Prostitution legalization bill introduced

By Guy Page

A new House bill would strike down all state laws prohibiting prostitution.

H630, whose lead sponsor is Selene Colburn (P-Burlington), would “repeal the prostitution laws that currently prohibit “indiscriminate sexual intercourse” and consensual engagement in sex work for hire by adults while retaining strict prohibitions and felony criminal penalties for human trafficking of persons who are compelled through force, fraud, or coercion to engage in sex work.”

Like the proposed Burlington charter change scheduled to go before voters in March, H630 would create a “decriminalization” of supposedly consensual prostitution. Whereas in Nevada and other jurisdictions prostitution is a regulated business, H630 would create a legal environment in which all consensual prostitution would be legal and unregulated by the State.

H630 was introduced today, Jan. 14 and assigned to House Judiciary, where Colburn is an influential member. Other sponsors are Emilie Kornheiser of Brattleboro, Tiffany Bluemle of Burlington, Brian Cina of Burlington, Katherine Donnally of Hyde Park,  John Killacky of South Burlington, Emma Mulvaney-Stanak of Burlington,  William Notte of Rutland, Barbara Rachelson of Burlington, Taylor Small of Winooski, Heather Surprenant of Barnard, Tanya Vyhovsky of Essex, and Rebecca White of Hartford. 

The bill claims that existing laws “reflect the social mores of the early 1900s, criminalizing not only voluntary sex work but sexual activity outside marriage, and no longer reflect Vermont’s commitment to personal and bodily autonomy.”

Opponents of legal prostitution say the institution is inherently unjust and oppressive to women and is linked to increased drug abuse and violence, regardless of its legal status. 

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  1. Another “Woke and Reckless” idea from the Progressive/Marxist/Socialists in Vermont Government. Do these people have any Principles, Morals or Virtues at all?

    Article 18. [Regard to fundamental principles and virtues necessary to preserve liberty]
    That frequent recurrence to fundamental principles, and a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, industry, and frugality, are absolutely necessary to preserve the blessings of liberty, and keep government free; the people ought, therefore to pay particular attention to these points, in the choice of officers and representatives, and have a right, in a legal way, to exact a due and constant regard to them, from their legislators and magistrates, in making and executing such laws as are necessary for the good government of the State.

    • Ironic, that the drafters of Vermont’s Constitution warned us to pay attention when we vote.
      Like they knew…..

  2. The radical liberal democratic party is absolutely hypocritical. When it promotes their cause, they are more than happy to argue their case citing bodily atonomy in support of prostitution and full-term abortion, but they don’t support bodily atonomy for individuals that object to taking an experimental gene based therapy.

    Under 21 Code of the Federal Regulations, Section 50, it is illegal to make anyone participate in an experimental program using coercion. This is how the US embraced the Nuremberg Code. Under 18 US Code, Section 2331, inside the definition of domestic terrorism, it states that anytime a US citizen is forced to do something that they would not otherwise do it is considered domestic terrorism.

    So, who are the real domestic terrorists in this country? Not parents at school board meetings and not people sharing information. By law, the real domestic terrorists are the ones that are coercing Americans to take an experimental therapy through threat of job loss and excommunication from society. The real domestic terrorists are the ones that disregard our laws, civil rights and the US Constitution.

    • Thank you CJ.

      Why do you suppose this Law and others like it weren’t the basis for the Supreme Court argument or decision? They shut down the OSHA Mandate based on OSHA not having authority yet, they allowed other Mandates of the experimental “shots” to go forward.

      • I have no idea and ask the same question. You can look the codes up. I validated them yesterday.

  3. And this fits with #metoo how?? This Bill does nothing but promote the objectification of both men and women which is not supportive of the good of society.

  4. “The bill claims that existing laws “reflect the social mores of the early 1900s, criminalizing not only voluntary sex work but sexual activity outside marriage, and no longer reflect Vermont’s commitment to personal and bodily autonomy.”

    Bodily autonomy.

    All these creeps are more than OK with Vaccine passports and mandatory pokes.

    Of course they wouldn’t be liberals if they also weren’t complete hypocrites.

    It’s like those signs in front of the Flynn…”All Are Welcome”. Unless they don’t want to wear a face diaper or get the jab.

    This state is a joke.

  5. I work with men every day whose lives and marriages are close to total ruin because of pornography. We have a double standard in pornography where the “State” says it is legal to look at porn as long as you are not looking at Child Porn. When a man or woman gets hooked on porn, the more they read or view the need for more and more perverse porn becomes real in their lives. Prostitution is a large part of the Porn Industry and should remain illegal. It encourages the breakdown of the family whether legal or illegal. Our Legislators need to take their heads out of the sand and see what they are doing to complicate family life which is already complicated enough with the legal objectifying of women.

  6. The basis of self-governance, the patriarchal family unit as protector and provider, has already been replaced with the Communist model of government as the protector and provider. Birth control and Women’s Liberation has freed women to pursue an independent career. Large numbers of women say they don’t plan to marry, an even larger number of men voice the same intent as they have come to view marriage as restrictive and a financial liability. The national birth rate has fallen below replacement level. Voluntary prostitution provides a service and an income to those who wish to engage in this type of transaction. This does away with restrictive bonds of sex and commitment. Rejoice comrades! ” No Justice-No Piece”!

  7. SINCE WHEN DOES VERMONT CARE ABOUT BODILY AUTONOMY!!??? Remember when the governor and legislators stripped citizens of their constitutional rights for refusing to be needle raped with the medically useless, physically harmful mrna garbage? They’re still doing it! “Get “vaxxed”, Get boosted!”

  8. If this bill passes, does that mean that the progressive/liberal/democrats in the legislature will quit screwing the vast majority of taxpaying Vermonters and just screw each other?

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