Rather than write essay to ‘agree with their transgender dogma,’ Randolph volleyball player filed suit

Blake and Travis Allen, plaintiffs in a civil suit against Randolph school officials

By Guy Page

The October 27 lawsuit filed by Blake Allen, a girl on the high school volleyball team, and her family says Randolph Union High School administrators and school board members tried “to coerce her to agree with their transgender dogma” by instructing her to write a ‘reflective’ essay about her complaint of a biological male transgender student watching her undress in the girls’ lockerroom. 

If the essay failed to sufficiently state how wrong she was to demand the student leave the locker room, she faced an additional three-day out-of-school suspension, the lawsuit states. The transgender student’s death threat against Allen went unpunished, the lawsuit claims.

Instead of writing a mea culpa essay, Allen filed suit – with the help of Vergennes lawyer Anthony Duprey and lawyers from the Alliance Defending Freedom.

This information appears on the plaintiff’s Unicourt summary of Allen et. al. vs. Millington et. al, filed October 27 in U.S. District Court. The full case summary appears below.

Case Summary
On October 27, 2022, Travis Allen, Jessica Allen, as next friend and mother of minor Blake Allen (collectively, “Plaintiffs”), represented by Anthony R. Duprey of Duprey Law, PLLC, and Tyson C. Langhofer, Philip A. Sechler, and Matthew Hoffmann of Alliance Defending Freedom, filed a civil rights lawsuit against Layne Millington, Lisa Floyd, Caty Sutton, and Orange Southwest School District Board (“OSSD Board”), (collectively, “Defendants”), seeking declaratory and injunctive relief, along with damages for alleged violations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. This case was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Vermont with Judge Christina Reiss presiding.

In the complaint, Plaintiffs alleged, “Travis Allen and his fourteen-year-old daughter, Blake, were punished for expressing their views on a matter of profound public concern: whether a teenage male who identifies as female should be permitted to change in a girls’ locker room regardless of the discomfort experienced by girls in that room. In objecting to a male being in the room while the girls are changing, Travis and Blake each made comments underscoring that the trans-identifying student is in fact a male, including by using male pronouns.”

Plaintiffs further alleged, “Defendants disciplined both of them. The locker room controversy presented itself in the Orange Southwest School District on September 21, 2022, when a 14-year-old biological male on the Randolph Union High School (‘RUHS’) girls’ volleyball team-here called ‘T.S.’ entered the girls’ locker room while the girls were changing.”

Plaintiffs also alleged, “Having never been warned of the possibility of this encounter by RUHS, multiple girls in the locker room, including Blake, became upset; and multiple parents, including Blake’s mother, Jessica, called the RUHS co-principals’ office to object. Blake expressed her views on the subject the next day, when a few students discussed it with her in French class – a class T.S. does not attend.”

Plaintiffs continued, alleging that “punishing Blake for expressing a dissident view was not enough; Defendants also seek to coerce her to agree with their transgender dogma. Defendants intend to render their own judgment on this reflective essay, and if they deem it ‘lacking good faith,’ Blake will be required to serve an additional three days’ out-of-school suspension. Meanwhile, Defendants took no action at all against T.S. – who said, during math class the week after entering the girls’ locker room, ‘I’m going to fk**ing kill Blake Allen.’”

Additionally, Plaintiffs alleged, “Travis expressed his views on the locker-room issue outside of school soon after hearing about the threat that T.S. had made against his daughter. Millington, OSSD’s Superintendent, found that this post ‘misgendered a transgender student’ and suspended Travis from his job as middle school girls’ soccer coach without pay for the rest of the season.”

Plaintiffs then alleged, “The First Amendment does not countenance this kind of government censorship, where a public school mandates that students and coaches refrain from expressing any view that offends its prescribed views, particularly on an issue as important as whether the school should permit males identifying as girls to undress, shower and change in the girls’ locker room. Travis and Blake Allen were entitled to express their views on that issue and, in expressing those views, to support them with what is a biological fact-that a biological teenage male is, indeed, a male.”

Plaintiffs presented four claims for relief, including for the alleged violation of the Civil Rights Act and the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

In the prayer for relief, Plaintiffs requested a judgment granting declaratory and injunctive relief. Plaintiffs also requested an award of nominal and compensatory damages, along with costs of litigation.

This is a summary of a legal complaint. All statements, claims, and allegations listed herein reflect the position of the plaintiff only and do not represent the position of UniCourt. Additionally, this case summary may not reflect the current position of the parties to this litigation or the current status of this case. To view the latest case updates and court documents, please sign up for a UniCourt account.

