Bean: How did this storm happen?

Don’t rule out weather modification

by Paul Bean

Here in Vermont we are experiencing historic catastrophic flooding, even worse than Tropical Storm Irene. The question MUST be asked: how did this happen?

We all know the rain has been unusually frequent this summer causing the ground to be completely saturated before this even began. But how, in less than 24 hours did the state of Vermont get an entire summer’s worth of Rain? How could we have a random, out-of-the-blue unnamed Storm that is worse than Irene? Some are saying “it’s climate change.” Perhaps it is… 

But if you are like me and do not subscribe to the international “scientific” agenda claiming that it’s purely being caused by carbon emissions, could this really be just the “natural cycles of the earth?”

Short and sweet, no.

Or at least I do not believe that either. 

This is going to be a tough and strange conversation. I am not exactly claiming that this is exactly what happened but from what I’ve gathered, other people are asking the same questions. I am simply theorizing based on what I know to be true about weather modification and the history of powerful governments using the weather as a weapon.

“Operation Sober Popeye,” was the covert military weather modification program to “make mud, not war” during the Vietnam Conflict: Popeye took place from 1967 to 1972, aimed to enhance rainfall over targeted areas in Southeast Asia, specifically the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  

Under Operation Popeye, the U.S. military employed cloud-seeding techniques to artificially “make it rain” over the targeted region. Cloud-seeding involves dispersing chemical agents, such as silver iodide, into clouds to stimulate precipitation (AKA Chemtrails).

The intention was to extend the monsoon season, increase rainfall, and create muddy and impassable conditions along the supply routes used by the North Vietnamese. The operation was conducted by the U.S. Air Force’s 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, based in Thailand.

Operation Popeye remained classified until its exposure by investigative journalists and the congressional following hearings in 1971. The operation faced widespread criticism and condemnation for its environmental and humanitarian implications. The use of weather modification as a military tactic raised concerns about the potential weaponization of weather and the long-term ecological impact.

In response to public outcry and growing international pressure, the United States officially ended Operation Popeye in March 1972. In the same year, an international treaty known as the Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD) was adopted, prohibiting the use of weather modification techniques for hostile purposes.

Gordon MacDonald, who served on the National Science Foundation’s Advisory Panel for Weather Modification from 1964 to 1967, had warned that ENMOD or environmental warfare “could damage an adversary without revealing the aggressor’s intent” and that “applying such techniques of war under cover of nature’s irregularities presents a disquieting prospect.

MacDonald added that a secretly waged weather war “need never be declared or even known by the affected populations. It could go on for years with only the country’s [aggressor’s] security forces involved being aware of it” (emphasis added), as the complex randomness of the weather makes accusations of aggression plausibly deniable. (sound familiar)?

Gordon MacDonald is no dummy either. A Graduate of Harvard, a long-time member of the elite JASON advisory group of scientists. He also served on the original Presidential Council on Environmental Quality (1970–1972). President Nixon was quoted at the time, “I have three members of the Harvard class of 1950 on my staff, all summa cum laude.” He was talking about Henry Kissinger, James Schlesinger, and MacDonald. MacDonald was also one of the first people to address the concern of global warming from fossil-fuel combustion and carbon emissions. 

Operation Popeye is just one example of we humans controlling the weather. We even see headlines from our mainstream press talking about other countries and their use of weather manipulation. In the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and China it is common knowledge among their citizens that their Government is controlling the weather. 

Back to the situation here at home. Some of you might be wondering: are you implying that the United States Government would actually do harm to their own citizens in such a way? Yes, I do think they would. It is becoming increasingly clear to many Americans that globalist interests will stop at nothing to forward their agenda. From false flags, to the plandemic, to murdering a sitting President in broad daylight… They will literally stop at nothing. 

But why Vermont? 

That is a fair question. Why would Globalist powers have interest in manufacturing a “natural” catastrophe in the second smallest state in the country? 

