Bill would prevent immigration busts at courthouses

By Guy Page

A bill to prevent arrests of illegal immigrants in a courthouse is scheduled for discussion by the full Senate this afternoon.

S140, sponsored by Sen. Phil Baruth (D-Chittenden), would exempt the ‘civil arrest’ of anyone attending a court hearing on behalf of a family or household member required to be at the court hearing as a party, lawyer, or juror. 

S140 defines a “civil arrest” as an arrest for purposes of obtaining a person’s presence at a civil court proceeding, “including an immigration proceeding.”

Violation of S140, if passed into law, would make the perpetrator liable for a civil charge of false imprisonment. 

The bill was passed unanimously out of Senate Judiciary. 

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  1. Any of these feel-good “sanctuary” laws are legally and philosophically problematic.
    I never understood why a prostitute or a drug dealer can’t be a good witness in a courtroom, as long as they are not breaking those laws while there. An undocumented person however cannot neutralize that offense in the sanctity of a courtroom…they are still undocumented.
    The Vermont Legislature is following in lock-step with the Biden Administration…if you wanted to deliberately destroy the virtue of the greatest society to ever inhabit this planet, can’t think of what they should do differently.

  2. As usual, Another example of VT Legislators working overtime for persons within the state illegally vs working to protect the law abiding citizenry from all the other mayhem within the State. As long as the voters keep electing these Representation frauds, then the State should continue to expect this kind of legislative malpractice from Montpelier

  3. Phil “Baby Ruth” Baruth. Say no more. Chittenden Co.should do the State of Vermont a favor, and send him back to Lockport N.Y. !

  4. Unbelievable …shorten the time Legislature spends in Montpelier …….sure seems to me they have WAY too much time……stick to budget, get it done, get out…….I say March 30 end date…..

  5. What part of illegal is legal. These same idiots in Montpelier want our guns but want drugs, prostitution, protection for criminals and people here illegally…Maybe we need a law to prosecute legislators who propose unconditional laws!! This madness is what Vermont voters really want??

  6. It’s a contest between liberal legislators to see who can be more fascist fashionable, electrically&ecologically evolved, as well as counter-culture contrary to common sense and anything remotely conservative. Soon, 16 year old acne-faced antifah aspirants will be voting for governors and presidents as they toke on retail reefer, wet-brainwashed by their prissy, pensive single-sex parents, commie teachers, who want everybody to feel The Bolshevik Bern. Outlaw Republicanism Christianity, guns and big trucks, Now!

  7. UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Just like many democRAT proposals, the Constitutionality of these “laws” are of no importance to these Marxists.

  8. Why wouldn’t they protect illegal aliens.. They need their votes in November.

    • Technically, their presence is a violation of Law. The problem is, indeed, that many people come here illegally to evade the law enforcement. Not all are farm workers, who mostly deserve respect and gratitude.

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