Campaign ‘22: Malloy-Welch debate / Colchester GOP to host BBQ / Candidate Night in Whitingham / LG write-in campaign

by Guy Page

The Colchester Republican Committee will hold a Community BBQ to meet the candidates noon – 4 pm Sunday, September 18 at Bayside Park Pavilion on West Lakeshore Drive, Colchester. 

Candidates scheduled to attend include Sen. Joe Benning, running for Lt Governor; Gerald Malloy, for US Senate; and Rep. Pat Brennan, Doug Wood, Tom Lesage for the state legislature, as well as others running for state and local races. 

Rep. Pat Brennan and friends will be grilling BBQ favorites. All are welcome! A playground and skate park are nearby, so bring the whole family. The location is across from Malletts Bay beach. 

Suggested donation for adults $15, and kids are free. Hosted by the Colchester Republican Committee, for more information contact ColchesterGOP@gmail.com.

Whitingham GOP Meet the Candidates Night – Monday, September 12 at 6 pm at the Municipal Center in the village of Jacksonville in the town of Whitingham, the Whitingham Town Republican Committee has scheduled a Meet the Candidates Night. Confirmed candidates are Gerald Malloy (U.S. Senate), Ericka Redic (U.S. House), Joe Benning (Lt. Governor), H. Brooke Page (Secretary of State, Treasurer), Rick Morton and John Lyddy (Sate Rep for Windham-6).

The candidates will introduce themselves, and then Vermont Daily Chronicle editor Guy Page will moderate a question and answer session. 

For a complete list of all candidates appearing on the November 8 General Election ballot, see Vermont Daily ChronicleLook Who’s On the November 8 Ballot,”

Malloy-Welch debate – VTDigger will be hosting the first U.S. Senate debate between Republican nominee Gerald Malloy and Democratic nominee Peter Welch Thursday, September 8, at 6 PM, VTDigger reported Sunday. People may attend live and in-person at the Southern Vermont Arts Center Arkell Pavilion in Manchester. A limited number of tickets are available now by clicking here. The event will also be livestreamed. 

Write-in campaign for lieutenant governor – Someone who’s name won’t be printed on the ballot but who is now likely to get votes is lieutenant governor write-in candidate Greg Thayer of Rutland. 

Many people who supported Thayer in his bid for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor (he lost to Joe Benning) are urging a write-in campaign, according to supporter Jim Sexton of Essex Junction. 

“Gregory Thayer will be running as a write-in candidate for Lieutenant Governor,” Sexton confirmed in an August 30 email to VDC. “Since the Primary I have received emails, messages, calls and other communication from Vermonters all over the State saying they would write in Gregory Thayer for Lieutenant Governor on the November Ballot. I have seen the responses in Vermont Daily Chronicle and True North Reports to articles Joe Benning wrote. In those articles there are always comments from people who correctly state that Benning does not represent them.”

Thayer said he hasn’t instigated the write-in effort, but won’t seek to stop it, either. 

“I’m aware that there is a group of people across our great State organizing a write in campaign in my name, I’m humbled,” Thayer said. “I’m not involved with it nor am I condemning their efforts. This is our Constitution in action; ‘We The People.’”

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  1. Until the GOP distances itself from President Trump and his buffoonery, the party will remained divided and crippled and guilty of some of The Left’s charges of collusion with a defeated liar and schemer. I am saddened that the Vermont GOP cannot (or will not) stand up against The Cult and pave its own “brand” for our fine candidates. Trump is a drag — a hindrance — for many because many Vermonters are embarrassed that their party won’t shed the shackle known as Trump…He is our Strom Thurmon now: Our sham and our shame.

    • You have apparently fallen for the Dem talking points or are an operative of the left. Please read more books. especially history books. This is what happens when making uninformed comments like that, you are ridiculed. Let me guess, you still believe in Russian collision, investigation interference, stealing Top Secret documents, him grabbing a girls privates( which never happened) and other such buffoonery created by the left. Please stay in Alburgh close to the Commie Canadian government. Oh, and Strom was a racist, who was against the civil rights act, where as Trump has done things, too numerous, to help Blacks and all races that are citizens of this great country.