It is simple. Vermont is known to lead the country in a lot of things. We are often the “first” to do something, before anyone else. We were the first to abolish slavery (before we even joined the US), we were the first to join the original 13 colonies. We were the first to enshrine abortion rights into our constitution. The first state to pass same-sex civil union legislation. The first state in the country to change its medically assisted suicide law to allow terminally ill people from out of state to take advantage of it to end their lives…the first state in the country to require foods made with genetically modified ingredients… the list goes on. 

Vermont, often will follow the lead of California OR be the first to do it. 

So what is my point?

This unprecedented storm will 100% be used as an example as to why we as a State need to pass more legislation with the goal to mitigate climate change. Will we follow behind the burning state of California and go to their extremes? 
Or will we take the lead and go even further? 

Vermont also happens to be the perfect target because take a look at how we responded to Covid. More than 80% of the population was unwilling to question the narrative at all. People here are too distracted with the woke agenda. They will never look to the skies and ask questions. If the TV says it’s “climate change” it must be climate change! They would never lie?! Right?! It is not a state of Free-thinkers (at least entirely).

Given the makeup of the State Legislature, I am sure they will do pretty much whatever they want, considering the fact that they pretty much do anyway. Probably the biggest conversation during the last legislative session was the so-called “Affordable Heat Act.” A piece of policy that would punish fuel dealers and ultimately citizens for heating their homes with oil/ gas, and “reward” those using electric heat pumps. 

So back to the question, why Vermont?  I’ve been wondering this for a while: why is Vermont so liberal? How did this happen? Well, because it is just small enough and takes very little investment into politics to influence legislation. 

This state is used like an experiment for everything the UN wants to implement along with  the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and The World Economic Forum. 

They bully the little state of Vermont, shove legislation down our throat, use us as a test, and then eventually try to implement their programs elsewhere. 

Now look. I am not 100% claiming this storm was caused by Geoengineering. However, something certain does not seem right about this. I do not yet have evidence that this was deliberate. 

And to the people wondering “how would they even be able to do that without people noticing, Paul? That is completely insane.” 

I really do not blame you for feeling that way, because it is insane. 

I have been studying the subject of climate engineering and weather modification for 4 years. I interned with a group while at the University of Vermont called Our Geoengineering Age which was dedicated to exploring and exposing the subject to the public. I implore you to check out our website (link below) and do some more research for yourself on this subject. We have 33+ peer reviewed scientific essays and articles. 

To this day, after all of the evidence I’ve reviewed and even geoengineering activity I have seen with my own eyes I still second guess myself because, yeah, it’s insane.  

However with what I’ve learned since 2020 about this Government and Globalist powers, I really would not put anything past them anymore. 

Take this into account too: During the implementation of the Manhattan Project and the creation of the Atomic Bomb  The President of the United States Harry Truman did not know what the project actually was.Similarly, Richard Nixon was not even aware of Operation Popeye during the Vietnam Conflict, so I highly doubt many even in the highest level of Government would know anything about this today. 

And at the State level Government?  I am sure that anyone who knows me would call me completely insane for expressing these thoughts and genuinely know nothing about anything like this. Peter Welch, Bernie Sanders, Phil Scott, my guess is they are completely unaware or their hands are too tied to say or do anything. 

Ultimately, many are already arguing that we should be Geoengineering to mitigate climate change. For example, Environmentalist Bill McKibben, a Vermonter, and founder of 350. org, an Environmental Non-Profit recently wrote an article in the New Yorker explaining how our “Climate Crisis” is getting so bad that we unfortunately are “inching towards it” weather control as a last ditch effort. 

He explains “Solar Radiation Management,” a form of climate modification (a bit different from weather modification in terms of scale) where essentially the goal is to “dim the sun” by spraying aerosolized sulfur particles into the atmosphere and to do this at a global scale.  He explains the droughts and other environmental issues in Asia and UAE. He even mentions the weather modification programs happening in China.  

