Balint a No on vax mandate protection

To the editor:

Health Choice Vermont surveyed statewide candidates about the Covid19 vaccine mandate. 

The survey, in its entirety can be found at healthchoicevt.com/election-2022/. The survey poses a number of questions to a number of candidates; I want to highlight two.

1. Do you support legislation protecting against government vaccine mandates?

Liam Madden said yes.

Becca Balint said no.

2. Do you plan to preserve parents’ rights to choose whether to vaccinate their children?

Liam Madden said yes.

Becca Balint said no. (I contacted Senator Balint via e-mail for confirmation of her answer.)

Of course candidates have the right to believe that everyone should take the vaccine. I believe that mandates not only cross the line of governmental rights—they are not based in logic. It is common knowledge, at this point, that Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, acknowledged that the vaccine does not prevent transmission.

October 8, during her testimony at the European Union Parliament, Janine Small, senior executive at Pfizer just admitted that the vaccine was never tested for transmission before its release into the arms of the public. 

Currently, the medical freedom debate is taking the form of vaccine mandates. Regardless of our personal decision to get vaccinated or not, if we don’t seriously consider the enormity of choice in this issue—when voting— who knows what medical/human rights may be threatened in the future.

Lauri Richardson, Williamsville, Vermont

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  1. just a continuation that my body, my choice does not apply to vaccine. hard to see support for one but not the other. Democrats want to tell you what you can and cannot do in every aspect of your life.

  2. Should vote for neither candidate….there is a better choice, any choice is better.

  3. Balint’s response to those questions along with her hard-core pro-choice stance makes her a world-class hypocrite. You cant make the “my body-my choice” argument selectively. She is not fit to take an oath to uphold the Constitution.

  4. We’ll never know if a vaccine saves a life.

    But we know abortion always takes one.

    Balint probably doesn’t even see the hypocrisy.

    • Seems like a very important question is missing, and also Independent Erica Redic; or is that done on purpose.
      Another question that Vermonters deserve to hear the candidates response.
      – Do you support the passage of Article 22 to the Vermont Constitution ?
      Madden – Yes
      Balint. – Yes
      Redic – NO
      Article 22 – if passed and added into Vermont Constitution will allow abortion up to the time of birth. If passed no future abortion law could supercede or be passed because it would violate Vermont Constitution. If passed this non specific, genderless Article opens up a can or worms in many areas, because this can be interpreted many ways. Could it include killing a child a few months after birth (as California is trying to put in place). It is quite possible ! Once passed, NO LAW can be errected in Vermont to counter the effects of this article. Article 22, if passed, would be a Constitutional right in Vermont to kill.

      • Re: “Article 22 – if passed and added into Vermont Constitution will allow abortion up to the time of birth. If passed no future abortion law could supersede or be passed because it would violate Vermont Constitution.”

        First: Article 22 does not define what ‘’reproductive rights’ are, let alone what is allowed at any given time.

        Second: The only authority specifically recognized by Article 22 is ‘a compelling State interest’. Any personal reproductive liberty is contingent upon the State’s interest, whatever that happens to be. According to the language in Article 22, anything goes… including the possibility of a complete ban on abortion – if that’s determined at some point in time to be ‘a compelling State interest’.

        Third: A constitutional amendment can be repealed. But let’s not waste our time. Vote NO on Article 22.

  5. I didn’t take the mrna garbage and neither did my kids. But at this point, even if i thought it was “safe and effective ” (it’s actually the opposite. very ineffective and proven to be the most dangerous, deadly shot ever) i wouldn’t take it based on the way its been forced upon free societies through bribing, shaming, canceling, firing and misleading information that actually is the opposite of following the science. Shame on Faucci, biden, phil scott, dr. Levine, news agencies, academic institutions, the DOH, CDC, FDA, DOE, AOE, big tech, big pharma and so many more. Covid was never about public health.

  6. balint’s responses are just as she told. Straight liberal talking points. The idea of forced ‘vaccination’ to participate in society of an unknown and questionable substance is cultural marxism at it’s peak. There is now enough evidence to verify skepticism for all mRNA ‘vaccines’ that the whole idea of compulsory compliance should be stricken.
    The fervor over Prop 5/ Art. 22 is unwarranted. As with many past Vermont legislative sessions, the super-majority hastily passes vague legislation to satisfy the socialist/liberal agenda, leaving a mess to be dealt with later. The USSC decision rescinding ‘Roe’ put the question of ‘reproductive rights’ back on the states. Vermont already has legislation enshrining abortion into Vermont law.
    Prop.5/Art. 22 is but a big- government bonanza…just the kind of thing an elitist politician gets satisfaction in codifying, with a State Constitutional Amendment passing- being a proverbial home-run- and a big boost to the ego.
    Vermont does not need the female version of peter welch, sent to allegedly represent us. Then again- for a great many Vermonters we’ve had no representation in the US Congress since 1991, and damn little prior to that.

  7. Seeing ads on TV for article 22…vote yes to insure you can kill your child. Next ad shows the cute little kids saying vote for childcare! We live in a culture that has no objective truth or moral standards anymore and it seems a baby’s worth “is in the eye of the beholder”. Now the CDC wants to mandate a vaccine for children that has no benefits but actually can hurt them. Parents – remove your children from public schools and form homeschool co-ops with like-minded families – in Vermont I am afraid this is the only way to protect your children from the insanity and evil of transgender ideology, anti-Americanism and a Godless future!

  8. “Balint no on vax mandate protection…”

    NO Vote on Ballint.
    NO Vote on Article 22
    NO Vote on any abortion advocate
    NO Vote on any Dimmo…Dummo…Damno…crats