Ellis: Assassination Nation

by Kevin Ellis

The United States has now witnessed at least three political assassination attempts in recent memory. The first two came during the Jan. 6 coup, when rioters attempted to overthrow the election by threatening to kill the vice president and the speaker of the House. Make no mistake, these were assassination attempts, as the gallows erected outside the capitol can attest. Not to mention the cries of “Hang Mike Pence’’ and “Nancy, Nancy.’’

And now, just two years after the first attempt on her life, we have a second attempt to kill House speaker Nancy Pelosi. Last week, an attacker broke into Pelosi’s home in San Francisco, looking to kidnap the speaker, break her knee caps and drag her back to Washington, DC for questioning, according to police. 

You read that right. 

Instead, the attacker found Pelosi’s husband, Paul, who fought him off after calling 911. Despite his bravery, Mr. Pelosi was bludgeoned with a hammer and left with a fractured skull. The physical injuries to Mr. Pelosi doesn’t begin to deal with the emotional trauma this family must now live with. 

There is a pattern here. Last week’s attacker repeated the Jan. 6 refrain of “Where’s Nancy?” He carried zip ties and weapons just like his predecessors. These are the same people. They hold the same beliefs and watch the same news. 

This attack comes a week before the midterm elections with the airwaves filled with advertisments framing Nancy Pelosi as an enemy of the country. Pelosi is a favorite target of conspiracy theorists led by MAGA people and phony outrage TV types like Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones. 

These are the culprits to this violence. For years they have ginned up their viewers and followers, manipulating them to believe in fake conspiracies led by Hillary Clinton and Pelosi so they can sell advertising on their shows. They know it’s wrong but they do it anyway. 

It is important to remember, despite all the noise from the right, that these are assassination attempts. When I interviewed NY Times reporter Maggie Haberman last week, I asked her what she thought might have happened if the Jan. 6 attackers had actually found Vice President Mike Pence or Pelosi. She resisted an answer, sticking to her journalistic role. 

I haven’t seen much speculation in the national media about what might have happened either. While I appreciate the restraint, I think it’s important to state the obvious. We cannot allow these actions to be softened by conservative pundits or timid mainstream media. These attackers would have killed Pence and Pelosi. 

The same goes for the the Wolverine Watchmen, the heavily armed militia who, in 2020, planned to kidnap and murder Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer before the FBI foiled their plot. You read that right too. Armed men playing soldiers planned, for months, to kidnap and kill the governor of Michigan. Those men have now been charged with crimes and face long jail sentences. 

Just think if Speaker Pelosi had been home last week. The attacker, fueled by right-wing propaganda and online conspiracy theories, would have killed her.

The proper response from everyone involved in politics, government and the media should have been outrage and a call to stop the tribal politics that have taken over the country. Instead, we get this from the governor of Virginia, Glen Youngkin, campaigning for Republicans to win back the House this Tuesday.  

“Speaker Pelosi’s husband had a break in last night in their house and he was assaulted. There’s no room for violence anywhere,” Youngkin said at a rally Friday. “But we’re gonna send her back to be with him in California. That’s what we’re gonna go do.”

That is where we are in our public debate. And that, sadly, is what the Republican party has become. No concern for the health and safety of the Pelosis. No concern for a fellow government official, not to mention the woman second in line to the presidency. Just sheer avarice. 

Make no mistake, this isn’t just attempted assassination, it’s domestic terrorism. These attackers are young men radicalized by nights spent on the internet and dark web, searching for confirmation of crazy theories peddled by the right-wing media. 

We are failing to recognize the danger of this terrorism and take action to save our Republic. We are all to blame. We voters have fallen into complacency. The Democratic party has utterly failed to articulate the threat and its own vision for the country. 

The media has failed to explain the threat, cowed by old-fashioned adherence to fairness and objectivity, which constrains their ability to write and speak the truth. Increasingly, national media is owned by conglomerates seeking to maximize advertising revenue and eyeballs, not to serve the public. We are left to get the truth from smaller, non-profit media outlets that brave the disapproval of convention. 

And our problems don’t stop there. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have completely abdicated their responsibility to the civic good. Facebook continues to allow and promote conspiracy theories that fuel these terrorists. Twitter does the same. And now that the company has fallen into the hands of Elon Musk, the raw sewage of faux free speech will flow without restraint. To Musk, Twitter is just another toy with which to fool around with Democracy. He’s like a kid with LEGOs – only this kid is the richest man in the world who talks to the Chinese government and plays with Russian propaganda. 

This is real. 

When JFK was assassinated, it threw the country into a tailspin.

The country is one failed private security slip up from a successful assassination. And with those odds, I ask why would anyone want to serve in government? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez travels with security guards because of right wing threats against her life on a DAILY basis. 

In Vermont, we think we are immune to this insanity. But our own Speaker of the House has been stalked and threatened.

