Candidate Redic and float in four upcoming parades

Ericka Redic, a Republican candidate for the United States House of Representatives, will march in the Independence Day Parades in Brandon on July 2nd, Montpelier on July 3rd, and Colchester on July 4th. Redic will also march in Lyndonville’s “Stars and Stripes” parade on July 16th. The Redic float in all the parades is a call for patriotic fervor, featuring full sized representations of allegorical figures: Columbia – the personification of the United States of our republic, as well as the three virtues of a free society: Liberty, Freedom, and Justice.  

“Independence Day commemorates the birth of our republic – a nation built around the concepts of freedom, liberty, limited government, and equal opportunity. Our Nation isn’t based on any one demographic group or geographic location, but on the God-given rights of a self-governing people. Our forefathers risked everything to establish what we enjoy today –the world’s longest surviving Constitutional Republic,” Redic said.

Learn more about Ericka Redic’s campaign and her platforms by visiting erickaredic.com and her podcast, Generally Irritable on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram.

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  1. The Capitol of Vermont’s state house, not one symbol of America’s Freedom Day adorning the building. Montpelier has the usual flags lining the streets, but the state house is plain gray granite. I think this is another expression of the state governments disrespect for the founding of our country. I hope that in the next few days we will see the people’s house (our house) decorated for the Independents Day festivities. There has been nothing decorated for the last two years. What a shame, but they can write Black Lives Matter in the street.

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