Flemming: the Mack Truck headed straight for you

by David Flemming

Vermont’s Climate Action Plan to sharply reduce carbon dioxide emissions would supposedly combat Climate Change. It’s the year-long product of the Vermont Climate Council created by the “Global Warming Solutions Act” of 2020 – passed over Gov. Phil Scott’s veto. The Plan – due for public release later this year – likely will never be voted on by your representatives in the State Legislature.

It will burden every Vermont motorist, every business, every city and town and every school and hospital with new regulations, mandates, and taxes. It will likely cripple our economy struggling to come out of the painful years of COVID – and send you the bill.

Here’s a warning from Public Service Department Commissioner June Tierney, one of the Climate Council’s statutory members: “I don’t think Vermonters understand the Mack truck that coming at them… They don’t understand how this is going to impact their lives and what it’s going to cost.” (After attending a Council meeting October 19, 2021)

Here’s What’s the Climate Action Plan Will Mean for You

  • Every motorist and every truck driver will face a sharply increased gas and diesel tax – to make gasoline and diesel fuel unaffordable – on top of the $3.40 a gallon price of motor fuel now. That’s the target of the Plan’s multistate Transportation Climate Initiative. You’ll pay $20 million a year – for starters. Vermont will get some of that back – but you won’t. It will be spent on other parts of the Climate Action Plan. This crippling tax will not even be voted on by the Legislature, which is blatantly unconstitutional.
  • No more natural gas, heating oil, and propane for cooking (after 2030), or for water heating (after 2035) or home heating (after 2040). You will be responsible for buying new kitchen ranges, hot water equipment, and home heating systems.
  • No more gasoline and diesel powered on-road vehicles. You won’t be able to buy or register a new gasoline or on-road diesel vehicle after 2032.
  • Huge subsidies to get people to buy electric cars and trucks. There are only 5,000 on the road now. The subsidies aim to put 42,000 EVs on the road by 2025 – only four years away. The State will pay for hundreds or even thousands of charging stations to address range anxiety and charging time trauma. (You won’t like it when your EV slows to a crawl in a below zero winter night.) And of course, EVs pay zero motor fuel tax – they ride free on our highways and bridges.
  • Weatherization of 120,000 more homes by 2030, at a cost of $10,000 per home (total: $1.2 billion.) Have he homeowners pay for it out of the heating savings? Of course not. Your taxes will pay for all of it.
  • Say goodbye to half of Vermont’/s cows. They emit methane from both ends, and our goal is to sharply reduce emissions from whatever source.
  • The Plan requires Vermonters to eliminate 80% of their current use of gasoline, diesel, natural gas, home heating oil and propane by 2050 – and replace it with… what?
  • Everything must be electrified. But heavily subsidized wind turbines and solar electricity farms will never generate enough to meet the demand. Whether our power grid can transmit that huge amount of electricity shipped in from somewhere else is extremely doubtful. Meanwhile, the utilities are forced to buy power from net metered solar panels at or near the retail cost of power, leaving other electricity consumers to pay the utility’s cost of poles, wires, maintenance, and profits.
  • And if we fall behind in emissions reductions starting in 2025, what happens? A group like the Conservation Law Foundation is authorized to sue the State , to get a judge to force the State to take even more drastic action – more regulations, mandates, subsidies and taxes. (CLF did just that, and won, under the Global Warming Solutions Act in Massachusetts.) The law allows a judge to order the State to pay part or all of the legal costs of plaintiffs suing the State, that taxpayers will have to pay along with paying the Attorney General to defend the State.
  • Will all these regulations, mandates and new taxes have any detectable effect on “climate change? No. They will just trumpet to the world the sacrifices Vermonters are willing to endure to be able to crow about how they fought against the menace of climate change. How much is that worth to the ordinary Vermonter?

This information is brought to you by the Ethan Allen Institute, Vermont’s independent pro-liberty, free market, limited government and pro-prosperity educational organization. EAI takes a different view of the Climate Action Plan than the Climate Action Network, at least nine of whose members are among the 15 legislative appointees to the Climate Council.

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  1. And that remarkable list of required action steps will accomplish N-O-T-H-I-N-G of consequence to mitigate climate change……..We have been told this by no less than President Biden’s Climate Czar John Kerry.

    John Kerry has told us that even if the United States eliminated 100% of greenhouse gases, it would have no impact on climate change.

    So what rational human being would make a very substantial investment of family funds in a venture that they were told would produce N-O-T-H-I-N-G?………Would You?

    Well, if we are to believe what the Climate Council has come up with to date, a recommendation will be made to the Legislature to make a multi-billion investment of Vermonters hard earned money in a venture that will produce N-O-T-H-I-N-G……..Do you approve of this?

    Would you stand in front of a speeding Mack truck?……..Well, Public Service Department Commissioner June Tierney has told you that the Mack truck is heading right for you at this moment and will hit you by the end of the year………Will you get out of the way?

    Time to tell your State Senators and Representatives that it’s time for rational thinking and the Climate Council report must be R-E-J-E-CT-E-D !

  2. ” And of course, EVs pay zero motor fuel tax – they ride free on our highways and bridges.” I hope that those that buy these vehicles do not do it for this reason, as once State and Federal Governments realize this drop in revenue it won’t last.

  3. For you Greenie’s please read the following quote from”.Every 12,000 years –or there abouts– our planet suffers a magnetic excursion during which its north and south magnetic poles “wander” and eventually “flip” — this process results in a waning of Earth’s magnetosphere which in turn fuels serious climatic events and mid-level extinction events on the ground.”…

    During the above mentioned process there is a thaw of our northern & southern permafrost which releases huge amounts of long ago stored carbon’s and with it methane. Somewhere in the vicinity of 4 times more than any manmade CO2.

    It’s not an argument to reduce our carbon imprint because we need to help offset the CO2’s that will be released naturally during this event but it’s rather an effort to talk about real science rationally like Covid and “Climate Change” and in the case of the latter, not labeling it as “Man Made”….Now in the case of Covid which is not the topic of this article, I think we can safely say it is man made…Calling Dr. Fauchi and the NIH…Anyway, follow the science is what I’m saying, even when the times are upon us that call into meaning and relevance the word reality. as in X Y doesn’t lie.

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