Bill to ban universal mailed ballot introduced

By Guy Page

A quartet of Northeast Kingdom Republicans have introduced a bill getting rid of the universal mailed-in ballot.

Rep. Mark Higley

H23 would “require the Secretary of State’s office to mail general election ballots to active voters only upon request, rather than automatically mailing ballots to all active voters.”

The bill, if approved by the Democrat-majority Legislature, would return mailed-in ballots to the status quo before the pandemic, when voters could request mail-in ballots. Secretary of State Jim Condos proposed, and the Legislature approved, universal mailed ballots in 2021, as a pandemic public safety measure. 

Rep. Larry Labor of Morgan is the lead sponsor. Additional sponsors are Rep. Mark Higley of Lowell, Rep. Woodman Page of Newport, and Rep. Brian Smith of Derby. 

“It’s a responsibility issue,” co-sponsor Higley said today. People should ask if they want the ballot mailed to them. Mailing addresses change, he added. “There are plenty of ballots out there that go to the wrong people.”

Supporters of the universal mailed ballot say the practice offers greater diversity of choice and has enhanced voter turnout.

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  1. Thank you Reps. Larry Labor, Mark Higley, Rep. Woodman Page , and Brian Smith. Maybe sanity, and common sense are not dead.

  2. I applaud their stance and their efforts, but they attempting to represent the will of the people whilst working in a den of thieves.

    • yes Kathleen and preventing voter fraud…….I have submitted previously I received mail forward ballot at new address after being told this would not happen by local tc….how many were there? how many voted x 2?

      • and there in lies the issue. @natureaboundsnortherngirl They *say* it ENHANCED voting…but did it?? Or were those ballots used illegally??? Guess we’ll never know.

  3. There is also a movement to get hand counts returned to back up the machines for each town on town meeting day, let’s not give up and do everything we can to get the word out and keep the momentum going
    ! We have lost chain of custody in Vermont

  4. It was never about democracy. It was always about a smokescreen for whatever results were necessary to “win” the election. No, no, I’m sure like 50% more people voted because people can’t usually be bothered to go to their local middle school. Ridiculous.

  5. Thank you. The NEK Brave Four stand for truth, justice, and the American way. Heroes exist and they are out there fighting daily.

  6. The universal mailed ballots was and is a poor process. It leaves much room for errors both unintentional and intentional. It’s one of the worst procedural changes foisted upon the American public. Compound it with ranked ballot voting and it’s total chaos. What happened to being a responsible informed voter. If you care enough to vote get informed, go to the polls or call/request an absentee ballot.

  7. Thank you, brave 4 in NEK. I hope many more will sign on to this. So much fraud has been revealed, but still remains unreported by the MSM. If we want our votes to count and freedom to reign, we must get rid of the mail-in ballots to anyone and everyone!

  8. I fully support this bill. We need Election Integrity. Voter must show ID. Vote in person or by Absentee Ballot only. Paper ballots, hand counted. Get rid of all machines.

  9. A tactic that may help people gain some respect of the need for sanctity of the voting process would be to require that any chain of custody and conveying of evidence standards and requirements for criminal cases be the same as for election ballots.
    If people feel comfortable with ballots mailed in, cast weeks before an election sitting around unsecured, then why not have arresting officers mail in the evidence for criminal cases to the prosecutor, and have them sitting in an unsupervised, unsecured place until they are needed? One is as important as the other.

  10. I’m sorry to rain on “optimistic views”of proposing to ban universal mail in ballots.The democrats will “never agree”to anything that could threaten their approach to voting.I believe it will be a waste of time,the Cat is out of the bag!!!We need control to change, crazy policies and that’s not on the near horizon!We need to find ways to compete with the democrats.We have a long uphill battle to restore “common sense” in our state and country.They have dominated our schools and educated generations of younger americans to believe anyone who doesn’t go along with their thinking must be capitalistic, anti environmental,racist, homophobic, bigots.If you can think for yourself,and are self employed they have no need for you,and god forbid,you mention,”God”!Far too many people want and vote for,what they think will improve their own, or have been “told repeatedly will improve”their personal life or the environment.Free healthcare,big pharma,(everyone must get jabbed)no police,open borders, drug trade, banning oil drilling, etc(devastating Central America) not to mention what it is doing to USA.Corruption abounds.Get back to faith in God and Truth in teachings.Real problem solving requires “thinking”.And good policies and solutions don’t come in five minutes.

    • I concur with your statement. I applaud the effort, yet the Truth is those who benefit from the [s]elections sit proudly on their committee chair seats to squash dissent and discourage “misinformation” on purpose. The purpose being to hide the massive corruption like a cat turd in the litter box. It still smells, but we aren’t able to see it. Yet, the Truth is like the sun. The more one attempts to block it out, it will always shine through. God knows who they are and what they have done. The days to repent are over. The harvest has commenced.

  11. How about a petition drive from every corner of the state? Shaming them might be the only remedy. Deliver thousands of signatures to the sergeant of arms supporting the elimination of universal mail in ballots.

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