Biden targeting gas-powered generators is ‘cruelty,’ Vermont power grid expert says

By Michael Bielawski
The federal government under the Biden Administration is seeking to implement prohibitive carbon-monoxide emission limits on gas-powered generators. Early analysis shows the new regulations would make almost all existing models non-compliant.

Critics of the move – included a noted Vermont author and energy expert – say the regulation, if enacted, will put Americans at risk during natural disasters, such as the recent flooding.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) put out a document warning the public that these new rules will be under consideration. It states in its summary that they have “preliminarily determined that there is an unreasonable risk of injury and death associated with acute carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from portable generators. To address this hazard, the Commission proposes a rule under the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) that limits CO emissions from portable generators and requires generators to shut off when specific emissions  levels are reached.”

The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association has commented to the CPSC that the types of modifications required to make their machines compliant will make machines much hotter and create a higher risk for fires. They further said that the best way for users to avoid CO emissions is to use the machines properly. They are already built with CO detectors that trigger a shut off if levels get too high.

They also emphasized that the majority of existing models would not meet the new standards, and another challenge is manufacturers would have only six months to revamp those models, a process that usually takes multiple years.

These laws may impact at least one Vermont company, Vermont Generator Systems located in Hartford. According to their website, they do sales, installations, and other services but not manufacturing. The company did not return request comments.

More power outages expected?
Vermonters rely on gas-powered generators during power blackouts – such as happened this winter during a lengthy blizzard, and last month during July flooding. Scientific American reports that government data indicates blackouts nationwide are becoming increasingly common.

“Government data show that blackouts are worsening in number and duration, and a new study shows they disproportionately affect already vulnerable communities,” their report states.

Meredith Angwin, a Wilder, Vermont resident and a published author on grid reliability,  wrote a book that came out in 2020 called Shorting the Grid: The Hidden Fragility of Our Electric Grid. She took some time to speak with VDC.

She noted that as demands on the grid continue to increase, so will the need for generators.

“The extra strain on the grid from electrifying everything or however far we get with that process, and the extra strain on the grid with having more intermittent power plants on the grid, however far we get with that process, both those processes will make the grid more fragile,” Angwin said.

She suggested that targeting generators at this time amounts to “cruelty.”

She added, “So people will want generators and so anything that blocks people from getting generators, it’s really a kind of cruelty in my opinion. People want to protect themselves the easiest way possible and I get quite upset by the idea that we’re going to try and make it harder for people to protect themselves.”

Susan Orenga, the executive director of the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association, told the Epoch Times last week that the timing for these new restrictions is questionable because of potential mass blackouts.

She said, “The timing of the CPSC’s proposed changes are particularly concerning, given repeated warnings that two-thirds of North America is currently facing an energy shortfall this summer during periods of high demand.”

Marc Morano, co-founder of, recently spoke with NewsMax TV about the gas generator ban. He also alluded to the notion that more blackouts may be in the nation’s future.

Morano said, “The LA Times is saying they want to use blackouts now to meet our climate goals and to fight climate change, the blackouts which they are intentionally creating in our power grid, we can’t mitigate with gas-powered generators at home.”

He continued that the federal government has also been targeting pizza ovens, gas stoves, air conditioners, and even meat-eating and using ice cubes.

Morano added, “But this is particularly insane because their policies are going to create blackouts which necessitate gas-powered generators.”

The author is a reporter for Vermont Daily Chronicle.

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  1. Fake news! More intentionally misleading fear-mongering here with no fact-checking by the writer or by the publisher. Neither gas generators nor gas stoves already in use will be subject to any restrictions. The proposed regulations will be for the manufacturing of appliances going forward. No one’s ‘coming after’ your gas stove or generator. Cleaner lawn mower regulations were enacted years ago; manufacturers and users adapted just fine.

    • Which the article at no time states or implies. While it’s true existing stoves, generators etc are not effected, the average lifespan of such equipment is 15 years up to perhaps 30 if you get really lucky. Compound this with the fact that generators already come with strongly worded warnings and clear instructions on proper use, along with the fact that about 85 people die from generator related CO poisoning each year, I would argue that the fake news is the reason for the rules. This, like the gas stove rule, is a solution looking for a problem. In both cases, we have an excuse, not a solution to a problem needing government intervention.

