Wheeler: Ballots, not bullets, will stop the farcists

by Ed Wheeler

Occasionally people will make observations about our national and local situation and then talk of armed uprising. The problem I have with this is that our American founders gave us a brilliant system for peaceably achieving change without resorting to violence and too many have ignored it! In many cases these would be armed patriots have never attended even one town or county party meeting. They have not run for office or actively supported candidates. They have not gone to a school board meeting or any other public meeting. They have ignored many opportunities to assert their role as one of “We the People”.

As long as the Declaration of Independence (our values) and the U.S. Constitution (our system) stand as the defining national documents we have a way to peacefully make a difference. A republic does not run itself. It demands participation. Patient, steady participation is required. Destiny belongs to those who show up and fulfill their responsibility as citizens.

Meanwhile, the farcists among us are doing all they can to provoke violence so they can in return crush their political opposition through sheer force. William Federer has done a great job of documenting this. For example, Hitler burned the German legislative building but blamed it on his political opponents who were then rounded up and eliminated. More recently the President of Turkey staged his own attempted assassination, blamed his opposition and then eliminated all of them. Sounds like J6 right?

The point now is they WANT us to get violent so they have an excuse to eliminate us. We must not give them this excuse. Instead we must replace them by voting them out of office. We have to overwhelm the most extreme efforts to rig the system.

We are being ruled by evil, devious and foolish people! They want to “transform” our country and make it another failed socialist experiment! Don’t let them!

The author is pastor of Valley Bible Church in Middlebury.

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  1. Yes Ed, in Article V of the Constitution there exists a way for we the people, acting through the states, to rein in the federal government. Amendments to the Constitution can limit the size and scope, limit terms of office, and impose fiscal controls to limit taxation, spending, and borrowing. Will those amendments be proposed by Congress? That’s unlikely; fortunately, Article V gives the states the option to propose amendments and then ratify them. Yes, We The People, are sovereign in this country. However, it requires action on our part. No one is coming to save us, it’s our responsibility! The Convention of States project has a plan to make this happen. Let’s all do what we can to make America a republic again. The Founders designed the Convention of States for such a time as this. Changes to the Constitution must be first proposed and then ratified by The People.

  2. Many (if not most) of those ‘serving’ in government, and those who support them, are ‘farcists’ – makers of farces, patently ridiculous acts, proceedings, or situations. But the problem lays with those of us who accommodate a government that acts in this way, … and why we accommodate them. In other words, the ‘farce’ must first be defined and recognized before it can be remedied with the tools made available in our Constitution. A Constitutional Convention is but one remedy. Even then, however, the logical cart remains in front of the horse.

    Importantly, understand that these questions have been eliminated from our educational lexicon… by the very ‘farcists’ of whom we are speaking. The principles that free-market conservatives hold sacrosanct are no longer known to most of the population. Instead of public education teaching our children how to be productive citizens in a free society, it has erased the concept of freedom from society’s view.

    Proposed amendments limiting the size and scope of government, limiting term duration, taxes, spending, and borrowing are noble but, nonetheless, prima facie solutions. What’s missing in this logic is what true conservatives apparently find to be so inherently obvious as to not require discussion.

    Of course, limited government is beneficial to our society. Doesn’t everyone know this?

    Apparently, no. Explain why limiting the size and scope of government, limiting term duration, taxes, spending, and borrowing, is desirable. And explain how these limitations are best determined – before they are imposed.

    If we want to follow the free-market tenants the Constitution was designed to enable, we must first be able to explain them to those who are uneducated in this regard. You can lead the horse to water. But you can’t make it drink.

  3. Right, vote them out using a rigged election system??? Democrats squandered the trust citizens had in elections and what does that leave as far options? Republicans certified the results of an unconstitutional election process as one would expect from a group of self-serving cowards. At the bottom of it all most Republican legislators do not care what system of government we have as long as they are sitting atop of it.

    • BM, I’m just curious. Who is the ‘you’ who ‘forgot the other important document’? And what document might that be?

    • Derived from who? From where if not from the Constitution and supported with the blood of Patriots?

