Illegals stopped after car races across library lawn into US

Car enters U.S. in Derby Line, by crossing the Haskell Free Library lawn at a high rate of speed. Newport Dispatch story, photo

DERBY LINE — Seven people were apprehended by Border Patrol after illegally entering the U.S. in Derby Line on July 4.

The vehicle was spotted on video driving over the lawn of the Haskell Free Library at a high rate of speed and nearly colliding with a car in the United States.

Agents responded to the area and located the vehicle headed south on I-91.

The seven people inside the vehicle were determined to not have legal status to be in or remain in the United States. They were citizens of Canada, France, and Romania.

All were expelled back to Canada, Border Patrol agents say.

Republished from July 8 Newport Dispatch

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  1. Do we not have an open border policy? Or is it just for some and others have to drive across lawns….
    There needs to be a right and wrong for all locations, and enforced. I think there is, it is called the U S Law.

  2. They must have misread the free airline flight to the destination of choice. They wanted illegal alien haven Montpelier not Montreal

  3. There is only an “open” boarder policy for those who come across the Southern boarder.

  4. It is against U.S. Government policy to illegally prevent illegals from illlegally entering the U.S.

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