Chick-Fil-A cancelled at Randolph high school

By John Klar

Randolph Union HIgh School has canceled a high school baseball team fundraiser for using Chick-Fil-A products.

In an email to the community on April 11, School Superintendent Layne Millington stated:

“….Chick-Fil-A as a company has stirred significant controversy across the country since 2012; for more information simply do a web search on Chick-Fil-A controversy.  Because of the rancor this choice stirred in our communities, I recommended to the coach that they choose another fundraising partner of which the choices are nearly limitless, which he graciously accepted to do. As a public school district, we all have a responsibility to be reflective of the impact of our decisions on those we serve …as public servants we have a responsibility to try as best we can to be inclusive and to serve the needs of all students.” 

Chick-Fil-A, a chicken fastfood franchise, has been boycotted by LGBTQ advocacy groups due to statements by a former CEO opposing gay marriage, and contributions made by a related foundation to organizations regarded by these groups as “anti-gay.” RUHS is not averse to involvement with national issues per se: the school flag pole flies the Black Lives Matter flag. 

Having canceled the fundraiser as planned, Superintendent Millington then appealed for a fuller conversation:

….I would hope folks from all perspectives join in that meeting so that everyone has a chance to learn and grow from the dialogue and hopefully (said with genuine humor) we can also discuss what seems to have been forgotten – how any of this is beneficial to our athletes.

Arriving in 2017, Mr. Millington proclaimed he would prioritize academic improvement:

“Some of the concern that’s come up over and over again is the SBAC scores—and with good reason,” he said. At the top of the list is a struggle with mathematics, an area where RUHS students have floundered in the SBAC, the standardized test taken throughout the state for the past three years. It’s the area that Millington says needs the most work district-wide.

Test scores from 2018 to 2019 reflect a significant overall drop in math and English scores for grades 7, 8 and 9: 90% of the school’s 8th graders tested “below proficient” in math in 2019, versus 71% the previous year.  The COVID disruption has likely not improved these kids’ test scores, but social justice indoctrination is in full operation.

Undermining the mathematical competence of the children must have been the anxious dread occasioned by the school’s mascot, a ghost (the “Galloping Ghosts of Randolph”).  After complaints that “the shrouded ghost riding a horse looks like a KKK member in a hood” that “made students uncomfortable and feel unsafe”, educator Millington stepped in to “allow for meaningful conversations”:

“….Superintendent Layne Millington of the Orange Southwest School District announced the gym wall showing the robed figure would be painted over, and clocks throughout the school showing the same image will be replaced. Millington said he has seen mascot switches around the country become contentious, so he’s not holding any public meetings on the look of the Ghosts that could risk dividing Randolph. Instead, Millington said he hopes cutting right to a decision will allow for meaningful conversations about racial justice, and make diverse members of the school community feel respected and welcome.” (NECN)

Cutting right to a decision to kill a kids’ fundraiser for personal political preference surely will promote discussions about justice, and about making diverse members of the school community (perhaps even parents) feel respected.  In an April 12 email responding to a parent, Mr. Millington claimed the school’s regulations required him to police chicken brands:

“It wasn’t a small number of people that were concerned; regardless, the decision would have been the same because of the district’s policies. …The district has a number of pertinent policies that require action on my part (see below). The Superintendent shall not cause or allow any practice, activity, decision, or organizational circumstance that is unlawful, unsafe, imprudent, or in violation of commonly accepted educational and professional ethics and practices. ….[or that will] ….Endanger the organization’s public image, its credibility, or its ability to accomplish ends.”

Superintendent Millington has exercised unconstitutional “content-based” discrimination of speech, to advance extremist political “theories” of gender and white supremacy on a population of young people who are struggling with basic math.  Perhaps schools should get back to their first failures before moving on to new ones: in addition to declining academic performance, Vermont “boasts” some of the most expensive per-pupil costs for public education in America.  

