Alleged heroin dealer busted – then jailed by feds

Timothy Slade, 29, of Londonderry

The Vermont State Police Thursday, July 8 arrested a suspect for dealing heroin following a lengthy investigation that began nearly four years ago in Londonderry.

The suspect, Timothy J. Slade, 29, of Londonderry, is expected to face charges Friday afternoon, July 9, in U.S. District Court in Vermont of distribution of heroin and maintaining a drug-involved premises.

State police detectives began their investigation after receiving a report on July 12, 2017, that Keith Johnson, 22, had been found deceased inside his residence on N. Main Street in Londonderry. The state police worked closely with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Vermont for the past year on the investigation, which resulted in the issuance of a federal arrest warrant on June 30 and the subsequent arrest of Slade on Thursday at his residence.

Slade’s arrest on a federal warrant, and his incarceration pending arraignment in a federal court, differ from from the handling of two other alleged heroin dealers arrested this year in the Vermont criminal justice system. As reported yesterday in Vermont Daily, Michael Larrow of Grand Isle and Warren Poole of Enosburg were both arrested for heroin dealing, cited to appear in court more than two months after the arrest, and released.

Meanwhile, WCAX reported yesterday that a New York State senator believes a Lyon Mountain woman might still be alive if it weren’t for a ‘bail reform’ law passed last year. One of the suspects in her killing had been cited and released after being charged with a drug felony. Under the new law, the judge was not permitted to hold him in jail or send him to a treatment center, Sen. Dan Stec said.

H296, a bill to pass a similar law, is in the Vermont House Judiciary Committee. Introduced by freshman lawmaker Michelle Bos-Lun (D-Westminster), it also requires the state to gather the racial data on all pre-trial detainees.

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  1. It’s a shame to have to defer to the Feds to do what should be common-sense local or state law enforcement, but voter choice has put us in this marxist/alinskyite scenario in Vermont.
    Leftists lament the opioid death toll and claim to advocate for the vulnerable and downtrodden yet they promote having the US southern border be open to the free flow of Chinese bathtub fentanyl and they endorse putting the handcuffs on our legal system in the form of “bail reform” and the idea that incarceration is obsolete as a means of removing dangerous individuals from society. We have elected public officials who make decisions based on feeling and emotion rather than logic, common sense and public safety. This is what we Vermonters vote for every other November. We should hang our heads in shame.

  2. Hey–If a drug is SO bad the Hell’s Angels don’t allow it’s use you KNOW it’s not Kosher but yet the bleeding hearts in NY, and looks like OUR Vt. SAPS too, will use “Bail Reform” to send the scum back onto the streets to spread more poison? OK Then! THEY never think it will TOUCH them or THEIR families so why not? Plus, and this is NOT P/C to mention, “it disproportionally affects people of color”, AKA the out of state city gang-bangers venturing to Vt. to make a profit not worrying about getting SHOT for infringing on other gang-bagers “territory” like other major cities. Are we INSANE? And that idiot D/A in Burlington wants to set up “shooting galleries”, AKA “Safe Injection Sites” where dealers & customers can use at will and some Nanny w/Narcan can bring them BACK when they O/D? Let’s raise a syringe to Sarah George! Insanity. SM.

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