  4. The problem with this is that you are VERY unaware of what the state and federal government does, without the consent of the governed. I asked and keep asking the same question of our politicians, with no one being brave enough to say …. “who told them to do this or that”. Did you keep your church open, did you make them wear masks Did you make anyone get the poison shot?. Did you do that to be “safe” ? Where in the Bible does it say to wear a mask or get that shot. Doesn’t, Not even when leprosy was prevalent in the world. I also seem to remember Jesus telling Peter to get and carry his sword ( one of the most advanced weapons of the time)
    Otherwise, I don’t know what you are talking about. I travel with my gun everywhere, even to rallies and even in places they say “gun free zone” . Why, easy, I can. Can you tell? Only if you frisk me which you will not. Any law that infringes on my GOD GIVEN RIGHT to defend myself is NO LAW, plain and simple. More distractions calling gun owners all but cowards or better yet instigators, like the left IS. I am not a coward, but to go anywhere in VT without a weapon to stop any crime including against oneself, is foolish As a disabled black American, I cannot see any reason why I should or would not carry, usually ( actually always ) concealed as I am not into broadcasting nor am I obliged to tell you. When I am needed, if I am, I am ready to do what is necessary to stop the person doing something to harm others. Unlike too many others, including cops (need I bring up Uvalde) I will never pull out my guns to threaten, only to use. Even cops pull the,” put their hand on their gun” garbage even in a nonthreatening situation just interacting with the public. I have seen them and said, “You want to take your hand off that gun. ” because that is threatening. I was brought up to NEVER point a gun at anyone UNLESS you plan at that moment to shot. no touching it, No gun waving or shots to the ground or air, just one to the head. There problem solved. Your article is too broad and you are in fact stepping away from your oath to God to preach the truth, not as you see it, but the truth.

      • Big difference. If you have to ask, I cannot explain well enough to get you to understand and you have apparently never taken a single gun safety course as that question is answered throughout the class.

      • Also you did not finish reading. the rest is as follows”. I was brought up to NEVER point a gun at anyone UNLESS you plan at that moment to shot. no touching it, No gun waving or shots to the ground or air, just one to the head. Trolls do this to make a comment seem invalid, try harder.

      • You miss the point, Shannon. Threats are a two way street. You may pull a gun ‘only to use’ it, in your mind. But in the mind of others, that you ‘pull’ it may appear to be a threat. In fact, to some, the fact that you merely have a gun is perceived to be a threat.

        BTW: I’m 73 years old and have owned guns, taken gun safety classes, and hunted since being a mere youngster… I suspect before you were born.

  5. As someone who, just by as a black man, walk into a place people think it is a threat. Sounds like you need more backbone and are too sensitive to “threats ” that really do not exist I have dealt with people like you and sorry you don’t have an exclusive on knowledge or experience. Just in wrong opinions. So you still do not understand, People like me do not pull out a gun and threaten, we shoot. There, the real threat is neutralized. You are thinking like a liberal who is totally “gun scared”. I hope you remember that in polite society, you just never know who is armed. As someone who was randomly attacked I have a unique perspective to needing to protect myself. No weapon waving, not any threats. More like “Hey stop that” or “please leave me alone” or better yet “you are hurting me”. As I stated, no threat, as a disabled black man, I have experience in what you are calling a threat, weaponless, and you have NO CLUE about peoples proclivity for random violence especially against a person who appears weaker or is “different”. As I have said to you before your privilege is showing.

    • Shannon: You aren’t the only one who has been randomly attacked. And that you rely on your race to justify your point of view over others should tell you something. Far be it from me to presume to know what you think. I was only pointing out that others, apparently, think differently. And if you can’t accept that because of your racial bias, so be it. That’s your privilege.

      • H. No, you are just wrong and haven’t a clue, nice try . You make assumptions that are the cause of my entire comment, now you are accusing me of racism. Good move liberal. And accuse gun owners in general of threats, good generalizations liberal, but as inaccurate as can be . In case you have not been paying attention Blacks have no privilege. I do not believe you and in all likelihood never will. You do not claim to have been attacked, I have, yes there is a BIG difference. I bring up race because at various times in my life here in VT I have been attacked by one, by groups, for just being black , so you are VERY insincere in your comments. (in case you still want to argue when they say “hey ni**er “what are you doing here, looking at whatever” yes, it’s about color.) I take that from personal experience. If others don’t see things my way so what. Biggest mistake in life is thinking ANYONE thinks like you do. This discussion has become very tedious over your illogical and liberal responses, have a day.

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