Let us take to heart his words from a July, 2021 news report on WCAX: “Orange Southwest Unified School District Superintendent Layne Millington said, ‘Anyone who is afforded the incredibly rewarding role of shaping children is given a sacred trust; anyone who violates that trust should face monumental consequences.’”

Republished with edits from April 13 American Thinker. 

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  1. Perhaps the school administration should pay closer attention to test scores, capability and the ability of their students to compete in a world economy with the skills needed may be of more importance than what chicken is served at their fund raisers. Given demonstrated results generated and high costs it would appear, to this casual observer, they appear to have missed the mark only supplying a litany of excuses on their collective failure. Caving into these tangental groups will only further the gaps in securing a well rounded education. This continues to be a slow kill.

    Accountability is not to be had in this special interest group..

    FYI “evil” Chick Fil A gives their workers Sundays off and provides scholarships to their employees. In communities they serve there is usually a pretty long line which says something. Vermont is missing something here.

    • Exactly how many objections to Chic-filet were raised? It looks like the tail wags the dog in Randolph!

  2. This certainly must be Woke superintendent. Sounds to me that it’s just a political ploy to bend our children’s minds to the far left agenda. The superintendent should step down from his position.

  3. The superintendent is a complete fool for spending one scintilla of time or energy on policing chicken. There. Said it.

  4. ..And Christianity moves forward undeterred – with numbers climbing feverishly especially on the African Continent and even in Asia!

    Cancel Cancel Culture!!!

  5. Chick Fil A maintains its ties to religious beliefs. They have a great product, awesome service. Closed on Sundays allowing employees the opportunity to partake in whatever the beliefs are. Wish schools were turning out awesome products(educated students).

  6. Yep, as the Randolph School Superintendent said; “simply do a web search on Chick-Fil-A controversy”. That will get you balanced information not at all driven by bias-generated algorithms! I suppose Google and Wikipedia are what the Randolph kids are using for their research sources these days.

  7. I’m totally disgusted by the ridiculously hypocritical cancel culture mentality of the superintendent and RUHS.
    The woke culture and it’s highly variable sennce of righteous indignation is a teastament to the upside-down priorities of our educational system.
    Why don’t you worry about your abysmal performance as a system in the education of our children and the resultant test scores that are a more accurate measure of the job you do.

  8. Yet when the hurricanes and tornadoes swept through what company was out there keeping doors open and helping feed relief workers, folks without power, stranded motorists… Chick-fil-a

    What did BLM leaders do – they took the funds they raised to help black victimized families and used it on themselves to purchase multi-million dollar homes.

    • All of this information, and much more, needs to go out to the people in the middle. People who sincerely believe that the agendas of TRA, Antifa, BLM, etc. are really liberation rather than the imposition of their own authority.

  9. Those in Randolph as well as those at high school who are condemning Chick Filet-A “might” be interested to know that Chick FiletA franchise HIRES & has LGBT employees, as well as willingly serves anyone regardless of color, religion, political, intelligence, sex, LGBT, or moral beliefs, in spite of what faith the CEO has. Have we, in Vermont, become so jaded, and so prejudiced that a CEO of a company cannot express his personal beliefs without repercussions? What about the employee who is in LGBT community, whose job at Chick FiletA is in jeopardy, when people opposing free speech/beliefs decide to try to shut down this franchise? What other fast food company closes on Sunday, giving all their employees that day off? Sad day for students.

  10. This agenda by the left to turn children into good little socialists is really evil. This company (chic-Filet) is one of the most successful businesses in America. They espouse an excellent work ethic and Christian values. The percentage of lesbians, gays, non binary etc. is very small. Children in schools should not be indoctrinated into any kind of sexual brainwashing by any school official! Reading, writing, and arithmetic is about the extent of what should be taught in schools! it is up to PARENTS to teach their children whatever else they feel their kids need! Imagine if a teacher started telling students how great heterosexual relationships were and gave the same examples a teacher who believes homosexual sex gave: only using hetero examples?