I argue it is already going on and Bill’s article is nothing but a soft disclosure of what’s been going on for decades. When their manufactured climate events get so bad, they will literally have us begging them to control the weather. 

At the end of the day, whether this is the case or not in this instance, we have been experimenting with the weather since the early 1960s and there is plenty of evidence thereof. 

In the 1960s it seemed like anything was possible. The Technological Revolution, The Space Race. Satellites, The moon landing. 

We could overcome absolutely anything. At least that’s the impression I have from what I heard from my Grandparents. People were hopeful about their country. Multiple Presidents of the United States had weather control as part of their stated goals along with going to the moon, for example JFK. 

As President Lyndon Baines Johnson once said: “He who controls the weather, will control the world.” 

I will finish this by saying, we Vermonters do not consent! End geoengineering forever! I am open to criticism and hoping for any and all feedback. Thanks! twitter: @pbeanVTInstagram: pbean802

The author is a Northfield resident and 2022 candidate for Vermont Senate.

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  1. If indeed geoengineering is occurring, then yes end it. More to the point, end globalist influence in Vermont. This article points out that the answer to why Vermont may not be that difficult to understand. Small state, easy to purchase influence. I say let’s take back Vermont from unelected bureaucratic entities in all their incarnations. Let’s clean up the abject corruption that imposes policies that are clearly based on narratives, scientism, agendas. Good policy should be based on open verifiable data, and those in power must not fall prey to being bought off at the expense of Vermont citizens who will be the ones paying for the follies of techno-narcissistic and global control agendas.

  2. Thank you Paul for posting this article. I agree with you completely, they are geoengineering and there is proof for over 50 years if you just look.

    If you haven’t watched this you should:

      • One of the things that made me believe in all of this wasn’t just what I observed in the air and in the sky nor what other people were telling me. It was when I saw a bill that had been written by a Delaware Senator, part of the bill was to acknowledge and stop weather modifications. I don’t remember how I came across it, I just did. Somebody had said that so and so in Delaware has finally admitted that we modify the weather.

        I downloaded a copy to read. It took me about 15 minutes. I found the paragraph and when he explained that weather modification was real and that it needed to stop and then it was damaging our environment. I posted it to a few friends of mine. Just a link and one of them came back and told me that I was a liar. This couldn’t have been more than a half hour after I had seen it and less than an hour after the bill was posted.

        The whole paragraph about weather modification and the fact that it must stop before it destroys our environment was removed.

        That was proof enough for me.

    • Brian, thank you for sharing the story about the bill by the DE Senator. After BLM removed the page about dismantling the nuclear family from their website, I try to remember to take screen shots of things that might disappear.

    • I have shared “The Dimming” and many other posts on geoengineering. The number of people who laugh, call me crazy, it’s not true is incredible. I just assume those are the same people who got the “V”. No amount of verified information will open their eyes.

  3. Thank you! This is a very thought provoking article. I don’t think you are crazy.
    I know many who would agree with much of your assessment on this subject.

    We know from records we have experienced lots of similar incidences of flooding and destructive weather throughout the earth for the past 150 years plus. Why is it now called climate change? Climate change is a lie made up by elitists and experts who try to make themselves into gods for varied purposes of control, power and money. Their ongoing and ultimate demise awaits them.

    While I don’t agree with many of his policies, I do think we should all pay very close attention to the wise statement you included in your article from President Lyndon Baines Johnson saying: “He who controls the weather, will control the world.” Those who are truly wise KNOW who really controls the weather.

    “GOD understands the way to wisdom and HE alone knows where it dwells,
    for HE views the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens.

    When HE established the force of the wind and measured out the waters,
    when HE made a decree for the rain and a path for the thunderstorm,
    then HE looked at wisdom and appraised it; HE confirmed it and tested it.

