Breaking News: Zuckerman tough on farm employees, GOP ad claims

Lt. Gov. candidate David Zuckerman with wife Rachel on his Hinesburg farm

By Guy Page

A Vermont Republican Party political ad set to go “live” this afternoon takes aim at Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate David Zuckerman’s treatment of his farm employees.

In the 30 second video, a young man tells the camera: “The pressure, the emotional pressure he put on employees. We felt as if we were letting the farm down if we didn’t keep our heads down while we were pulling weeds. Don’t look up. Can’t do any of that. Don’t take a bathroom break. Take a bathroom break later. In my opinion, that was wrong. Wrong to expect of your employees when you were not paying them very well.”

Zuckerman and his wife operate an organic fruit and vegetable farm in Hinesburg. This isn’t the first criticism of Zuckerman’s farming practices during the 2022 election. According to farmer, lawyer and Republican Orange County Senate candidate John Klar, Zuckerman in 2008 bought a $1,318,000 property for $379,000 and sold the development rights simultaneously for $500,000 of Land Trust funds – walking away with 151.08 acres of prime farmland plus $$121,000 in his pocket.

The ad reportedly will go live on YouTube and other social media platforms at about 2 pm today. Vermont Daily Chronicle has reached out to Zuckerman’s campaign for comment and will publish promptly when received. 

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  1. This really sounds like a opportunity for zuckerman and the prog’s to cry foul.
    Not an October surprise, but an October gift for zuckeman’s campaign to decry a cheap shot and elicit sympathy votes.
    Perhaps zuckerman might issue a Thank-You letter to Paul Dame, for the in-kind donation- similar to the letter sent from Kari Lake to liz cheney last week.
    Crap like this backfires in Vermont politics.
    Joe Benning can stand on his own two feet and pull out a win.

    • I have noticed Republican ads are all mudslinging, trying to make out how bad the Dem candidate is. They cant say why their guy is better, its all about spreading twisted propaganda about and bashing the other side.

      • Oh……that’s merely because they ARE bad.

        Legal prostitution/slaughtering unborn babies for sex selection & unconstitutionally allowing non-residents & minors voting/injection sites for ILLEGAL drugs/defunding the police/socialism/Communism etc. etc……Please….take a history class.

  2. Best thing ive heard about zuckerman. Atleast he’s pushing a strong work ethic. Too bad he cant walk the talk

  3. Zuckerman could ring the necks of his employees with his bare hands and his zombie-bots would vote for him…he’s merely two years out from being crowned King of Vermont, er, uh, I mean Governor. He’s a Communist with a pony-tail. What more can the history-ignorant socialists want??

  4. Perhaps when he met with the CCP Representative in February 2019, he got some sound advice on how China handles it’s labor force. The State of Vermont is certainly run very similar and corrupt like a Chinese province. Maybe we are a China province and just don’t know it yet?

  5. Facts are facts – did he have an advantage when it came to this real estate transaction?
    Insider deals by politicians is becoming all too common regardless of party affiliation – here is an opportunity to nip it.