    • The fake news is implying that, like the stove rule, such regulation is necessary for the “public good.” In neither case does the risk rise to the level of requiring government intervention to protect the public. In the case of generators, the come with very clear and emphatic warnings and instructions on their safe use. Implying that they propose a serious health risk requiring government regulation is the real fear mongering. In reality, less than 100 people a year succumb to CO poisoning from generators.

      As far as not coming after your stoves, generators, etc. No not directly, but 15 years or so down the road when you need to replace it? … yea good luck with that.

    • briancostelllovt : Maybe, just maybe someone would like to replace an emergency generator or upgrade for a larger size. Your comment is fake.

  2. Another example of John Kerry’s radical view of making our country a third world wanna be in the name of climate change. 2024 can’t come soon enough

    • Speaking of John Kerry, wasn’t his son a partner in Hunter’s “business” ventures ? Where did he disappear to ?

  3. Tell me your happy with this idiot in charge? BACK TRUMP, Drain the Swamp, Make America Great Again!

    • Trump IS the swamp and what’s so great about what he created?

      I’m still waiting for his “Big, beautiful new “terrific,” “phenomenal” and “fantastic” new health care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

  4. If anything is being promoted by the Biden Administration ” As Good “, run away
    as fast as you can, as it’s going to cost you ……………………….

  5. And abundant, clean, electrification of everything from home heat to motor vehicles will be available from renewable sources beginning at 4am tomorrow morning. Oh, and it will be cheap too. Right !

  6. My 20 y.o. cousin died from CO2 poisoning from an indoor space heater, so I can see more regulation on those, but who/what needs protecting from an outside gas generator?

    How about nuclear powered clean energy generators for residential use?

    Ridiculous article makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Jay Dee,
      Have you forgotten?
      The state of Vermont had a viable, functional, and safe, nuclear electrical power reactor in Vernon. The progressive/liberal whack jobs and politicians contrived to get it decommissioned and totally removed… That’s what makes no sense whatsoever!

  7. They want to ban gas generators so people will be in the dark, then they declare marshal law and lock up people who say no to communism.

    • …for the same reason the “government” wants to get people to switch from oil to electric heat…so they can flip the switch in an instant and cut off your heat. With an oil burner fed by a tank, you have a month or a year’s worth of fuel just sitting there and along with a generator, it lets you run the boiler/furnace when the grid fails.

    • If everybody is dependent on a single source for their power, then they are also at the mercy of the person that has their hand on the off switch.
      People it is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

  8. We’re having a discussion about the details of the government managing our lives. My concern is that we’ve empowered the commonweal to be as intrusive as it’s become and we don’t even let it creep us out anymore. We discuss how rather than weather its ok.

  9. the gas powered generators need to be renamed to: “EV portable charging units”

    What cutting off our Gas Stoves & Gas Generators is REALLY about?

    Fossil Fuel Hoarding for:
    [1.] the ever expanding MIC
    [2.] 1% Globalists want to hoard it for themselves;
    motor vehicles, yachts & jets

    The 1% need Fossil Fuels so they can attend their yearly Davos Meeting where they discuss their plans re: controlling the Globe; the same 1% Globalists, who we learned sought out C19-un-vaccinated pilots to fly their jets, because so many pilots now suffer from either having had a heart attack, or have myocarditis.

    Endocarditis and myocarditis can be caused by the C-19 experimental mRNA injections. Many Pilots have been forced into early retirement due to not passing their EKG physical exam required to fly.

    … The 1% Billionaires, the World Health Organization (WHO), World Economic Forum (WEF), and the DoD ~ under the guise of CDC (Healthcare & mandated Lockdowns & experimental mRNA injections) & their pretend efforts to mitigate Global Warming … is actually intended to be their faux excuses to put us in permanent “lockdowns”

    i.e., with the upcoming 15 ” cities & CBDC … we will be monitored & restricted from travel anywhere; in a 15″ area where our diet will be restricted to eating bugs & our mode of travel; on foot &/or bicycle… Burlington, Vermont will be a “Green City” … i.e., supporting more “Green” $$$ as in more personal wealth $$$ (in the form of Fossil Fuel hoarding, GREEN ENERGY (Lithium batteries are unsustainable) & World Domination) for the 1% & their MIC.

