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  1. YES! Great Cartoon! SO TRUE! JOE BIDEN should be in the cartoon too!

    It’s so………..interesting that the left and the progressives are ALWAYS touting “wokism” and all the problems with “entitled white men.”

    Yet, their party picks TRULY ENTITLED, “old white men” over and over and over as their Party Representation. Depraved Minds?

  2. I’d rather vote for a pig than for another one of these corrupt politicians !

  3. there is so much corruption in Washington, which by the way…has trickled down over the years to our local levels
    We need a new Slate of people…..that are looking out for those who pay them…..us!
    and its time for TERM LIMITS 2 terms, no paycheck for life, go back to your previous job……oh maybe you never had one…….well theres always time to get that done…..

  4. They are all worthlessness, only looking out for their own power grab. We need to implement TERM LIMITS Is there any congressional folks that are not lawyers or smell like one?