    And HE said to the human race,“The Fear of the LORD — that is wisdom,
    and to shun evil is understanding.” Job 28:20-28

  4. I honestly don’t know anymore. So much of what I used to consider conspiracy theories are being shown to be true. After Covid I have zero faith in our or any government to be honest or do the right thing. And as we absolutely don’t understand climate, let alone how everything is tied together, and over eons of time, any attempt to tamper with the weather is insanity. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the folks that thought it was ok to engage in viral gain of function work or to breed and release mosquitoes that are bioengineered or any of that would think they were smart and wise enough to try to change the climate.

    • We are experiencing crazy storms with golf ball sized hail here in Western SD that has never happened at such a rate as the last 2 years. It has mitigated drought conditions, but I just told my husband it has to be something else. Are they trying to reach Canada with this rain to quell the wildfires? Are Russians, or anyone else, doing this? Although, I am a bit skeptical of the whole “woke” reasoning. I think woke is a joke.
      But, otherwise, I think you MAY be on to something. I will keep an open, yet discerning eye on it.

      • You are talking about the intentional wildfires in Canada? The over 20 that can be scene, on satellite, all starting at once? No, my friend, I, and many others have a theory. The government “deems” your land uninhabitable. Welcome to your “15 minute city”. Coming to a place near you. Whether it be ravaged by fire, flood or toxicity (think Palestine, Ohio). Russia has nothing to do with it, I would be looking at China since they own sizeable chunks of America. Not to mention the 50 “ghost cities” China built to house 64 million citizens, sitting completely empty to the tune of $1023 TRILLION every two years in cost. Our national debt as of 5/2023 is $30.11 Trillion, China’s? $14trillion. Hmmm.

        Just as an aside; Biden signed an EO to have the Pentagon depoly an additional 3000 guardsmen to Europe, bringing the total number to over 100,000 military. I recall him saying, we will not be boots to the ground. Just another lie in the saga of this insane administration. The war was started by the EU, USA, UN and NATO, not Russia. Russia will be the one to end it, and it won’t be pretty. At least Putin protected his motherland, what did biden do? Open our borders.

  5. I heard years ago that Vermont was the trial US state for UN/wef Agenda 21 . . . . and so much of what I see confirms that . . . I remember select board meetings in which the only scientific research publications allowed were those paid for by industry and the expression “avoiding sprawl” was frequently heard in the mouths of select board members . . . . also Act 250 . . .

    • Heard and read the same, Mary. I believe VT will implode soon.

  6. It’s not NICE to fool with Mother Nature….at least that’s what we were all warned in the 1970s in those margarine commercials.

    This is a very intriguing theory as certainly “carbon” emissions don’t provide any answers nor does attributing these more frequent violent storms or Vermont’s very recent mild winters and much hotter summers necessitating air conditioning around the clock, to natural climate cycles. Since most of us are likely not scientists, we cannot accurately draw a definitive conclusion, but it never dawned upon me that the nefarious forces within powerful governments using such technologies could very well be behind this or at the very least causing such climatological upheaval inadvertently.

    But no matter precisely how we arrived here, here indeed we are, and we reap what we have sown.

  7. I’d be highly suspicious of anyone implying that these recent storms have anything to do with geo-engineering. Cloud seeding is not a new technology, we know what its capable of….LOCAL weather modification. Same with the spraying of aluminum into the atmosphere to try to manipulate sunlight and temperature. This was a huge regional airflow covering a huge swath of the country. The severity of storms that large is due to pressure gradients, the manipulation of which, is still in the territory of science fiction.

    • The example of Operation Popeye is an example of the military capitalizing on the larger weather pattern of the region’s monsoon season and manipulating the weather on across a large space… I also have my doubts about cloud seeding efforts and wonder if the fires north are trapping moisture in our area and that might have something to do with it too. However, there are multiple examples of weather manipulation across regions and Popeye is just one. I intend to share more information in the future.

