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‘Celebrate America’ flag and sign wave in Rutland

Vermonters for Vermont Initiative is hosting a “Celebrate America” Flag & Sign Wave this Saturday, September 4 at 11am to 1 pm in Rutland’s Main Street Park next to Five Guys on Rte. 7 South Main St..

People will gather to stand up for liberty, freedom, and our Constitution. “We will wave America Flags and people can bring other Flags and signs supporting our great Nation,” organizer Greg Thayer said.

“Our ‘Celebrate America’ says no to Communism and Marxism, our wave supports America First and the Gordon Chang dinner and symposium set for the weekend of September 10 & 11. (Go to for info.) America is the greatest Nation ever on God’s earth, and we are exemplifying that greatness and standing up to the hate and darkness on the Left!,” Thayer said.

Savannah Coelho from “Turning Point USA” also will attend. For questions call Thayer at 774.8496.

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