Bailey seeks Lamoille GOP House seat

Richard Bailey, Republican running for House from Hyde Park, Johnson, Belvidere and Wolcott

Richard Bailey is running for the VT House of Representatives from the two-member Lamoille 2 District which includes Johnson, Hyde Park, Belvidere, and Wolcott.

“As a life-long Vermonter I believe the Legislature should be focusing upon keeping Vermont affordable,” Bailey said. “Not trying to change the world.”

“I intend to work cooperatively with Governor Scott on his stated agenda,” Bailey said. “Shouldn’t the legislature be working more closely with the Governor? Why the constant grandstanding and political posturing which helps no one and accomplishes nothing?”

Richard believes rural Vermont has been shortchanged lately in the Legislature. “Why does Chittenden County get all the attention? Lamoille County seems to get ignored and treated like country bumpkins!” That’s wrong and unfair, he said.

“Keeping Vermont’s economy strong with thoughtful economic growth can be done while also maintaining our natural assets. It’s not the economy or the environment, it’s both and balanced.”

Richard attended Northeastern University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Recently retired, his career included working for a wide range of Vermont companies. Most included the energy field, transport services and wholesale supply companies.

Richard believes in public service. He has served as Director from Hyde Park, Lamoille County Planning Commission, (13 years), Elected Justice of the Peace, Morristown, and now Hyde Park, and Hyde Park School Board Director 4 years. The Governor appointed him to the Lottery Commission, 2004 to 2011, and Vermont Transportation Board, 2015 to present.

A life long Vermont resident Richard and wife Jan have lived in Hyde Park since 1994. They share their home with three rescued dogs.

Questions and comments are welcome rjbaileyvthouse@mail.com “It takes money to run campaigns; I respectfully ask for donations of any amount.” Please consider checks to “Richard Bailey for Vermont House mailed to: 142 Houle Road, Hyde Park VT 05655.

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  1. Just what we don’t need is someone cooperating with the Governor on his stated objectives! Glad he has three rescued dogs! A rubber stamp Republican. Just more of the Liberal Progressive crap!

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