This violence is growing. It is real. And it is here. It is time for us, as citizens, to wake up to the threat. The first step is voting on Tuesday. 

The author is a Montpelier resident, board member of Vermont Journalism Trust (VTDigger), mentor, former State House lobbyist, Conflict of Interest blogger, and host of a radio show on WDEV.

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  1. Oh dear goodness.. Always the Republican’s fault. Dems did NOTHING to stop crime or defund the police or riots (peaceful no less with business being burnt to the ground) Yeah okay.

  2. Did I miss the part about the “Summer of love” or the assassination attempts on Senator Steve Scalise, or Justice Keith Kavanaugh, and the lastest against Lee Zeldon ? How about the completely wrong initial stories about Kyle Rittenhouse, the “Covington Kids”, or Jussy Smolett ? Just because the liberal press promote left leaning propaganda, do Democrats expect a well informed electorate to continue to take their feces smeared ball, and run with it ? Pot/Kettle ? Evidently.

    • I’m sure Steve Scalise and Rand Paul could add to the discussion-
      However I would speculate the author’s real goal is to instill fear into undecided voters, just before the election. The author may believe his words, but I’d bet he knows better. This is nothing more than political intimidation- similar to the seemingly accepted lies from our bungler in chief- and so many others of their ilk. It also remains to be seen if the official narrative is even close to the truth regarding Pelosi’s 2 am attack. I would remind the author that hillary clinton’s claims of ‘vast right wing conspiracies’ include her self-admitted destruction of government e-mails and an admitted ‘illegal server’.
      Our time is better spent encouraging friends to vote- in person, and to watch the ballot process than to give attention to this authors words- spoken or written.

      • Just make everyones voting record public and that will100% end election fraud. If you don’t think so, you are fine with our elections being rigged and stolen from us every year.

  3. And here’s a FEW more which you appear to have “plum forgot” to add to your list:

    Claimed to have been spurred into action by US Senator Bernie Sander’s angry rhetoric – in 2016, a left-wing extremist shot and nearly KILLED Republican Senator Steve Scalise and four others at a Congressional ball game.

    Republican US President Ronald Reagan was shot and nearly killed by another deranged political extremist two decades following Kennedy’s assassination to which you refer.

    In 1971, leftist extremists – members of the Weather Underground (sound vaguely familiar?) fire-bombed the US Capital attempting to obviously cause murder & mayhem.

    In 1983, ANOTHER bomb was planted by leftist extremists which when detonated blew a hole through the Senate Majority leader’s door.

    Just MONTHS ago, a leftist extremist who “disagreed” with a SCOTUS decision, was charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER for planning to kidnap and murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his personal home!

    Golly, Mr. Ellis – It looks as though your memory isn’t any better than President Joe Biden’s, is it? Or could your omissions POSSIBLY be purposeful on your part in your sinister quest to suppress votes for republicans in the state of Vermont and continue to enable the state’s phony mainstream media’s reporting tactics that outwardly distort facts, as does yours, and lie additionally through OMMISSION, as does yours.

    Your vile and contorted article appearing in VTDigger is a gross and intentional misrepresentation of reality and your inferences which defiles the Republican Party, i.e.: the Party of Lincoln, and the conservative movement is but more repugnant propaganda from another Biden adoring, politically partisan, fearmongering radical who seeks to apparently create a uni-party or globalist system of some type of quasi-totalitarian governance wherein our current philosophy of a Constitutional Republic of self-governance is absolved and obliterated forever.

    You shall NEVER succeed.

  4. Let’s not forget all those who were attacked and threatened from protestors at the RNC in D.C including Sen. Rand Paul, the list goes on and on.
    The Digger is a joke, practicing bias journalism, including censorship and promoting misleading information.
    As 45 would say “Fake News”

  5. This article is, at best, sensationalistic journalism. We simply don’t yet have enough information on what occurred at the Pelosi address. Understanding of the situation is still unfolding.

  6. Yeah, the Green Party guy living in a school bus parked in front of the house with the rainbow BLM flag, with a penchant for naked gay rights protests is some kind of conservative, Hell bent on Nanshee Peloshee. You A-holes spent an entire WEEK assaulting the White House, forcing the President into a safe room and injuring 60 Secret Servicemen. Enough with this gaslighting garbage, you absolute clown.

    • You forgot the satellite dish on top of the bus so he could get Fox News which made him attack Paulie P.

      • I was a vegan, male feminist, soy latte drinking they/them with purple hair, giant glasses and a bull-ring nose piercing, but I saw Fox News JUST ONCE and I became a weightlifting, steak-eating, fashie-supremacist penis haver. Fox News is THAT BAD. Just say NO. Tucker is literally HITLARRZ!