    This is NOT a “conspiracy theory” … It is in fact a plan coming down from the MIC / DoD that has been coordinated with the *WEF & the *WHO ~AND, none of these “world” leaders were democratically elected.

    The WHO, WEF, and the CDC (under the direction of the DoD) have very cleverly figured out a way to mass – INJECT monitoring devices into us (it has not happened yet, but this is their plan in the near future) & how to HOARD fossil fuels for themselves, under their “virtue signaling” to SAVE the PLANET (more like; “save themselves”) and their next generations in only their families. AND, you can hear the Air Force flying overhead here in South Burlington: the MIC needs Fossil Fuels to maintain Rule THEIR world, NOT ours.

    The truth is these so called “wild fires” they are using to manipulate & convince us the planet is suffering from Global Warming are caused by Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman & Boeing’s DEW (Directed Energy Weapons). Airborne Laser’s are setting these fires globally.

    If you view these supposed fires (see below) look at the comments below ; many people know these are DEW caused fires.

    We all know there is a limited supply of fossil fuels. And this is how the very wealthy have figured out a way around it. The United Nations “Earth Summit” held in Rio de Janeiros, Brazil ~ to end fossil fuel use ~ the Global Earth Summit in Rio was the first Agenda 21 plan put in writing; Nancy Pelosi was there to sign it. It was held in 1992; and just like the German trains, they were right on time in 2021.

    During a recent Senate hearing, when John Kerry was asked if he owns a private jet he replied “No” … only to find out later he said “no” because his wife, Heinz Ketchup CEO owns the jet, not him. The DoD & their 1% friends also OWN & CONTROL the MSM ~ so they RULE the message & all the airwaves 24/7/365 days a year.

    They also want to euthanize cows & end farming globally (I hope people here in Vermont have heard what they tried to do in Denmark) … Their PLANS: so we can eat “farmed” bugs instead.

    As Henry A. Kissinger (who mentored WEF’s CEO Klaus Schwab) famously said;

    “He who controls the food supply controls the people; he who controls the energy can control whole continents; he who controls money can control the world.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    REMEMBER Ike’s Warning Of Military Expansion (62 years ago):
    On Jan. 17, 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower gave the nation a dire warning about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it the military-industrial complex, a formidable union of defense contractors and the armed forces.

    “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.”

    NPR’s Tom Bowman 2011: … “Another concern was the possibility that as the military and the arms industry gained power, they would be a threat to democracy, with civilians losing control of the military-industrial complex.”

    (Say “Hello” to Air Force Jets flying over our heads in South Burlington Vermont)

    Eisenhower 1961
    … “The jet plane that roars overhead costs three quarters of a million dollars. That’s more than a man will make in his lifetime. What world can afford this kind of thing for long?” …. [not to mention the Fossil Fuel it uses] …

    And the Biden Admin wants to take gas stoves & gas generators from us? … when we have Military Jets flying over us ? That uses more fuel than all Vermonters would ever use? And no American’s want us in these insane wars for profit for the 1%

    NPR’s Tom Bowman … “companies such as Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman are also adept at both lobbying and marketing to promote their interests. They also spread the jobs around the country, to lock in political support.”

    What it will take is the political will & courage of United States Presidential hopeful candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to confront the MIC with their never-ending thieving of all our wealth to support these Wars.

    RFK, Jr. ~ who the DNC slanders as an anti-vaxxer & now an antisemite … These are outright lies … slander. Hiding behind these slanderous lies of RFK, Jr. is their intention to not have him on the ballot in the Democratic Primary … WHY? Because he threatens EVERYTHING they stand for. Retired Nancy Pelosi is worth 300 million (she, who signed Agenda 21 in 1992 at the UN Earth Summit). American’s need to stop with the Stepford masochistic Stockholm Syndrome of honoring your oppressors; neither Party has been loyal to us.

    RFK, Jr. in truth, is not anti-vax … he is PRO-SAFE Vaccines
    His life’s work; beside protecting our environment:clean air & water (i.e., prior to Children’s Health Defense) has been to help mothers of vaccine injured children that Big Pharma left high & dry (children with autism; now the rate of 1:33 children) and children who developed a seizure disorder “unknown etiology seizures” ~ that left their children brain-injured with Cerebral Palsy.

