Bill would change gender identity on birth certificate

by Guy Page

A bill introduced into the Vermont House of Representatives Thursday, January 13 lawmakers would allow the State Registrar to change gender identity on a birth certificate. 

Rep. Taylor Small (D/P Winooski)

H628, sponsored by Rep. Taylor Small (P/D-Winooski), a transgender person, and 32 others (all Democrats, Progressives and/or independents, would “authorize the State Registrar to amend or issue a new birth certificate to reflect an individual’s gender identity.”

It also would authorize the VT Dept. of Health to adopt rules that add new gender pronouns to the list that may be used on birth records.

The bill’s statement of intent is “to promote equity by allowing all individuals, regardless of gender, to amend their vital records to accuratel reflect and affirm their identities. There is a long history of discrimination and violence against the LGBTQIA+ community. This act serves to mitigate future harm through the creation of a simple and equitable system to provide for all gender marker changes on a Vermont birth certificate to be made through means such as self-attestation.”

Current state law has a lengthy process for “change of sex” on a birth certificate. The proposed law would replace the old language with this paragraph: “It is the policy of the State of Vermont to honor and acknowledge all gender identities and protect public health and dignity of all individuals in Vermont, irrespective of their gender. Accordingly, the State should adopt a simple process by which an individual may amend the marker on a birth certificate to reflect the individual’s gender identity.”

The bill was referred to the Committee on Human Services. 

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  1. A birth certificate list your sex when you are born. It cannot and should not be allowed to be changed. That should be against the law-period. You are what you are when you come out of the womb. Where does this come from????????

    • Some people do NOT “come out of the womb” as one sex or the other. There is such a thing as “intersex”—when genitals, chromosomes, hormones, internal sex organs, etc., may not match neatly or be present. For example, a baby who looks like a girl (external genitalia) but has no uterus, but has testes inside the body. Or a baby who looks like a boy but has no Y chromosome. Or a baby who has female internal organs along with such a large clitoris that it resembles a penis. In the past, doctors and parents might have thought she was a boy. Or that the previous example was a girl. Babies used to be surgically altered when the outside seemed anomalous or “wrong.” People grew up with an assigned gender that didn’t match what they felt or indeed what was going on with them physically as well as mentally. It is not always as neat as either/or!

      • Gina,
        Please don’t use misdirection to push your toxic views. A physical abnormality is NOT a reason to facilitate mental disorders. It is NEVER Okay to encourage the mentally ill to mutilate themselves.
        Gender is not a choice.
        You are not God.

      • Gina, you failed biology. There are two genders; male and female. Anyone who thinks they can change that have a mental disorder.

      • Gina – you are, of course, absolutely right that there are “intersex” issues and also cases where a genuine mistake was made on a birth certificate (either due to sexual ambiguity or administrative error) . In these cases, there is already a statutorily-driven process by which the birth certificate may be corrected. Such changes are extraordinarily rare and currently require an affidavit from a licensed physician.

        The new proposed woke legislation does away with that entirely, and instead allows anyone to “attest” to their own “gender identity” and have that attestation installed unilaterally on their own birth certificate – science be damned.

    • Do we really expect anything else from the elected officials but waste and nonsense do nothing legislation? Disgusted with most of Vermonts legislature.

  2. Gender as listed on Birth Certificates isn’t merely about social identity. It also concerns important biological information. This affects not only statistics, but how medical and other services are to be provided and maintained.

  3. So cultural appropriation bad…Sexual appropriation good…It’s getting hard to keep up with all the constantly changing social woke rules.

  4. The illogic knows few bounds. I am an EMT from a long time now. The other day we were treating a biological male identifying as a female and was looked at cross-eyed told otherwise when I confidentially (to the patient) stated we needed to medically treat the patient as a male.

  5. This law, while ridiculous anyway, would permit “males” to join women’s sports teams and have an unfair advantage because of natural abilities.

  6. I think this is a great idea: Male, Female, or Mentally Ill…….same as this was diagnosed as by the American Psychiatric Association until just a few years ago.

    • American Psychiatric Association used to use objective science to define normal and deviant…now they use politics. And conservatives get the long, bony finger of indignation pointed at them for being anti-science…?

  7. There does not seem to be an end to the level of absurdity that Montpelier will entertain. Why must Vermont be the laughing stock of States in this Republic? Fine, give Rep. Small their 15 mins. of “fame” then heave this bill onto the ash-heap were it belongs. Please move on to the important topics….