  7. There is nothing I could say better than what has been said by commenters. Mr. Page, you do your paper a disservice by printing this garbage without a, label of,” this article is a personal opinion, a bad one, but a personal one, that does not reflect this publication”. The coup happened NOT on Jan 6. it was on 11/3/20. Anyone who does not agree, has not paid enough attention to real facts.

    • Shannon,

      I respectfully disagree with your statement to Guy about printing this article. We love and read the Vermont Daily Chronicle because of the freedom of speech that is allowed.

      Thank you Guy for your platform allowing ALL to speak.

      Remember Shannon:
      Tyranny Destroys Freedom, yet Claims Freedom for Itself.

    • Thank you, Shannon. You raise a good point. It is labeled a commentary, which is another word for an opinion piece. In the daily emailed edition, I do state that qualifier – “not necessarily the opinion…..” As it happens, I don’t agree with Kevin.

  8. Another depraved Marxist mind. Consider the source.
    Vermont Digger, the Commons News, and the Brattleboro Reformer all employ Marxist Left Wing Activists disguised as “Journalists.” Only the brain dead read their sewage.

      • No Ivan. Marxists are those who want to destroy our Constitutional Free Republic, yet when it’s convenient and fits their narrative, they pretend to care about it. You know, like the subject of “insurrection.”

  9. Dear Guy Page – Since I do not read the VT DIgger – Thank you for posting this article so that I have an idea of why the violence continues.

    Dear Mr Ellis, You are the reason the violence continues with your blather. Did you happen to attend the RALLY in Washington DC on January 6th? Is it too much to ask that you only reoprt on what you are most certain?

    Focus on the good, forgiveness, and move on to make the world a better place.

    And on another note: here is an interesting website for this continued war on people:

  10. Hey, Ellis, how about the October 18 shooting into the home of North Carolina Republican candidate Pat Harrigan’s parents, into the very room where his children were sleeping? On the same day his opponent featured an ad with Harrigan’s nearby home, claiming he lived in a ritzy neighborhood and “made a fortune off of Sandy Hook?” You people are DISGUSTING in your fevered hypocrisy.

  11. Yeah, OAC and the rest of the Commiecrats that wanted to defund the police run around the country with armed bodyguards, yet guys like Kevin Ellis and his ilk are happy with taking away 2nd Amendment rights. I wonder how may rounds the politician’s bodyguards carry in their magazines.

  12. And THANK YOU, Guy for publishing this socialists drivel. That way we get insight into their warped one-way minds.

  13. The vast majority of these violent attacks are from lunatics giving the Democrats endless pool of supporters to draw from.

  14. Who was the Republican that tried to punch Don Bolduc before his debate with Maggie Hassen? Oh, he wasn’t a Republican

  15. Conspiracy theorist Kevin Ellis sets the standard for journalism afresh… and will probably be awarded by the VPA for doing so …baloney. Can’t get his ‘facts’ straight for all his ‘conspiracy theories’ about people he doesn’t agree with politically…
    Does he do ANY research?
    Or is it all hearsay and 2nd hand?
    Nice standard there, journo I mean blogger.

    • Research ? Investigation ? Who needs to waste time with due diligence when there are no consequences like retraction, or apology for disinformation ?

  16. All the comments have debunked this liberal fairy tale so I’ll just add, this is not the first time this guy has gone off the rails. This is what happens when you are an indoctrinated fool, a useful idiot of the dim party. The crime here is that the other indoctrinated, useful idiots that read and support vtgravedigger will not read alternative comments and facts because they have shut down the comment section over there in fear of turning some of their readers minds. Censorship and omission are the tools of tyrants. These dim/progs have their little fiefdom here in Vermont and they live in an echo chamber of all things liberal. News flash for Ellis, The country is on to your lies and the USA in rejecting the radical left. In the near future, your cult like party will be a footnote in history and not a good one. Enjoy your misery, free thinking Americans reject your trash.

    • Remember, this is what the democrats under Joe Biden have done to the country in less than 2 years:
      the destruction of our economy,
      the inflation,
      the food and fuel shortages,
      the disruption of supply lines,
      non-existent borders,
      the massive rise in crime,
      breaking records in 12 major cities,
      the attacks on the police community and the justice system,
      and now the threat of world war.

      Now look at your life here in tiny Vermont, are you better off than you were 2 years ago? This is the cost of a failed ideology based in fear, lies, over-regulation and control of your life. Time to reject these failed policies at the ballot box or at the kitchen table in your own privacy of your own home. Due your part for the rescue of our state, our children and our citizens.

  17. These are desperate times for Progressives and socialists such as this writer from Digger. As usual, the writer gives you a narrow view of the circumstances and conveniently leaves out the relentless pursuit of violence his political allies have condoned for some time. Most recently, the assault on Supreme Court Justices and Antifa related mob violence across progressive cities. Cashless bail and other bail reform measures to permit the continued onslaught of violence on the citizens within the States. The problem these Progressives and socialists have is that the general citizenry is finally aware of these hypocrisies. The truth is finally out on their warm embrace of political violence, weaponizing the Government against its citizens, mob tactics, and speech suppression. All tactics for their quest to rule the citizens.

