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VT Headlines: Flood restoration of Capitol Complex $100 mil +

Pavilion Building, part of the Capitol Complex in downtown Montpelier, undergoing cleanup and dehumidifying last month. Page photo
NBC 5After May freeze, several orchards in Vermont are without U Pick apples
WCAXFlood restoration of Capitol Complex likely to top $100M
WCAXJay Peak unveils $1M electric boiler project
WCAXBurlington airport expansion projects continue
VT DiggerTown of Bennington commits to redeveloping former Bennington High, working with private firm
WCAXConservationists and community members discuss river conservation post-flooding
VT DiggerThe Deeper Dig: Synagogue sold — what happens when a historic house of worship becomes something else
WCAXVermont DMV’s pandemic-era appointment system draws mixed reviews from customers

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  1. Does the $100,000,000 include putting solar panels on top of all the buildings ? How about the buildings on Baldwin St. Will they have their oil boilers retired, and be added to the central heat plants buildings ? The SOV needs to walk the walk before they start pointing fingers. Do as I say, not as I do has no place in an elected government.

  2. Start a fund raiser, or take it down, taxpayers are already paying too much for your idiotic programs and projects.

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