  8. This will create all kinds of societal, legal, and bureaucratic nightmares downstream. We are losing our ever-lovin’ minds. What is to prevent an individual from requesting such a change in their birth records multiple times as they vacillate as to which gender they prefer. What are the LEGAL implications in the criminal justice system? In sports? In medicine? Far be it from trying to treat all people fairly — this is designed to throw objective truth into CHAOS!! Nothing will be true. Everything will be subject to an individual’s whim that other people will be forced to genuflect to in homage. This is insanity on a societal scale. It is also contrary to the teachings of every major religion that I am aware of. Where is the end zone in all of this? Where is the point beyond which the woke gender activists will not go? Where will they stop? The answer is they never will. They are pushing society into chaos.

    • Wendy understates the problem……This bill goes beyond making no sense…….It’s anti-sense…… It’s anti-science….Its bizarre…….With 32 sponsors in the legislature, it is a loud signal that this State has a serious problem of judgement at the top of our government.

  9. Isn’t there enough important things for these people to deal with rather than all this nonsense? Our country is is a world of trouble right now and these i—ts are taking up the time of our government officials that should be dealing with the crisis’s that we are facing. I hope everyone remembers this when it is time to vote. Lets put people in that are interested in fixing the problems in the state instead of worrying about those with sexual ideation problems. Lets fix the problems with the last election so that the corrupt people don’t continuing to get elected.

  10. You know, I had thought a birth certificate was meant to be an historically accurate record of a birth, documenting the “hardware” of the baby at the time of birth, not an expression of gender identity or pronoun preference at some time later in life – thereby documenting the “software updates” installed on the adult.

    I’m not trying to be a gender-normative old fuddy-duddy here – although I fear that I am failing miserably – but why are the gender-enlightened representatives sponsoring this bill overloading the use of the birth certificates for some completely different purpose than their actual intent and use not just in Vemront but – well – the whole world? Is this really the correct document for recording our personal preferences? Preferences which are – by definition – subject to the whims and fancies of a postmodern world? Is there a lifetime limit on the number of updates our birth certificates can receive? What kind of burden is this going to place on the systems of a society that has used birth certificates the same way for over a hundred years or more, to suddenly have their very meaning completely upended? And all in the name of “affirming identity?”

    Couldn’t that result in all kinds of “unintended” consequences?

    Ahhhhhh wait a minute… maybe that’s the whole point and purpose of this bill. It’s about the consequences, stupid.

  11. She is such a crybaby and makes the most absurd claims like this on Instagram months ago:

    taylorsmallvt how does one fully engage in their work when they are not fully seen? my time in the legislature has been a rollercoaster ride of high praise and support, followed by misgendering and microaggressions. I recognize that I have the distinct privilege of a robust support system and circle of love; my safety net at the end of the day. I also want to name that after working at an LGBTQIA+ nonprofit for the last few years, I have not had to face such repetitive or consistent misgendering up until now. this change has been a culture shock; a reminder of the hetero-patriarchal classism that thrives within these institutions.


    “hetero-patriarchal classism” ?????

    That is such dreck. Her first bill related to violence against transgenders sailed through the House, then the Senate, and then the governor signed it with a wide smile in front of cameras. Nobody in Montpelier has been seen more, by everyone, than Taylor Small.

  12. There is no such thing as transgender. I will most certainly call a person any pronoun they want , but there is no such thing as transgender, as it is scientifically impossible to change your sex. Lets all stop using this silly word. It just adds to the lies and confusion around this issue.

  13. Is the Vermont legislature willing to propose and pass legislation eliminating/prohibiting gender-segregated sports? Aren’t they, by this proposed legislation in fact suggesting that gender is merely an optional identity chosen by the individual and that there are no distinct physical differences that would offer an athletic advantage? Some people worked very hard to establish Title 9 policies that were apparently just a waste of time. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways…

  14. Sheels,

    It plays right into their narrative when you call him, her and her, him. As stated above, gender can not be changed. I suppose that if I identified as a sheep and convinced my friends that I was a sheep, they might humor me when I was around but deep down in their protected minds they would knew that it is impossible for me to become a sheep. Encouraging a lie does not make it true. I’m not opposed to people being whoever they want but trying to insist that people can will themselves to be what they are not is insane and against the science. Aren’t we supposed to follow the science according to these liberals. Oh, only when it meets with their agenda!

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