  18. Any attack of a Politicians family is wrong. There is zero acceptable explanation. Vermont right now has a crisis situation that grew from an overlooked Opioid crisis into out of State gangs openly taking over houses, and openly shooting, while importing narcotics.The BLM nonsense, here got rid of, or castrated the Police we need to offer resistance. Progressive Politicians will not see this. They can t, as it truthfully involves race, and darkens their ex hippy doctrine. Taxes are insane and housing overpriced, and mostly unavailable. .There are dealers making daily deliveries to the addicts ‘Sober Houses in Vermont’ Truth. The Homeless are a plague and growing. Hiding them in grade B motels was only a band aid We need change badly. No one needs vindictive, nut ball extremists, bent on revenge however.

  19. Hey Kevin, how about Maxine Waters: Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters, calling for attacks on the Trump administration at a rally in Los Angeles Saturday: “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Oh wait a minute, I forgot, she’s a democrat… it’s only us right wingers that stir the pot!!!

  20. One can always tell a Progressive Democrat ,they put up loosely woven half truths and hide the real truth. They hate the truth of God our Constitution and We the People,and want to control with fear doubt and unbelief . Just look at the riots for two years in Democratic City’s,and inflation gone wild.Let’s go Brandon!! Vote them all out,we can do it!!

  21. Not a word has been said – that I know of – of WHY was there no security at Nancy’s home?Neighbors have said there is always heavy security there and up & down the street so let’s wait and see what kind of a story we get. I’m sure it won’t be the truth only what they want us to believe. And of course it is Presidents Trumps fault. Don’t know how the poor man stands it!

    • Everyone, right here you can clearly see here what a sanctimonious, conceited poseur this man is. Garde loo, everyone. And Guy, many thanks for printing.

    • Which they do because you people go out of your way to destroy their social lives, their jobs, their online platforms, their banking, and on and on. To say nothing of actual violence. Over hysterical half truths and delusions of persecution. It’s exactly like dealing with a cluster B personality disorder on a collective scale. Anonymity is a defense mechanism, and the only safe way to try and show folks like you what you look like in the mirror.

      Now. About that week long siege of the White House…

  22. More of the same from this narcissistic social justice drama queen sanctimoniously peddling a malignant narrative, which lives on the fumes of his career as a statehouse leech. And by the way, Tucker snacks on “pundits” like him when there is nothing else left in the pantry.

  23. My side is right, and yours is wrong. I can’t believe how divisive you are! I’ll have nothing to do with divisive people like you! I would love to get together with everyone to work on solutions but the other divisive side is making this impossible! You won’t get behind my cause because you insist on being divisive! My view is the only solution, and I’ll not be put into any camp that includes any of your divisive crap! I will stand my ground since your views are simply totally unacceptable! Get it? (Thank you, Mr. Ellis, for supporting this one and only viable mindset.)

  24. Kevin Ellis ignores the

    On June 14, 2017, a gunman walked onto a baseball field at Eugene Simpson Park in Alexandria, Virginia, opened fire on politicians and wounded House GOP Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana and four others.

    The representatives had been practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity. James Hodgkinson asked a passing congressman—South Carolina’s Jeff Duncan—whether Republicans or Democrats were on the field practicing. Once he received confirmation that the Republican representatives were the ones playing ball, Hodgkinson fired off 60 rounds into the unsuspecting elected officials.

    A call to police went out shortly after 7 as the political officials scrambled for cover. When officers arrived on the scene, they exchanged fire with the suspect, running towards him while dodging the spray of bullets, and eventually killing him. Unfortunately, Hodgkinson’s damage had already been done.

    Subsequent investigations revealed Hodgkinson as a man with a clear hatred for Republicans. He had arrived at the field in a white van—he was living out of it—with his legally purchased rifle and a list of six conservative members of congress, presumably his targets.

    Good God, Kevin Ellis…how quickly we forget or purposely ignore these events which would negate your Republican blaming and accusatory remarks. You conveniently didn’t mention Chuck Schumer, another Republican and Supreme Court hater who encouraged protestors to storm Judge Kavanaugh’s home after threatening him with “reaping the whirlwind” for his constitutional stands…then there is the Rand Paul attacks on him and his wife’s safety on the streets of Washington DC…and fanatics like Maxine Waters, AOC, and Pelosi who tell their violent protesting mobs to confront conservatives while they eat and publish their home addresses so that they might threaten their families in their residences… Vermont Digger is just another liberal rag that marches to the radical party line and you are one of its dark apologists…

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