Another farm-raised unknown runs for lieutenant governor

By Guy Page
For the second time in two years, a political unknown raised on a Vermont dairy farm will run for lieutenant governor.

Patricia Preston is an Orange County native and UVM grad. She is the Executive Director for the Vermont Council on World Affairs. Like incumbent Molly Gray, she was raised on a dairy farm.

The Vermont Council on World Affairs was founded by U.S. Sen. Warren Austin of Vermont, the first U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. The VCWA “in cooperation with the public and private sectors, promotes an awareness and understanding of the world and its people through public forums, hosting international visitors and working with our educational institutions to develop programs for students, faculty, staff and community.”

The VCWA “Person of the Year” and speaker selections appointments show a Democratic leaning (although not exclusively so): Sen. Patrick Leahy, Rep. Peter Welch, former GMP CEO Mary Powell, former Gov. Madeleine Kunin, and pundits Tom Friedman and Bill McKibben. Gov. James Douglas also was Person as the Year, as was the Jay Peak Development Team in 2013.

In a YouTube campaign video, Preston hit on several key campaign issues.

“We all know someone who can’t afford to buy a house. Our workforce is shrinking. Our infrastructure is aging. The divisiveness we see in politics today threatens Vermont’s civic life, which I have always treasured.

“Let’s not forget the promise we make to the next generation, from our state schools to the climate crisis. We need to take serious action….. As Vermont’s next lieutenant governor I will work tirelessly to build the trust and cooperation we need to solve our most pressing issues to make Vermont the state we know it can be.”

If elected, Preston would succeed incumbent Molly Gray, who is running for Congress. Other LG candidates known include Rep. Charlie Kimbell, a centrist Democrat from Woodstock; other rumored candidates include former LG David Zuckerman, former House Appropriations Chair Kitty Toll, and GOP State Senator Joe Benning.

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  1. Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O,
    And on his farm he had a Prog, E-I-E-I-O,
    With a hand-out here and a hand-out there,
    Here a hand-out,
    there a hand-out,
    everywhere hand-out,
    Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.

  2. This is just another pathetic, indoctrinated UVM failure. No thanks, Patty, no globalists wanted in Vermont. We are too busy getting rid of liberal stooges already making mess here.

  3. Ugh, please don’t let her win. Is she going to stop the climate change council who is not accountable to constituents from ruining our lives? Is she going to vow to never use air travel again for the rest of her life? Or is she just another hypocrite dem who makes rules for thee but not for me. I don’t get it. I grew up on a farm in the NEK. The democrat values are the antitheists of farm life values. My parents adopted four children. Our home was made up of three different races. We worked hard, helped our neighbors and didn’t believe in constantly sucking off the federal gov. baby bottle. Her ad is nothing but a word salad, short on specifics, long on virtual signaling. PLEASE get your conservative neighbors who are not registered to vote registered. And keep this person from becoming another horrible Molly Gray. And keep horrible Molly Gray from moving into horrible Peter Welch’s place. And keep horrible Peter Welch from moving into horrible, corrupt, Leahy’s place.

  4. I think it is great that another person has thrown her hat into the ring. The more the merrier. Anybody can run . All you have to do is get a petition signed with the correct amount of registered voters for the office you are seeking and your name will be on the ballet. It makes for an interesting primary and gives candidates more opportunity to voice their positions . You do not have to work your way up the political ranks. Vermont is a small State so it is possible for an unknown to be elected. Are you being called to run for office? Now is the perfect time. We need good people .

  5. She has aligned herself with the most corrupted criminal syndicate the USA has ever seen. The party of criminals, grifters, traitors, and cheaters. The DNC is Godfather III

  6. Yes indeed we need good honest people…and Term LImits, and a new party that represents the tax payers in this State and Country…

  7. Anyone but welch and gray..but more so no more progressive socialist dem party members. Vermonters deserve better than these fringe alt left moonbats!!

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