Thayer: Hormone blocker bill means irreversible sterilization of children

By Gregory Thayer

Seeing a group of Progressive Democrat members of the Vermont House introduce the H.659 bill filled me with various emotions from shock to disbelief to sadness. My next thought: the Democrat leadership needs to be stopped. 

Here’s an excerpt from the proposed bill:

A minor who identifies as transgender may give consent to receive hormone blockers and any other legally authorized nonsurgical, gender-affirming care or treatment from a licensed health care professional working within the health care professional’s authorized scope of practice. Consent under this section shall not be subject to disaffirmance due to minority of the individual providing consent. The consent of the individual’s parent or guardian shall not be necessary to authorize the minor’s access to legally authorized nonsurgical, gender-affirming care or treatment.

This draft bill cites two studies: one is the 2021 Trevor Project, and the other is a 2019 survey titled, “Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey.” Both cite various statistics about the way LBGTQ high school students feel about their place in society compared to other students, primarily heterosexual students, and now, cisgender people.

There are so many things wrong with H.659, but for me the major stumbling block is that parents and guardians are left out of the discussion because Democrat politicians want it that way. If this bill passes, parents won’t have any say or rights in this process. Most likely, they won’t even know what’s being done to their underage kids—and we’re talking children as young as six or eight years old here. 

This is a life-changing decision and not something to be taken lightly. And to assume that elementary school kids know and can decide what’s best for them is preposterous, especially when you consider that puberty blockers irreversibly sterilize* your children. Parents need to be able to step in and prevent spur-of-the-moment decisions that are pushed on the kids by “well-meaning” teachers and guidance counselors.

People pushing these puberty blockers on our children and grandchildren without parental consent or knowledge is a horrible idea, and against everything America stands for. What happened to the family as a building block of this country? What happened to elected Democrats’ respect for the family unit? 

The Left used to believe in family values and in “It takes a village”… where did that thinking go? I have always subscribed to the concept that it takes a mother, a father, and a guardian, and the village is support for the family. The Democrat leadership is canceling and blocking Mom and Dad as teens and preteens experience harder times than ever. 

Statistics show that suicide rates among transgender people are sky-high—and they’re not any lower for those who have “transitioned.” Our government schools are trying to take control of our children, actively working to eliminate parental rights. We must defeat H.659 and, by extension, Prop 5/Article 22, a proposed amendment to the Vermont Constitution that will be on the ballot in November and essentially do the same thing—taking parents out of their children’s lives.

I’ve been touring our state over the past year, hosting Critical Race Theory/Equity townhalls. Currently, I’m running symposiums, together with a dedicated team, on “Americanism vs. Marxism.” Marxist indoctrination spread through our public schools and colleges is at the root of all this evil, and the Vermonters for Vermont Initiative is working hard to expose it. During this work, I have talked with and listened to thousands of parents and grandparents across Vermont. I will never back-pedal on these issues, and as Lt. Governor, I will stand up and speak out against indoctrinating (and sterilizing!) little kids. To me, this is a form of child abuse, and these people ought to be held accountable for hurting our children.

How do we fight this bill? 

First, we let every Vermonter know what is going on in Montpelier and at their local school and town boards. 

Second, we must get good people elected to public office at the state and local levels, and in the US Congress. This is the primary reason why I am running to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Vermont. Parents and guardians are not the problem. They are responsible for their children and want the best for them; they just need the truth. The people in the State House are not representing you—it’s all about their special interest groups in DC.

Please do your own research on this and watch what the Democrat leadership is doing to us in Montpelier and on your local schoolboards and town councils. We need you in the fight, and if you cannot run for public office, help candidates who are running. This issue is way too important to sit on the sidelines.

The author is a Rutland resident and candidate for lieutenant governor.

*Editor’s footnote: According to the consent form for a 2016 Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles study on impacts of transgender hormone therapy in children (pg. 32 of PDF), a child using the combination of puberty blockers and gender affirming-hormones “will not develop sperm or eggs”:

“If your child starts puberty blockers in the earliest stages of puberty, and then goes on to gender affirming hormones, they will not develop sperm or eggs. This means that they will not be able to have biological children. This is an important aspect of blocking puberty and progressing to hormones that you should understand prior to moving forward with puberty
suppression. If your child discontinues the use of blockers, and does not go on gender affirming hormones, they will continue their pubertal development about 6-12 months after stopping the medication, and fertility would be maintained.”

