Your letters: Former Ag secretary backs Gray / Beware false flags / ‘Warshington’ Warlords

As a student of Vermont history and especially that pertaining to agriculture, land use, and the  environment, I know of the importance of sending a person to Congress who understands  Vermont. Next year, it will be the first time in my lifetime that Vermont, with the retirement of  Senator Leahy, will not have anyone in a senior position on the agriculture committees of the  U.S. Congress during consideration of the next five-year farm bill. These farm bills are critical  for a state like Vermont, as demonstrated by Senator Leahy, the late Senator George Aiken, and  the late Representative and then Senator Jim Jeffords. This legislation not only addresses farm  policies, but also nutrition, land use, and environmental issues. Vermont has benefited  immensely over many years from the work of these seasoned elected officials. 

I was drawn to an editorial written recently in the St. Albans Messenger on May 31 titled, “A  ‘Corporatist Democrat’?” by Emerson Lynn, Editor Emeritus of the Messenger. In the piece, he  argues that instead of calling names during the election, it is time for a discussion of those  policies that will lead us forward both as a state and a nation. 

In that vein, my support goes to the candidacy of Molly Gray for the Congressional seat now  occupied by Peter Welch. 

Molly has not engaged in name calling. She also is forward-looking in  her policy positions. These include policies on agriculture, land use, nutrition, and the  environment that I am familiar with, having served as a former staff on the House Agriculture  Committee for the then-Representative Jim Jeffords, and as a former Vermont Secretary of  Agriculture. Molly also grew up on a farm owned and operated by her parents. She knows  from experience the issues so important to our state and its character. She has worked in  Washington on the staff of Congressman Welch and can “hit the ground running” quickly when elected. 

More importantly, she has not engaged in a negative campaign of name-calling, as  characterized in the piece by Emerson Lynn. – Roger Allbee, former VT Secretary of Agriculture, Townshend

Warshington Warlords – Federal government in Warshington needs to take responsibility for the example it sets for a lot of people, with regards to mass shootings. We respond to everything that we don’t like on the world stage with threats, demonization, propaganda, weapons, and the instigation of unnecessary conflicts for the care and feeding of our rapacious military-industrial complex. 

We are currently waging a proxy war against Russia that we began in 2014, when we overturned a democratically elected government in Ukraine, which in turn sparked a nasty civil war with a very real Nazi element. In 2019, the Rand Corporation put forth a plan (Overextending and Unbalancing Russia) to push events further. We’ll all be extraordinarily lucky if the machinations of people like Victoria Nuland and the Rand plan don’t push the planet into a full-blown WWIII. I think we’re currently standing on the edge of an abyss.

(Peter Welch had the gall to write to me and say: “I support the White House’s diplomacy first approach and fully support their continued efforts to bring this war to an end quickly.” The man is either completely delusional or has become a blatant liar.)

We recently spent 20 years destroying one country after another across the Middle East and Africa. We accomplished nothing in all of that time in Afghanistan.

Hillary Clinton sat on a stage and cackled: “We came, we saw, he died.” Our R2P fabrication resulted in the utter destruction of Libya. Why? Just for the fun of it? Just because we could? I think it’s just Warshington psychopathic business as usual.

The blowback from our proxy war against Somalia (using Ethiopia as our proxy force) was a much more militant Al-Shabaab. We’ve used Al-Shabaab as an excuse to bomb Somalia on and off ever since. We’re doing it again now under Biden.

We’re still helping Saudi Arabia destroy Yemen. We’ve just rebranded the aid as defensive, rather than offensive—a difference of a single word.

So, all you Warshington Warlords, look in the mirror. I believe you are the main inspiration for our endless stream of mass shootings. – Jacqueline Brook, Putney

Guns are NOT the problem – ‘Fear porn’ and ‘false flag events’ ARE. As it relates to another manufactured crisis, the exercising of one’s right to keep and bear arms is God-given. Period. Unfortunately, this has been called into question once again as certain individuals in government seem intent on convincing as many as possible that an ‘event’ really DID happen in THIS way, and/or for THAT reason in hopes of dampening our reasoning capabilities. In the meantime, mainstream media is working overtime to keep the constant drama, drama, drama queens alive. In short, and as a reminder, their sole purpose is to ‘entertain’ which includes but not limited to the use of neuro-linguistics or mind-control as exemplified by the current spate of crazy, loner, kid shooters. 

Schools today are being used primarily for the propagandizing of youth i.e. ‘screw with their heads’—just long enough to get them to acquiesce to another ‘jab’, another ‘test’, the ‘mask of many colors’, a state-sanctioned ‘sex change’, a ‘crash-course in self-harm’…when all they really want is to be loved, understood and appreciated for who they are as individuals. Can’t really do that with a mask on, can you? Their rights are being violated, but they have been so conditioned to obey authority figures that claim to be ‘experts’, they give up/in when innately, they want ‘it’ to stop…the pain of not knowing what’s happening and/or the confusion as it relates to a government that doesn’t make sense. It is here that we need to consider the importance of sharing our wisdom and understanding; of who we are under God and that the right to bear arms is a SACRED RIGHT.

The continuance of ‘false flag events’ is another way to ‘trigger’ an emotional response so that more and more well-meaning Vermonters will embrace the idea of gun control. We must keep in mind it won’t stop at age limitation or gun calibration. In the ‘big pic’, it is nothing short of an attempt to apply a ‘slow-walk’ towards totalitarianism; to depopulate and then to rule with an iron fist…an already traumatized populace. After all, it’s in the old playbook: unlawful mandates followed by acts of coercion/terrorism and then the confiscation of firearms. This time around, we’re being ‘engineered’ from afar by people that don’t give a hoot about Vermonters. In fact, ‘they’ refer to us as “hackable animals”. 

Remember, we may be dumbed down once, but twice and there’s gonna’ be hell to pay! In other words, we get mad and then we get even. That’s the American way; a nation conceived in anger—and in hatred, and in hunger—no less than it is conceived in love. Equanimity is nice and all, but we will need to increase the pressure by increasing our participation in government. I am running for office, because I strongly feel that big government is causing the greatest harm. It’s a hindrance to human enterprise and personal freedom. 

As a mom and a seasoned pro musician who has loved and lived in Vermont @ 30 years, I feel called to serve, because TRUTH MATTERS, TRANSPARENCY MATTERS, OPPORTUNITY MATTERS & our CHILDREN MATTER above all else. They are incalculable gifts from above. – Kathi Tarrant, Waterbury, GOP House candidate

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  1. Excellent letter, Kathi. Finally, a candidate who is up to speed on the real domestic and economic terrorists in the government/media/NGO complex trampling our constitution and handing over our sovereignty to the UN and WEF agendas.

    These things affect us all, globally and locally…as in the big pharma plannedemic and solar/wind scams (an environmental disaster already showing up as the ugly monstrosities made in China reach the end of their incredibly short lifespan).

    I wish there were her like in Chittenden County to vote for. Best of luck. Hopefully voters are waking up to it and you win.

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