  11. Congratulations to Randolph High. Schools shouldn’t have to tie association to corporations with religious exclusivity practices especially in their hiring practices. Corporations should learn to keep their prejudiced opinions out of their business. There are many corporations, like Marriott, Alaska Air, In-N-Out Burger, ServiceMaster that manage to be religious without shoving their views in consumers faces. Chick-Fil-A’s practices are discriminatory and obnoxious. Good riddance, I say.

      • How did the company act improperly. Statements were made publicly, rather than secretly. People can then decide whether or not to deal with the company.
        Also, were statements made as company policy or simply statements made by individuals?

      • Improperly in that they operate under the protection of the US Constitution but will not fully honor the intent of the Constitution by discriminating against specific groups that are explicitly protected by said Constitution.

        For example, someone wants to be employed (simply to earn a living) by a company that explicitly discriminates against Christians. Said person is not planning to practice their religious beliefs while employed, but the company decides to not hire the person because of their stated or implied religious beliefs.

        Under the Constitution, that company is violating the ideals agreed to and enjoyed by all citizens within the US.

    • Except none of that is a part of the Chik-Fil-A policy or culture. They don’t ask anyone, even their franchisees what their personal beliefs or sexual preferences are. In reality, all that happened was the owner expressed his personal view. BTW, have you looked at the packaging of In-N-Out? Every cup, every box, every wrapper has a scripture on it. Chik-Fil-A’s only public “Christian” policy is the requirement that all restaurants close on Sundays. (BTW) like most chain restaurants, they are all locally owned franchises. Maybe you should try your own research instead of parroting the party line.

    • Demonstrably false, particularly the absurd claim about “especially in their hiring practices.”

      Like most false claims from the Left, it’s more a matter of “Because I hate them, I assume they’re the kind of company that would X, Y or Z” – rather than lift a finger to learn the truth.

    • If corporations should learn to keep their prejudiced opinions out their business, they should also keep my medical status out of their business as well. Keeping people from employment due to unconstitutional medical mandates is tyranny. Also, Mark Zuckerburg needs to keep his billions of dollars out of our elections as well.

    • Those “free” issues you speak of legally applies to what the feds must honor, not high schools.

    • LOL! You mean like how the senate responds to we the people by blatantly and continuing to ignore our needs?

      • Appears Desiree is a product of the failed educational system. She is entitled to her own opinion but should not try to make up her own facts that go against the truth. If a chicken sandwich is evil because the CEO believes in Christianity but supports the rights of the employees to choose their own path and closes on Sunday so they can, as a society we have fallen into a sad place in America. Randolph, another woke town destroying and indoctrinating it’s young minds. The educational scores from Vermont students demonstrate that ideology is more important to these indoctrinators than a solid education. And it’s the voters fault for encouraging these policies and leaders. You get what you vote for. Enjoy your misery!

      • If you knew your history, you would know that the House was intended to be the representatives of “We the People,” while the Senate was to represent the States. In fact, it was not until after the ratification of the 17th Amendment in 1913 that Senators became elected by popular vote. The real issue today is that, for the most part, neither house truly represents the people. Oh they pretend they do and make the appropriate platitudes, but in reality, they represent themselves, protecting their lucrative careers as a part of the ruling elite, and the special interest groups filling their coffers and lining their pockets. Heck they don’t even really write the legislation, most of they is written by staffers and lobbyists.

        Of course all of this is enabled by “We the People” reelecting the same people over and over and over. When a legislative body has approval ratings in the teens and a reelection ratio in the 90 percentile range there is something very wrong. The larger question of course is, can someone who has served in Washington for decades as a vocational legislator really know the interests of the people they were elected to serve? This was never the intent of our founders, rather they intended the legislature be composed of citizen servants who would serve for a few years and then return to their homes and vocations. Maybe it’s time to compel that with term limits.

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