Clerks office and asked why we were receiving ballots for dead people. They informed me that they didn’t send them out, but the SOS office had done that. Totally against the law, when you are changing rules midstream. I see this as a way to cover up their tracks from the last election, but in the end I believe the people that are behind this will all be found complicit in the last fraudulent election of 2020

  9. More of the same – the perfect storm folks. MANY clerks do not agree with this so beware of the narrative on that – beware of it all otherwise. Lawlessness at it’s best and those complicit in this have an interesting outcome ahead of them. Clock is ticking…

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