    • John, did you happen to see the Trump rally in Pennsylvania? Did you see Joe Biden’s? Trump filled a Stadium with thousands while Joe couldn’t fill a high school gym. I think Shannon summed it up as to who you are. None are so blind as those who refuse to see! You have apparently been reduced to a useful idiot by the mainstream news. We stick with Trump, and you can have Liz Chaney and Adam crybaby.

  2. Clearly, Thayer and Sexton, VTGOP interlopers, don’t and won’t respect election results. This is a great Liam Madden type move.
    I never had much respect for Sexton, Johnny Come Lately VTGOP activist, but, I expected more integrity from Thayer.
    The three biggest things missing from the VTGOP
    Members with integrity
    Members who respect elections
    Electable Leaders.

    • So you lost respect for people who support the rule of law and integrity in the Republican party and in elections in the state of Vermont and across America.

      First of all Greg Thayer is not involved in our push to let him lieutenant governor instead of Joe Benning who continues to lie about everything he knows is true.

      Denouncing Donald Trump to support the destruction of the United States of America at the hands of Joe Biden is absolutely idiotic..

      Benning claims to be a a Phil Scott Republican whatever that is.

      Personally I prefer to be a MAGA Republican.

      You know the Republicans have voted to save America not destroy her under the Biden administration.

      We were in much better shape when Donald Trump was in control of America then we are today and anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that.

      I’m wondering how much Benning is paying you to get up here and try to convince people he is worthy of anything that has to do with politics since he has been a sellout to us ever since he’s been in office.

      Joe Benning continues to deny voter fraud in spite of the fact it’s being exposed everyday.

      Joe Benning calls Republicans insurrectionists and white supremacists and racists…

      I called Joe Bennin a traitor to the Republican party because he is.o

      This is another example of voter fraud being exposed and anyone that wants to save our nation would be in favor of doing anything possible to be sure our elections are free and fair.

      Arizona wants to cease the use of Dominion voting machines because of the ability to alter the vote.

      More and more evidence comes out and what does the state of Vermont do purchase brand new Dominion voting machines to keep those in office that they prefer to be in office.

      There is absolutely no way that anyone that really cares about the state of Vermont or the Republican party should ever put an x to the name Joe Benning.. he has proven himself to be a sell out to every person in the state of Vermont, regardless of political affiliation, who cares about our state and our country.

      I encourage everyone on both sides of the aisle that has concern for the direction of our state and a responsible and qualified person to step in if anything should happen to Governor Scott to take over our beautiful state and begin the restoration so Vermonters can live a decent life again.

      I’m asking everyone to step up to the plate and vote for Gregory Thayer… It’s time to send a statement that we are done with the state choosing who we will elect for political office.

      The voters in the state have the power of the vote in their hands and is time to make it heard.

      It’s time to step up to the plate and make your vote heard in the state of Vermont and start to change the terrible policies of the Biden administration that Joe Benning supports.

      Please step up and make your voice heard!

      Please visit http://www.GregoryThayer.com

      • First, you have my sympathy.
        I was speaking of and referring to the most recent VT primary. Where Vermont Republicans made their voices heard.

        I will add you and your family to my prayers.

        And, I made an additional donation to the Howard Center on your behalf.

        Everything will be okay.

  3. Only thing about a write in campaign like this, is that it guarantees Zuckerman the election by splitting votes. That’s why Bernie always used to backroom deal with the Dems not to run a candidate against him.

    • Personally I’m sick of choosing the lesser of two evils…

      Either way you still have evil.

      I’m encouraging everyone to write in Gregory M Thayer for Lt Governor.

      It’s time to send a message that “We the PEOPLE” have a strong voice and we will be heard.

      Please visit http://www.GregoryThayer.com

      Everyone should spread the word among friends and family, in the community, and on social media.

      Ballot MUST be filled out EXACTLY:

      “Gregory M. Thayer of Rutland”