After months-long investigation, suspected fentanyl dealer arrested, cited, released

Following a months-long investigation, the Vermont Drug Task Force arrested Justo DeThomas, 23, of Springfield, Vermont, on two counts of sale of fentanyl and two counts of sale of cocaine. According to the results of the investigation, DeThomas sold fentanyl and/or cocaine on multiple occasions in and around Springfield, Vermont, during the spring and summer of 2023.

DeThomas was arrested Tuesday morning, Sept. 12, and transported to the Springfield Police Department for processing. He was released on a citation to answer the charges at 8 a.m. Oct. 31 in the Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court in White River Junction.

The Vermont Drug Task Force was assisted by the Springfield, Vermont, Police Department in this investigation. This is an ongoing investigation, and further charges and arrests are possible.

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  1. Released? This guy should be in jail, guessing he has entered the country through our porous border and will not be seen again until he is arrested on another drug charge.

  2. They should think about the old saying,”Behind every Kilo of coke sold worldwide there is at least one dead man.” Food for thought.

  3. Coming to a playground near you…..

    We rail on the opioid crisis. Is it just me or isn’t fentanyl a crisis as well. The why isn’t it treated as one?

  4. Not surprised, state officials pander to the criminals and prosecute the victims especially if you’re white and not part of the rainbow gang.

  5. Disgusting use up our police and court resources ,kill people , then get out of jail free card .

  6. Don’t worry he’ll never see a day in jail (he is eligible to run for office as a democrat

  7. What a sweetheart. The ‘Poster Child’ for the Vermont progressive, liberal, democrats’ approach to dealing with deadly drug dealers. Who gave this creep a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card and released him? Vtlaxer75–you’re right–coming to a school playground near you…

  8. So while drugs flow freely through our border and dealers are given a pass by the injustice system. All prescribers with a DEA license are as of this year required to take a specific amount and type of continuing education to renew their licenses. Sounds a little backwards to me…..

  9. he should have been thrown in jail until his arraignment in oct 31… but he is a good boy, a real good boy and he’ll show up

  10. Thanks again to our know all Legislators, it took months of investigation to arrest him and one day to release!

  11. This is the direct result of the Vermont Republican Committee. Even with 239 fentanyl-opioid related overdose deaths in 2022 the committee can not recruit a Windsor County State’s Attorney candidate to unseat Goodenough. Whom appears to enjoy unleashing every POS upon our communities. The Republican committee could not have failed worse in the past election. Is anybody catching on?