    • One’s inability to fathom nefarious acts does not mean they are not happening.

  8. One day in the late 1960s, probably circa 1967, I looked north into the sky past the Merrimack River and saw that the clouds had turned candy colors: green, pink, orange, etc. I’ll never forget my mother’s exact words: “The Air Force is doing something.” In an air-show context (and we were south of Pease AFB), the planes will sometimes emit, e.g., red, white, and blue smoke, but these were clouds and not jet trails. Whatever had happened was quite noticeable and not easily forgotten. This year, between the two hard frosts in May, the sky above Orleans was crisscrossed with jet trails, something I’d never seen in 19 years. At any rate, first comes speculation and theorizing, then comes discussion (and proof), but at last, “Snoopy” will need to go up on the doghouse (or the drone) and catch “The Red Baron” in the act and challenge him.

    • I too recall seeing man many chem trails across the our northern border during that time frame. Bluebird skies with dozens of trails east to west & west to east. Just might be on to something here.

  9. Thank you, Paul, for this thoughtful and thought provoking letter. The sprayed chemical skies are being documented all over our state almost every blue sky day, and then followed by 3 days of overcast. We see the damage to our land, our trees, our wildlife every day from these chemicals. There are facebook pages dedicated to the pictures. This damage is what they use to say is “climate change.” There are some very wealthy sources of influence in our state that may be assisting with the global control by elites, so the people “own nothing and will be happy about it.” (Read the “great reset” book for more info) . They will get to complete control by pandemics, climate change and control of the land/water, and a cashless society. The legislative decisions make no sense, so the people are likely convinced by emotion or are paid to move this agenda along, all in line with what you explain quite well….for Vermont to be first, no matter the cost to its people. With the new legislation that gives land conservation goals, the plan may be to use weather extremes to take land back from the people in the name of climate change, so they can’t own it or produce income from it or grow food on it, forcing us all to be more reliant on the government. The Tuskegee experiment is just one example of the harm the government has done to the people while lying to them about what they are doing. We must be diligent, be critical thinkers, and call out this plan to stop the harm they are doing to our beautiful land, our people, and our children. Thank you for your article. Education and a search for knowledge and truth is what Vermont strong needs to be. We Yankees aren’t dumb and we see exactly what they are doing to us.

  10. From THE EARTH TRANSFORMED by Oxford professor Peter Frankopan (2023 Alfred A. Knopf).
    “….More than fifty countries have ongoing climate-modification programs, for example to disperse fog, enhance rain and snowfall and suppress hail. ‘Cloud seeding is one of the most promising solutions in Saudi Arabia,’ commented Ayman Ghulam, Chief Executive Officer of the National Centre of Meteorology in Riyadh….
    Russia used cloud-seeding technology to ensure that skies were clear above Moscow for May Day celebrations in May 2016, as did China before the Beijing Olympics to make conditions ideal for athletes and viewers and show the country in the best possible light…..
    There is considerable activity in the field of weather modification in the United States, with over 850 non-federal programs initiated (and in many cases completed) since 2000, as recorded by the office of the US Secretary of Commerce via the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, as required by law…..
    Many cloud-seeding operations are classified, and it is unclear what their aims, scope and methods are, or what their implications will be for other countries and regions….It goes without saying that programs to ‘modify weather patterns to divert massive amounts of water through the sky from a place where it’s abundant to another that’s dry’ can have major implications for ecosystems in both locations, and indeed in others as well.”

  11. For my location, this has been the heaviest rainfall since 1973 — which also washed out a lot of Lamoille County roads. But here my iconoclastic thought: are all the wind turbines in the US changing the wind flow of our weather patterns? A turbine extracts power from the wind by slowing it. One turbine has a microscopic effect. What effect has 70,000 installed turbines? If we slow the cross country zonal winds, does that not leave space for warm moist tropical winds to cross up into New England?