A 2019 study posted on the National Institutes for Health website states: “Transgender individuals who undergo gender-affirming medical or surgical therapies are at risk for infertility. Suppression of puberty with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist analogs (GnRHa) in the pediatric transgender patient can pause the maturation of germ cells, and thus, affect fertility potential. Testosterone therapy in transgender men can suppress ovulation and alter ovarian histology, while estrogen therapy in transgender women can lead to impaired spermatogenesis and testicular atrophy. The effect of hormone therapy on fertility is potentially reversible, but the extent is unclear.”

Vermont Daily Chronicle asked co-sponsor Selene Colburn if she could verify or disprove the statement in the hospital consent form. She chose to not comment, and instead referred VDC to a “medical expert you trust.” VDC welcomes input, pro or con, from the medical community on this startling claim.

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  1. Wow ! I am not a parent, but this still scares, and pisses me off ! Who the hell do these legislators think that they are usurping parents rights and ability to raise their own kids ? If everyone of those listed as sponsors and co-sponsors is not defeated in the next election, that will tell me a lot about the parents as well. If they do not vote these charlatans out, they might as well sign away the rest of their parental rights away now, as this will be just a beginning.

    • Patrick Finnie; I am amazed at how many parents, grands and just people HAVE NO IDEA about this issue, and others……..I’m sharing regularly with those I know, but somehow this needs to be blasted out there……like covid has been……..so no choice but to be INTHEKNOW!

  2. Such a sad day as I continue to watch the far left Democrats destroy our children. This is as hideous as abortion. I hope parents are awake enough to understand what’s going on in our legislature and a lot of these people need to be voted out

  3. It gets worse.
    Act 35 allows minors to “consent” without their parents knowledge, to ‘mental health counseling’.
    Just imagine what could go on within those four walls between your child and some so-called professional school “counselor”.
    It’s frightening.

  4. This insanity needs to stop now. I do not have children in school, but if i did i would be screaming from the rooftops. According to the left, parents have no rights once the child is born. Wake up Vermont. Vote these idiots out.

  5. I’m happy with the legislation as long as the legislators first use a couple of their children as test cases for study. Who will be the fortunate son?

  6. If they give those type of drugs to my grandkids without parental consent ,I will take care of the situation.

  7. Most people DO NOT KNOW about this……I think it may be the weekly rhetoric over the past 2 year period, people seem to have tuned out…….Cant say I blame them, Im one of those too at times……BUT THIS IS HUGE……..why are we not seeing this on all news outlets?

  8. I would like to see published a comparison of laws and /or regulations that neighboring states have on the books concerning the education of children, medical rights of parents etc. Cities like Burlington will be losing many families and children due to their so-called progressive attitudes. Why worry about building a multi-million-dollar high school?

  9. If this is hitting a nerve, you should visit vthope.net/luvt.html to learn about the next Americanism Marxism symposium. The mainstream media has not been doing it’s job to allow people to be in the know. Thank you, Vermont Daily Chronicle for filling in the gap. Hope you all encourage friends, family and neighbors to read what the others won’t begin to mention.

  10. Homosexuality is a derivative of “Spiritual Warfare” and homosexuals can be born with it. But, it is not genetic, however, it can be passed down through ancestral routing as well as being introduced through a variety of traumatic circumstances (among which could be the promotion of this bill itself). There are many clues within the psychiatric community that point to this origin, but the practice of psychiatry itself does not endorse this origin to my knowledge. This bill is based on the practice of “witchcraft” and those who sponsor it could be justifiably charged with promoting extreme child abuse. With proper support from an engaged medical community worth “its salt” they could be removed from office and charged by any sheriff’s department that supports the community they have taken an oath to protect. Anyone who votes for this bill could be similarly charged. This is not just “extremism” it is demonic in the very real sense, which does exist.

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