    He is NOT an ANTI-VAXXER that the MSM has lied to discredit. The DNC doesn’t want RFK Jr. on the ballot because he warned them in his speech on April 19, 2023 in Boston, MA when announcing his candidacy for POTUS … that he would do as his Uncle John promised the USA when POTUS 5 months before he was murdered; i.e., that he would put an end to the MIC (PLEASE see speech below).
    RFK’s plan is to tell American’s the truth; the DoD, the WEF, the WHO & how our corrupted CDC mandated experimental mRNA injections that were neither safe, nor effective … The CDC violated the Nuremberg Code of Ethics … that people have a human right NOT be experimented on ~

    AND people must know the reason why MSM (under the direction of the DoD) lied to us by downplaying the efficacy of both Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine
    An Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) to push C19 experimental mRNA injections on us all – could NEVER have achieved EUA status … IF we had safe medicine with known efficacy to fight off SARS-CoV-2 widely available (e.g., like Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine). The real “Science” was censored.. If knowledge of the efficacy of their use was not censored, America could have stopped Covid-19 illness & death in its tracks by April 2020 (when the science community shared this but were censored) like Africa & Uttar Pradesh and a number of other countries..

    Africa & Uttar Pradesh in India used Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, which were SAFE & GENUINELY EFFECTIVE MEDICINES to treat Covid-19. Both countries have been almost Covid-19 FREE (Uttar Pradesh since August 2020 & Africa always had substantially less Covid-19 deaths BECAUSE many routinely use Ivermectin (very safe; has a better safety record than Tylenol) to prevent a disease called “River Blindness” Africans get from a parasite in the water.

    PLEASE be forewarned:
    *Google, *Wikipedia, *Youtube, *Facebook, *NYT, *Washington Post, *Reuters, *Associated Press, *Boston Globe, *CNN, *MSNBC, *FoxNews, etc., etc. … (all Media – except for Independent Journalists) – joined the “Trusted News Initiative” ~ founded by BBC’s General Director Tim Davies in August 2019 ~ all *members agreed to uphold the same story put out by the DoD who was guiding the CDC in “Operation Warpspeed” If interested in real news sources go to,, & now Twitter is allowed to cover real news (under new ownership of Elon Musk)


    Directed Energy Weapons (require Fossil Fuels)
    Look at the damage & devastation done to Boulder County Colorado 12/2021
    (increase speed 2X – it’s a 2hr long video) … start at 7 minutes if pressed for time; seeing is believing. The News / MSM reported these were caused by “wild fires” caused by “global warming”

    RAW: Sky9 video shows entire neighborhoods leveled after Marshall Fire

    June 10, 1963: JFK at the American University speech on World Peace
    (he was dead 5 months later)
    Eisenhower warning us about the Military Industrial Complex 2025 Forecast (recorded 4/19/21, depopulation plans: one day before it was removed from

    On 4/20/21,, a private military intelligence agency, has deleted their mysterious 2025 forecast spreadsheet that predicted a major collapse of the western countries. The forecast used to exist at [link to (secure)] and now that page just redirects to the home page.The spreadsheet predicted a major drop in the US population from 332 million in 2019 to only 99 million in 2025 (-70%).

    Uttar Pradesh government says early use of Ivermectin helped to keep positivity, deaths low Claiming that timely introduction of Ivermectin since the first wave has helped the state maintain a relatively low positivity rate despite in its high population density. May 12, 2021

  11. From a technological/physical standpoint, it would be nice to run EVERYTHING with electricity, but from a tyranny standpoint, it makes no sense to have everything running on an electric grid that can be shut down with the click of a mouse…and gov’t ultimately has it’s hand on the mouse. We have seen banking services and access to social media be denied to those who don’t toe the line politically and ideologically because of a cozy relationship between gov’t and the private sector…that used to be the classic definition of FASCISM. The home generator is the back door way to protect yourself from this total “electric tyranny”. The Biden regime wants to treat the ownership of a home generator with the same disdain they do for the law-abiding citizen owning a firearm, and just like with the gas stove ban proposal for reasons of indoor air quality, they want you to think they only have your safety in mind. Who votes for these people?

  12. My generator is essential here in the NEK and is protected from the tyranny of government by my 2nd Amendment rights . . .