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Brookfield shooting victims had fentanyl arrest records

Both Springfield, MA men shot outside of a Brookfield home Friday have a history of fentanyl trafficking arrests, according to a 2019 Vermont State Police report. 

Juan Sierra, 27, died of a gunshot wound to the torso, and the death was ruled a homicide, authorities say. Miguel Fuentes, 29, remains hospitalized at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in critical condition with gunshot wounds. 

State police say preliminary investigation indicates the two men are friends who traveled together to Vermont and were shot outside the home at 8769 Vermont Route 14. Sierra died at the scene, while Fuentes was able to drive off before being assisted by a passerby several miles away. State police detectives believe this was an isolated incident, and there is no general threat to the community.

In August 2019, both Sierra and Fuentes were arrested along with a third Springfield MA resident, Luis Martinez, on charges of trafficking fentanyl into the state. Troopers pulled over a vehicle on Interstate 91 for speeding. After developing “reasonable suspicion of criminal activity,” troopers searched the vehicle and found 220 milligrams of fentanyl. 

Springfield, MA is a well-established drug-trafficking hub on the corridor from the Mexican border, where most fentanyl enters the U.S., to New England.

Detectives continue to interview witnesses about Friday’s shooting. No arrests have been made. The Vermont State Police has been working closely with the Orange County State’s Attorney’s Office and has received assistance from the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife and from police departments in Barre City and Randolph. Police continue to ask that anyone with information that could assist in the investigation call VSP in Royalton at 802-234-9933.

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  1. While police are often compelled to state in these kinds of cases that “there is no general threat to the community”, anytime people with a history of fentanyl-dealing are “visiting” Vermont there is the very real threat of people succumbing from the consumption of their potent product. But maybe they had turned their lives around since the last arrest and were just up here to go for a hike or to apply to be cadets at Norwich and some intolerant Vermonter mistook them for dangerous thugs? Take note democrats…we need more guns laws!

  2. All this is going down in a setting with only a temporary PD in Randolph, because there are voters, like Kelly Green, Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney saying Randolph is too quiet a community to need a PD. Randolph is also where all of Vermont’s cannabis is being tested for its THC content. Any wonder that there’d be people like Juan and Miguel in this area? Who else will be drawn here? Do we need a PD here? Vote happens tomorrow.

  3. Recently in Montana, DOJ leaders backed House Bill 791, sponsored by Rep. Courtenay Sprunger, R-Kalispell, which would increase mandatory sentences for people who distribute large amounts of fentanyl or related drugs – to a minimum of two years in prison or a $50,000 fine …. phef

    On the other hand, in China, sentencing for drug trafficking could include capital punishment. For example, the seizure of 50 grams or more of heroin or crystal methamphetamine could result in the use of the death penalty by the Government. So they either work them to death or spend a dime for one bullet.

    Seeing how China has declared war on us via the Mexican drug cartels, why not simply take the Mexican labs that press the pills out and destroy the roadways/enablers into the state. Using the death penalty would establish accountability.

  4. Their mugshots tell the tale of Vermont’s stance on serious crime and especially serious crimes committed by people of color.

    • Check out the mug shots re shootings, drug raids, and violent criminal activities…This is why State Police and Local Law Enforcement have every right to stop suspicious drivers on the highways…yet we kowtow to the piercing screeching outbursts of the Vermont venomous Left who accuse them of ‘racial profiling’ …let the police do their jobs without handcuffing them with political double-speak…we would all be better off, there would be less crime, and more criminals would be incarcerated than walking the streets in broad daylight…

      • When police target such individuals, I prefer to think of it as good, solid police intuition. If “race” happens to be a factor in a traffic stop, it is usually is statistically justified by anyone who pays even casual attention to the crime news in Vermont…there, I said it…

  5. Vermont will eventually virtue signal itself to death. Let’s have some more diversity and inclusion and while we’re at it lets defend the police and disarm law abiding Vermonters. I wonder if the shooter or shooters had a firearms license and insurance while they were here trying to kill. Most likely, the shooters are criminals like the two that were shot and none of them obey any laws manufactured by our incompetent from out of state lawmakers here to make your life a living hell. Thank a democrat/progressive for changing Vermont into the jungle where savages run wild.

  6. See those mug shots? They are laughing at us. Why? Because they come and go illegally across our boarders, they traffic illegal drugs to our children and they know that even if they are caught – they will just get a slap on the wrist and released. This is the new reality in Vermont and the state wants to disarm legal citizens and raise taxes so this bunch can get housing, food and financial support. But still, the current administration does not believe that there is a boarder crisis. Didn’t I hear recently that Gov. Scott was hoping to get a couple busloads of “migrants” sent to Vermont because we need workers. I think he really believes they are coming to the US to get legitimate jobs and respect our laws. So, am I sad that they are shooting each other? Nope. Am I scared about the turf war that is starting to expand out of Burlington? You betcha. But no, not at all sad that another drug dealer has been “unalived”.

  7. How does the saying go? “I am shocked—absolutely shocked…”. that these two gentlemen from Springfield might be involved in the drug business. But let’s release them on their own recognizance, because they’re really good boys with strong connections to the community.

  8. Can our States Atty General reply to the Vermont public if these slugs were here legally??? Yeah, didn’t think so.

  9. I know that it is not done but we meed to profile people.

  10. They are laughing all the way to the bank with your tax dollars. The dollars Phil Scott wants to give away to only the BIPOC. That isn’t divisive. If white isn’t a color, then I am non existent. Don’t tax me.

    • Two can play at the game of redefining biological reality. I’m pasty white, but my skin does have a “color”, therefore I am a “Person of Color”. Or else I “identify as” a Person of Color, take your pick.