  12. Weather modification including HAARP microwaves and nano-technology are well documented and can be found on the net. This stuff has been going on for decades. It hit the mainstream press in the 70s and then was disappeared.

    You cannot have a persistent contrail without particles yet the miles long contrails are said to be simply water vapor. After a few hours, the sky turns a nice white haze from those contrails and dims the sun. By night, that haze doesn’t allow for radiative losses (aka it traps the heat).

    Even if none of this were true, the agenda is clear. Every weather event (and beyond) is blamed on anthropogenic climate change because it’s the next thing in a long line of Hegelian Dialectics intended to keep us living in fear and thus controllable.

    • @ Beverly

      And TPTB have learned that fear works well to control people. They created such a serious fear of Covid that the masses lined up to take experimental vaxes, wore masks(some to this day) and allowed draconian controls over our freedom. So yes, fear is very effective at getting people to do what you want without them thinking too hard about it.

  13. Weather modification including HAARP microwaves and nano-technology are well documented and can be found on the net. This stuff has been going on for decades. It hit the mainstream press in the 70s and then was disappeared.

    You cannot have a persistent contrail without particles yet the miles long contrails are said to be simply water vapor. After a few hours, the sky turns a nice white haze from those contrails and dims the sun. By night, that haze doesn’t allow for radiative losses (aka it traps the heat).

    Even if none of this were true, the agenda is clear. Every weather event (and beyond) is blamed on anthropogenic climate change because it’s the next thing in a long line of Hegelian Dialectics intended to keep us living in fear and thus controllable.

    • The use of the term or even talking about HAARP is banned on some social media platforms, as is MK Ultra. The Sound of Freedom movie surpressed for five years. We can thank “five eyes” and Langley for providing us the never ending doomloop and long emergency. All by design. More to come. Bill Cooper was deemed a nut, but his book, Behold the Pale Horse, told much Truth that many chose to ignore. Now, is it is hard to even find a copy these days.

  14. As Lyndon Johnson stated
    “He who controls the weather will control the world”
    As someone who believes that they’ve been spraying us like bugs I wouldn’t put anything past the government. It’s pretty scary the amount of people that don’t even look up to the sky and see some of the stuff. That’s one rabbit hole that’s long and deep. Don’t think it’s not happening! It is!

  15. Does any one remember 2022 and how dry it was? We are experiencing a switch from a La Nina To an El Nino weather pattern which give us more moisture. Too much or too little it all adds up and gives us average rainfall totals.

  16. I would believe in weather warfare or even misguided attempts to rectify “global warming,” as causes for weather phenomena before I would believe that carbon causes global warming, that it is going to be catastrophic, and that we should instead kill billions by stopping all fossil fuels… (because that’s the alternative.) Mostly I think that stuff like the flood of 1927 just happens about every hundred years, and there’s a lot more people and buildings here now.

    • With no foundational, factual information, how can anyone make accurate conclusions about longterm weather? We have only kept weather records for a short time, so how do we KNOW what weather patterns have been repeated over the past thousands of years?

      Depending on what you choose to read, carbon is bad or carbon is good and carbon is necessary.

      Those of us who have been around awhile have heard ALL this whipped up fear and hype about the weather many times before. Can anyone say, “Al Gore?”

  17. ‘They’ want to institute another lock-down based on ‘climate change’. You can’t make this stuff up.

  18. Another possibility is that it has more to do with solar cycles. Not to discount that “they” are attempting weather modification for whatever purposes they might have, but the sun has a serious amount of impact on our weather and I’m not sure what else. It’s very active right now which could be causing impacts. And we really have very little understanding of how the sun operates or affects us. Actually, a couple years back there were people insisting we were headed into a grand solar minimum and ice age because the sun was unusually quiet but now it’s going gangbusters. Dunno. We know so much less than we think we do.

