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VT Headlines: Wildlife officials work to combat rabies outbreak in Chittenden County

NBC 5Pickleball is replacing Bed Bath & Beyond and Old Navy at mallshttps://www.mynbc5.com/article/pickleball-replace-bed-bath-beyond-old-navy-malls/43882259
VT DiggerWildlife officials work to combat rabies outbreak in Chittenden Countyhttps://vtdigger.org/2023/05/14/wildlife-officials-work-to-combat-rabies-outbreak-in-chittenden-county/
VT DiggerCityPlace tweaks plans to remove restaurant space, add housinghttps://vtdigger.org/2023/05/14/cityplace-tweaks-plans-to-remove-restaurant-space-add-housing/
VT DiggerNew mental health treatment facility opens, and others are in early stageshttps://vtdigger.org/2023/05/14/new-mental-health-treatment-facility-opens-and-others-are-in-early-stages/
WCAXVt. lawmakers discuss impact of new immigration policies on northern borderhttps://www.wcax.com/2023/05/14/vt-lawmakers-discuss-impact-new-immigration-policies-northern-border/
NBC 5Missing Bennington man found deadhttps://www.mynbc5.com/article/missing-bennington-man-found-dead/43887791
VT DiggerSmoldering conflict roils Charlotte cannabis operationhttps://vtdigger.org/2023/05/15/smoldering-conflict-roils-charlotte-cannabis-operation/

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  1. This might explain much of the goings-on in Chittenden, particularly in Burlington proper. Rabies can cause aggressive and mad behavior (Defunding police, not prosecuting felonies, enabling drug abuse & homelessness) as well as disorientation (not realizing you reside within the USA & not adhering to the Constitution & rule of law). Start looking to combat this in the Mayor’s office, the City Council, and at UVM.

    Use dart guns!

  2. Combating rabid democrats is what’s needed in Chittenden county! The foul place is grossly over-represented in the VT House and their numbers need to be brought down.

  3. Communicable viruses and parasitic diseases including rabies, distemper, mange and whirling are just a few of the gruesome deaths nature employs to control animal populations. Left unchecked, many species would exhaust food resources resulting in mass starvation and possible extinction. Biologists and sportsmen well understand the need for regulated hunting and trapping to avert nature’s otherwise inevitable recourse. With coon hounding falling out of favor, pet vaccinations are even more critical.

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