Vaxxed, unvaxxed cases rise sharply

August deaths reach 16, half under 70 years old

By Guy Page

Positive cases rose 40% for unvaccinated Vermonters, and 30% for vaccinated Vermonters, during the last two weeks, according to information shared at Gov. Scott’s weekly press conference. Department of Health statistics did not offer number totals for vaccinated/unvaccinated, only percentage increases.

Positive test cases are up 22% for the week of August 30 over the previous week, from 794 to 968 – the highest since the week of April 12. Testing was also up 54%, due in part to the return of college students. The overall “positivity rate” fell from 2.9% to 2.3%. 

16 Vermonters have died of Covid-19 in August. Eight were 70 years old or older. Six were 50-69. Two were 19-49. There are 104 active cases in senior care homes across Vermont. 

Scott reported that his administration has reached a labor agreement with 1000 Corrections employees. They must either be fully vaccinated or test weekly and wear a mask at work. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action. 

Vermont has become the first state in the nation to vaccinate 75% of children ages 12-17, Scott announced. The state is “eagerly awaiting” federal approval for vaccine for children ages 2-11, he said: “I’m confident Vermont’s parents will step up when it comes their time.” 

Over 86% of those Vermonters eligible, and 75% of the total population, have received at least one vaccine dose. Vermont (86.1%) is second to Hawaii (86.2). Vaccination is still the best strategy, Scott and other administration officials emphasized. But school masking mandates are vital as well, they said.

Scott had harsh words for parents who have criticized masking policies at school board meetings. “The attacks against them [local school officials] are absolutely unacceptable,” Scott said. “If they want to blame someone, blame me.”

“They are simply following the state’s advice. They are doing exactly what I’ve asked them to do,” Scott said. He conceded that the state guidance is truly advisory, and that the final decision is up to the school boards. However, citizen board members didn’t sign up for uncivil attacks, and he’d rather unhappy citizens vent their ire at him, not them, he said.

The state’s ‘recommended guidance’ – billed as strictly advisory when announced earlier this summer – requires masking for all students during the first two weeks, and masking for unvaccinated students only once a school has reached 80% vaccination of eligible students. 

“Essentially we have implemented a universal masking mandate in all of our schools,” French said. Only one district – the northeasternmost town of Canaan, with a single school – has refused to comply, he said. “This type of arrangement is necessary when a State of Emergency is not needed,” French said. 

The schools will be using “surveillance” testing students for Covid-19, French said. Parental consent will be required, he said.

Scott however drew the line at municipalities like Brattleboro mandating masking for private businesses. Without a State of Emergency, the state can’t mandate and neither can municipalities.

Health Commissioner Mark Levine said some people wonder whether the push for boosters is driven by Biden administration politics or drug company profits. Others wonder why the USA should order another round of vaccination while the rest of the world is at a 15% vaccine rate. “Let’s step back for a minute,” Levine said. “They provide added benefit without significant risk.”

The Health Dept. is studying data closely, he promised. However, it will do so without federal OSHA data on employee vaccine adverse experiences. A May, 2021 OSHA directive says employers no longer need to collect this data because it will discourage employer vaccination mandates. Levine said he’s less worried about workplace data, and relies on VAERS and other health care reporting systems.

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  1. I bet by the time the Champlain Fair is over phony phil will have us back in these useless social identification virtue signaling masks. The moonbats already are in them.

  2. So even as it’s clear that the vaccines are failing–with a huge case spike in midsummer, which we have never seen before–the answer is to step on the gas. The boosters, which will be based on the original (now extinct) virus just like the first two shots, will do nothing. Delta has already done a disappearing act against the current vaccine.

    As for the fatalities, watch the following video at the 15:00 mark and listen to a former Pfizer employee dissect the vaccine’s “approval” and how the highly regarded Mayo Clinic’s criteria for breakthrough cases matches the original FDA draft list of Covid vaccine side effects (in other words, they are dying from the vaccine).

  3. According to experts in the field of virology and vaccine science the vaccine mandates are the cause of deadly variants. When people have strong immune systems augmented by zinc, D3 the virus is stopped by the bodies mucus orifices. When the same spike protein is injected into the body there is a loss in the immune system reported to be approximately 30%. Now that it leaped pass the body’s primary defense mechanism and it has more of a chance to mutate inside the bloodstream to find a new way to survive and if successful a more powerful variant is evolved. According to some experts, booster shots will make variants more deadly. I beg the Governor to broadcast a forum with experts on both sides so Vermonters can be educated so informed consent can be respected. At present, hospitals around the USA will not treat covid patients with any alternative treatments in order to comply with the EUA mandate. I have had relatives that languished in a hospital bed only being monitored for their covid diagnosis until they get better on their own or get worse and forced on a ventilator. We took our loved one out of the hospital against advice and found a doctor who would administer hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin which saved their life. Ivermectin was invented in Japan for human beings and has been used safely for decades. Veterinarians also use it safely.
    BTW dogs carry corona viruses and no doubt they have been exposed but I don’t see dogs keeling over. To bad the government allowed the vaccine companies to forego animal trials because of Trump’s stupidity that has opened a pandora’s box of injury from these experimental flawed vaccines.

  4. Were the 16 people who passed away fully “vaccinated” with the experimental death shots? Are the 104 Active Cases in Senior Care Homes fully “vaccinated” with the experimental death shots too?

    What is the definition of an “Active Case”?

    These are facts the people need to have answers to. Why is this information missing?

    For Commie Scott to even suggest and applaud the fact that parents have let their kids get these experimental death shots and “will step up” to even get their 2-11 year olds shot up with these experimental death shots is beyond appalling, it is EVIL! Commie Scott and his whole Administration has Blood on their Hands! Wait until the TRUTH comes home to roost. It has started already.

    PARENTS, PEOPLE, DO YOUR RESEARCH, You are being LIED TO! These shots are not for your well-being, they are experimental death shots!

    • It’s much scarier when the government leaves out that pertinent information…that’s why.

    • I guess this person giving out this data as percentages is so uneducated to think we are dumb. Even an elementary student could figure this out…that if 1 person got covid last month, and two people got covid this month, that would be an increase of 100%. Any student who has done any research knows that you can manipulate any set of data to make a claim you want to make look good or bad. Such reporting about covid is fake news!

    • These shots are gene therapy. There is no protection, no immunity, and no science behind taking them.

  5. Studying data! Reading a script is more like it – as usual. Crimes against humanity people – search, listen, let it sink in on what to do now and not to do for yourself – your precious children – there is help, but these false idols now greatly exposed have hidden it all. DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER SHOT OF ANYTHING – NOTHING – NADA – WAKE UP!

    Watch and learn –

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