Christina Nolan runs for U.S. Senate

Confirmed With Unanimous, Bipartisan Support As U.S. Attorney, Nolan Led the Fight Against Opioids, Pledges “Fresh Perspective”

Today, Christina Nolan, Vermont’s former United States Attorney, launched her campaign as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, she announced in a press statement today.  In her video announcement, entitled “Fresh Perspective,” Nolan focused on her vision to reach across the aisle to improve public safety by reducing crime, address the high costs of inflation and tackle the opioid crisis tearing apart our communities.

A lifelong Vermonter, Nolan, 42, was recommended with bipartisan support from Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Governor Phil Scott (R-VT) and confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate – the 38th person to hold the position and the first woman in state history. 

In “Fresh Perspective,” Nolan states, “I’m running for Senate because we need leadership that will unify the country – leadership that will work across the aisle to make positive change for Vermonters and their families. The first job of government is public safety, preventing people from using drugs and getting those with substance use disorder into treatment. We need to make life more affordable. Skyrocketing inflation is a tax on the middle class and it stymies those who are working so hard to save money for their families. We need to get the workforce back to work so that our small businesses can thrive, stay open and create jobs.”

She goes on to condemn the gridlock and partisanship in Congress, saying, “Leaders in Washington of both parties have lost their way. They are more interested in fighting with each other and beating the other party. It’s cynicism and gridlock.”

As Vermont’s U.S. Attorney, Nolan’s team led the investigation that uncovered an illegal kickback scheme perpetrated by Purdue Pharma to overprescribe highly addictive opioid pain killers. The investigation secured a historic felony conviction and helped to win a settlement of $8.3 billion – the largest fine ever levied against a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Nolan is the only credible Republican candidate to join the field and if elected would be the first woman to represent Vermont in the United States Senate. Vermont’s primary will be held August 9, 2022. Senator Leahy has held the seat for the last 47 years, and his retirement created the first open race for Congress in Vermont since 2006. The chosen Democratic frontrunner, U.S. Representative Peter Welch (D-VT), 74, was first elected to office in 1980. He votes with his party leadership 100 percent of the time and is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. 

Christina Nolan provides Vermonters with a highly qualified fresh perspective to solve the problems Washington has not been able to solve.

“Leaders in Washington of both parties have lost their way,” Nolan says. “They are more interested in fighting with each other and beating the other party. It’s cynicism and gridlock. It’s ‘I win or you lose.’ 

“I think it begins with remembering that leadership is about service. When we elect a new generation of leaders with a fresh perspective, new energy, people who have servants’ hearts, we can chart a new course where we start reaching across the aisle and treating each other the way Vermonters treat each other: like neighbors. I want to go to Washington to serve Vermonters, to serve people, not just a political party and its agenda. It’s going to take all of us. Join me in this effort to chart a new course in Washington, to create a new kind of politics, a politics that works for you, the kind of politics Vermonters can be proud of.”

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  1. Wow in just a matter of a few weeks we’ve gone from Larry, Curly, and Moe, to Tweedledee, and Tweedledumb, and now we’re looking at someone breaking up that “Dymanic Duo” ? Come on Christina !!!

  2. Anything (well, almost anything) is better than Peter Welch’s cronyism. At least Ms. Nolan isn’t a Progressive Democrat, and just having someone in the U. S. House Republican Caucus will be an improvement. Hopefully Ms. Nolan isn’t a RINO, and will steadfastly support individualism, as opposed to what some of our other fence walking Vermont Republicans do. At this point, Ms. Nolan fulfills the prerequisite political credentials, and we conservative Vermonters have nothing to lose by voting for her, unless someone else, even more qualified, throws their hat in the ring too.

    I look forward to reading and hear more from her.

  3. Its good to see Ms. Nolan’s hat in the ring, it adds some political diversity to the US Senate race……It’s interesting that diversity, perhaps the most over used word in Vermont, has garnered such a slight level of interest by the VTDigger…….A usual big promoter of Democrat and progressive candidates.

    Here’s the VTD coverage…….Looks like not much interest in saying much about Ms. Nolan……You decide on the coverage:


    • VTDigger is a progresive shill publication. The epitome of privilege dressing up in woke feathers. Just look at today’s opeds…Kevin Ellis, as an example (who is on the Digger Board). Big (and trite) harangue about the evils of capitalism from a guy whose schtick has been in capitalist influence-peddling. Yadada yada yada. As to Nolan, the Vermont “progressive” media and Mr. Welch will have a hard time pegging her as a problem. She has done superb work in support of public health, safety and well-being. Glad to see her in the race!

  4. I hope she calls out pete welch for lying on WVMT telling the audience he had positive proof of Russian collusion. I hope she asks pete how he made 2 million dollars off a stock purchase based on his committee votes too. pete welch is a Very Bad representative For Working Vermonters.

  5. Right now, I am optimistically in approval and glad the republicans have a quality candidate. My one concern is MS Nolan’s talk of reaching across the isle which in normal times is fine. However, these are not normal times and the dem/progs in power in DC have completely shut out the republicans on important issues facing Americans. The dem/prog policy disasters of both foreign and domestic do not need an advocate, they need to be reversed with no compromise. MS Nolan is an opportunity for Vermont that has never had a woman Senator. Being on the republican ticket, all that liberal gibberish about gender and the first woman and equality and this and that will all go out with the bath water. The last thing Vermont needs in the senate is a dem/prog female. I am definitely not against a woman candidate and MS Nolan will get my vote as long as she is not of the RINO tribe.

  6. Enjoyed hearing you speak at The Castleton American Legion a few Saturdays ago!
    Good Luck in November!!!!

  7. Just ONE question Ms. Nolan–Do you believe in an “America First” agenda? One that means returning jobs back to the USA, protecting OUR borders vs, Ukarine’s,,& a sane domestic energy policy until we can get to “renewables”. etc.? BTW– How about our Cinstitutional Amendments? Like #1, #2 specifically..About time we regained SOME sanity in Vermont, it’s a GOOD START.

  8. She will run as a Republican and likely pursue many of the issues on our agenda. More importantly I suspect she understands that “representing constituents” can’t always mean pursuing our platform agendas. She’ll want to know what we want and whether we’ve been successful generating a consensus on our agendas in the community. She appears to understand the delicate balance between agenda pursuit and representation.

  9. She’s a Fed running as a moderate Republican. She doesn’t want to be political in a campaign as a Republican? This is not good for the Vermont conservative movement. We need leaders who do not feel demoralized for holding conservative beliefs and values. Where are all the conservative politicians? Too scared to stand up I guess.

  10. Very glad to see Nolan in the race. Compared to Welch, she’s got my vote for sure. And I’ll do my best to to convince others around me to vote for her too. Any Vermont Republican voted into office is going to be more of a centrist by nature of how blue this state is. She will have to get a lot of Democrat votes to win. Please don’t be act so surprised when VT Republicans reach across the isle for compromise more often than you’d like them too.

  11. Fortunately, because of her quality Rice HS education, Christina did not get the memo and the indoctrination pounded into her that all Vermont women are traitors to their gender if they are not democrats. She was able to avoid the public school brainwashing to the idea that all republicans are racist, homophobic, transphobic fascists. She is bucking the trend that we are all supposed to ignore the increases in crime, inflation and the fact that our President is suffering from serious dementia and must blindly cheer on the party of the KKK. My campaign contributions are forthcoming.

  12. Who stated her as being a power house ? And what did they base this on? Seems a way bit overboard statement ?

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