Billado won’t seek re-election as GOP chair

Deb Billado at 2020 GOP Convention – Photo credit CSPAN

By Guy Page

Citing the responsibilities of a new job, Deb Billado of Essex Junction announced yesterday she will not seek re-election as Chair of the Vermont Republican Party.

Upon hearing of her decision, a fellow GOP leader praised her for dedicated labor as a volunteer, in particular her efforts to appease both wings of the Vermont GOP.

“I have committed 40 to 60 hours a week for this position for four years,” Billado told Vermont Daily Chronicle. “With new job responsibilities, I am no longer able to give the time and dedication this political job requires.”

The State Committee will meet Saturday, Nov. 6 at 10 AM at Capitol Plaza. 

Billado pointed to several personal and party accomplishments of her tenure during the past four years:

  • Increased House and Senate seats this last election
  • Increased the number of women in leadership roles in the VTGOP
  • Streamlined the fiscal position of the party
  • Leaving the VTGOP in a better financial position than it has had in years
  • Attended 90% of the RNC meetings over the past four years
  • Increased the base of the party

“There are so many wonderful people in the party, and I hope that we continue to grow and flourish moving into 2022,” Billado said. “I believe the GOP will succeed in gaining more seats in 2022.”

Orleans County chair Chet Greenwood said Vermont Republicans owe Billado “a huge debt of gratitude.”

“I started working with Deb during the 2016 election year,” Greenwood said. “We were both delegates to the National Convention and have worked closely ever since. Deb has worked her heart out during the past 5 years, entirely as a volunteer, trying to appease both wings of the Vermont Republican Party. I give Deb a huge debt of gratitude for her dedication and commitment to the party and her ability to accommodate everyone under our “big tent.” I wish her only the best and I will continue to support her if she chooses to remain part of VTGOP.” 

Laura Benner of South Burlington, a party and Trump campaign leader, said, “Deb Billado’s steadfast belief in conservative, Republican values along with her strong leadership skills have been admired and respected for the past four years by many across our state.”  

Her VTGOP weekly newsletters have been both informative and engaging,” Benner said. “Deb has been a terrific chair representing our party and we wish her the very best in her new endeavors.”

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  1. I am very sorry to see Deb leaving this position, but I understand and wish her well. What a difficult job and she did it without pay and even paid her own expenses done in connection with the job. You do not find many like her. I wish her the best there can be for her new endeavor.

    Her work comes from the heart, and she holds herself to the same high standards that she expects of others. She is a fine person and whatever she does, it is because she believes in it. I became friends with Deb a few years back and in fact she is the reason I became interested in re-engaging with the Vermont GOP. I have never subscribed to the big tent thinking that resulted in a Republican Party here that did not reflect the wonderful, ideal, and needed true Republican principles our party has over many past years exhibited.

    While there are numerous exceptionally fine people in our VTGOP, too many of our Republican elected leaders are no different than the liberal/progressive Democrats and that situation was much worse before Deb was elected. She is a bright spot in our party and did what she could to make the VTGOP the light on the hill, bringing needed guidance to our people.

    I sure hope and pray that we use Deb as the template for who is to be the next leader. We need someone on top who loves the Lord, believes in America first and will not give any aid and comfort to any plan or person (enemy) who would take us down a socialistic/communistic path. We need someone in Deb’s position who is a “true Republican” who will further instill hope in the future of politics for Vermont, something that has been too long missing.

  2. Thank you – finally. Deb you are a nice enough person, but you have no leadership ability. You are directly responsible for the disarray in the Vermont GOP. Now let’s get a real leader in charge so we can regroup and win big in 2022. TAKE BACK VERMONT!!!

    • Sorry Harold. The split in the party is not the fault of Deb Billado. I have known Deb for a long time, and if nothing else, she is about bringing people together. I for one will miss her leadership.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that. I have always had great respect for Deb and her commitment to the GOP.

  4. Deb Billado has been an outstanding leader. As Vice Chair, I have worked closely with her, and my admiration for her has grown over the years. Personal character matters, and Deb Billado has integrity, generosity, and courage. She never had a personal agenda; her only interest has been the good of the party. She has always been the grownup in the room, despite the difficult position she has been in from time to time. The result: a revitalized Republican party ready to take on the Democrats and Progressives next year! Congratulations to Deb, on a job well done.

  5. I agree that Deb has been both dedicated and effective. I was happy to work with her and will miss her when she’s gone.

  6. Harold, where have you been? Now certainly there are times when disagreements show up, but where has that not happened?
    This lady worked for two or more years before she even heard from the Governor! That was not her fault, that she was voted in over Scott’s choice.
    No wonder we are hurting in VT.
    So Harold, I would find out who Scott’s choice is, and you get out there and work to that end.

  7. Yes Harold does not know what he is talking about – Deb is an exceptional leader. Phil Scott has more to do with the split than anyone. I’ve written him many times to inform him he is a democrat. And look a disaster his choice for president has turned out to be – not ONE accomplishment – only increasing disaster day by day. Nice work Phil.
    The Republican party needs strong unwavering conservative leadership which Deb Billado embodies. We are going to miss you as Chair Deb but hope you can still contribute with your valuable knowledge. Thank you for your excellent service and I will miss your GOP e-mails. Thank you for the results you’ve delivered to a state that is turning it’s back on it’s legacy of independence, personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility and common sense. With leaders like you, Deb, we will claim this legacy again.

  8. I don’t know you Harold. I agree that Deb is a nice person, but you obviously are not, and you obviously don’t know Deb very well either or you would not say such a thing. I can only imagine who you think is a “real leader”. Instead of using God’s name in vain, maybe you should pray before you open your mouth revealing what kind of person you are in trying to inflict damage on a person who has done a good job and has done her best. Maybe you should direct your criticism to the RINOs that populate the minority of elected positions in Vermont.

  9. Thank you Deb for all that you have done for the VTGOP. We have big shoes to fill and it won’t be that easy to do.