Dem guv candidate, lawmakers push Vermont as destination for abortion ‘refugees’

Prop 5 vote in November won’t be the end of abortion rights legislation

by Guy Page

Whether or not voters in November approve Proposal 5/Article 22, enshrining abortion as a constitutional right, the next Vermont Legislature will likely continue to be a battleground for abortion rights legislation.

The likely Democratic challenger to Gov. Phil Scott and two Chittenden County lawmakers yesterday proposed an aggressive slate of pro-abortion legislation, including using state funds to pay for abortions for “refugees” coming to Vermont from states where abortion is now illegal.

In a campaign statement released today, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Brenda Siegel, Chittenden Central Senate candidate and Essex Rep. Tanya Vyhovsky, and Burlington Rep. Barbara Rachelson – all Progressive Democrats – yesterday agreed to push for additional laws to:

  • Make Vermont a safe haven for all who are here and all who come here to seek abortion for any reason.
  • Change Vermont’s extradition laws in order to protect doctors, anyone who supports someone accessing abortion.
  • Increase state funding to pay for out-of-staters’ abortions so they won’t have to use their own insurance coverage.
  • Change Vermont’s fair and impartial policing policy to include Vermont law enforcement not cooperating with out of state investigations into reproductive health care.
  • Codify access to contraception through an equal rights amendment to our Vermont constitution, guaranteeing marriage equality and LGBTQIA rights as well.
  • Plan and prepare for intrastate refugees to Vermont.
  • Fight a federal ban on any of these issues, including working with other like-minded states.
  • Pass mandatory paid family and medical leave to support those who do carry a pregnancy to term.

“I can not help but feel immense grief not having protected our children from this moment and we owe it to them to do everything we absolutely can to return their liberty,” Siegel said.

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  1. Promoting Vermont as a destination state for death… way to go… Idiots.

  2. Slaughtering unborn babies is the left’s God. They adore & hail & worship murdering babies and torturing children (gender surgeries, sex ed for 5 year olds, drag queen story hours, etc.) . But this isn’t even really far enough!

    How about an entire abortion tourism industry where folks can peer behind a two-way glass (privacy is very important as they proclaim) & view the abortion procedure in real time?! The cost can include a bag lunch you can take with you during the viewing! OF COURSE maple syrup will be incorporated – after all, this IS Vermont.

    And who still doesn’t believe that Satan is behind ALL of this?

    Why…..the left of course! I’m sure David Zuckerman is KICKING HIMSELF that he didn’t think of this first!

  3. Protect doctors who perform abortions says the Left. Yet, the Left will rip a doctor’s license and threaten prosecution if they prescribe Ivermectin for the coof. Vermont needs an exorcism stat!

  4. I guess, instead of pizza and Asian restaurants on every corner we can have chop shops paid for by the taxpayers. Every quack abortionist will set up shop and be protected by Article 22, our new death right. So, then we can kill old people under assisted suicide and new people before they get a chance to get old. What a great state! (sarc intended, for those without critical thinking skills)

  5. Tax payer funded…good grief…what is wrong with these women? Please tell me these people have no chance of getting elected. Since when should the taxpayers be responsible for others decisions, bad choices or situations. How about we all start being responsible for our own actions and stop handing out free rides. Or let them foot these bills. Vermont is such an expensive place to live and it seems as though those in Chittendon county find the most foolish ways to waste our hard earned dollars. Oh and by the way…does refugees mean people in our country illegally? I agree with Dano.

  6. Disgusting !! Prop 5 needs to be defeated ! We need to take our state back from these clowns and we need to do it NOW !!!

  7. Abortion with no limits is a scourge on humankind…Vermont nor any state should be an “abortion refugee state”. Forgive them Father…they know not what they do. I have been on both sides of this issue and can attest to the terrible choice abortion is. Forgiveness is free for those who seek it.

  8. Literally just said to my spouse yesterday that I can see the new business in VT will be air bnb that cater to those “recovering” from an abortion. Lots of comforting foods, pads, bath salts etc a whole spa like experience. And something tells me those businesses will get a tax break. Just wait and see…

  9. This whole article sickens me. These are not Vermonters making these ridiculous decisions.

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