  19. Vermont was intentionally flipped from “conservative” to “progressive”, according to a Playboy article referenced and linked in this article, written by John Klar:

    I prefer the distinctions of “Constitutionalism” and “tyranny” over “conservative”, which is actually conservative socialism, and “progressive”, which is actually progressive socialism, i.e. communism.

  20. Yes Paul , what’s next? Where are the whistleblowers? What has to be done to make sure everyone has been made aware and will fight back?

  21. Hail-a-lu-ya!
    Vermonters waking up…
    Now that we know… how can we stop it?
    Politicians and bureaucrats are fast tracking it: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    And the military invented it and is behind deploying it.
    Weather modification is a weapon.
    Its global.

    Is this too part of God’s plan?
    Or… is that other guy’s idiot machinations to play god?

  22. Paul you are not wrong. And here I was thinking maybe God was punishing Vermonters for electing a terrible out of control majority of lunatic Progressive legislators. Everyone should really watch The Dimming

    • Dear CMarie 369,

      Do we still have legitimate electing of persons in Vermont? With the new 2021 Vermont Legislator passed, ALL MAILED BALLOT Covid emergency voting made permanent, we now have “selecting” not electing.

      Many opportunities for cheating with no ballot chain of custody, no voter IDs, legal ballot harvesting, unmanned drop boxes for depositing voted ballots from who knows who, untrustworthy, mandated vote counting machines, ballots mailed TO ALL in the state 45 days before actual voting day.

      Plus – the State of Vermont paid to belong to ERIC and allow them as a non-governmental organization access to “work on” our voter checklists.

      Do you REALLY THINK we are “electing” in Vermont?

  23. THANK YOU, PAUL! I’ve been photographing our skies and chem-trails for years and am outraged!!! We must band together and stop this now! Need gather proof and find an attorney willing to help file a lawsuit against our government. Let’s talk.

    I’m also shocked that Vermont Daily Chronicle published your commentary on this issue!

    God Bless us all, especially our children.
    God wins!

  24. THANK YOU, PAUL! Excellent letter!

    I’ve been photographing our skies and ‘chemtrails’ for years and am outraged!!! We must band together and stop this now! Need gather proof and find an attorney willing to help file a lawsuit against our government and those responsible. Let’s talk.

    I admit that I’m also shocked that Vermont Daily Chronicle actually published your commentary on this issue! Just wish everyone would hurry and wake-up to what’s really going on in our world today before it’s too late! Biblical!

    God Bless us all, especially our children.
    God wins!

    Let’s fight this!

  25. “It is not a state of Free-thinkers (at least entirely).“ You got that right.

  26. Paul, I don’t have an Instagram account – how can I get in touch with you?

  27. Yes, Geoengineering, along with lots of expensive Regional Planning and “Best Practices” requiring towns to dig deeper ditches and put in bigger culverts, while forbidding them from cleaning out the debris (such as dead trees) from along the waterways, has all created the “Perfect Storm”.

    Moving water faster, while also filling the rivers with debris that can cause dams instantly under every bridge, is what the Federal Government calls “Flood Control.” It’s also called “Disaster Capitalism” and it is the perfect excuse to put small businesses and farmers out of business, and then spend even more tax money to rebuild it all into smart cities/towns.

    Geoengineering is especially frightening because we have no way to control it. Local planning, and how our individual towns choose to accept, and not accept, contracts for federal funds, IS within our control. I’d imagine this flood is going to bring in troops of federal contracts that will further bind our local governments’ hands.
    Showing up to your town’s selectboard and planning commission meetings to learn how these threads are infiltrating your town is an inexpensive and accessible way to start doing something about it.

    We are so lucky here in Vermont that our local government is still made up of locals. That’s us, and these are our neighbors. We all got knocked back into the 3-D world with this flood, and are in awe of the power of natural laws. Let’s see what we can learn about how water moves in order to better prepare for future floods, which are inevitable (however you look at it).

    ~ Amy