Courthouse: Vermont District Court. Presiding Judge: Christina Reiss. Plaintiffs: Travis Allen, Jessica Allen, Blake Allen. Defendants: Layne Millington, Lisa Floyd, Caty Sutton Orange Southwest School District Board. Plaintiff Attorney: Anthony R. Duprey, Esq., Attorney at Duprey Law, PLLC, Vergennes, VT 05491.

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  1. The good people of Randolph may consider it a good moment to be “reflective “ the next time they go to the voting booth.

    This sounds vaguely reminiscent of Chinese re-education activities with the Red Guard in the 1960s or Germany’s Hitler Youth indoctrination or days of the Soviet Union or any of the myriad of totalitarian regimes that have passed our way. —- not to mention lesser tyrants like Jim Jones and his group drinking the kool aid to a disastrous end.

    Only this time there is someone willing to stand up and say no.

    Hold your ground Allens.

  2. Silver lining? Maybe this early encounter with injustice will encourage Blake to go on to study law, become an an attorney and mete-out justice to bureaucratic tyrants like Layne Millington all across Vermont!

    • You certainly don’t show much tolerance and sympathy for someone who just doesn’t want to be naked with someone staring and watching. Not many women of any age would. Wonder what koolaid you drank to make you think so differently and so nasty minded. God bless America – and you, too, with much needed peacekeeping and forgiveness.

  3. This reflects very badly on ALL the people in education. Randolph is desperately in need of a school staff adjustment. Common sense overturns any argument one can possibly make allowing a boy in a girls locker room. I do acknowledge it is probably every adolescent males dream, but that does not make it okay and it cannot be allowed!

  4. “If the essay failed to sufficiently state how wrong she was to demand the student leave the locker room, she faced an additional three-day out-of-school suspension, the lawsuit states. The transgender student’s death threat against Allen went unpunished, the lawsuit claims.” If this woke educator wasn’t so woke, or selfrighteously hypocritical (unpunished death threat!), perhaps he could see past his brown nose smudging back and fourth across the backends of the fad known as Transgenderism. Many kids wish they had never transgendered:

  5. We stand behind you, Blake. As a Vermont mom of two young girls, I am so proud of you for doing this. What happened to you and continues to happen to you is not ok.

  6. I hope that this girl and her courageous dad win a monetary settlement that will last her a lifetime comfortably; maybe she can enter law school and become a civil rights attorney herself working to eventually assist other Vermonters who stand their ground against the oppressive forces of this diabolical government.

    And hopefully many more mothers and fathers will take a cue from this duo instead of fading into the shadows and essentially acquiescing to the left’s discriminatory and insane demands and their obviously feeble attempts at retribution. These school officials ought to be more than ashamed by their actions that constitute child sexual abuse within any normal environs or societies.

    • I agree with the laws suit but a huge monetary settlement only hurts the Taxpayer by increasing the insurance cost. A better remedy would be to have the administrative people removed from their positions and change the stupid policies that caused this. You can’t drive until 16,you cant vote sign contracts join the military’s until your 18. you can’t drink alcohol smoke till your 21 so why do we think a 14 ,or younger, knows what sex they should be. When you’re an adult…do what makes you feel good

  7. Everyone please listen, I know it won’t be easy, but everyone needs to remove their kids from the public education system en masse. Break the choke hold of the union’s indoctrination of our children. We successfully homeschooled all of our children through high school on a single income and supplemental income. They had plenty of interaction with others, they’re all functional adults doing quite well. It’s time to bankrupt the indoctrination mills.

    • Not only that but, why should we be paying for great retirement plans and healthcare ins. for teachers that is better than what we have. And the state has squandered the money, the trust funds are in debt to the tune of $5 billion short. We pay more as student overall scores drop. When I graduated from High School you had to pass with 70%, now it’s 60. The unions are for the teachers, not the students. Time to break it up.

  8. Definition of coerce: “persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats.” As Randolph Union High School administrators and school board members are adults and Miss Blake Allen is a minor, in my opinion that is child endangerment and abuse. Taxpayer funded criminality in our school systems? Absolutely!

  9. Good luck Ms. Allen. I truly hope you win big!!!! You should never have been threatened by anyone and if the administration and school board did nothing to secure your safety—then they are at fault. If the other girls on the volleyball team felt the same as you then, I hope they would join your lawsuit and make it a class-action suit. What would the whole state take from it—-you can’t push us around!!! We will never comply with your agenda-we are young women and we are invoking our rights to be protected and feel safe while we are in school which by law you need to provide. Make other accommodations for transgender male-female students!!! I hope you set a precedent for all students in Vermont who are going through these same unfair unsafe treatments of young-women by uncaring totalitarian administrations and/or school boards that think they can ride right over your rights thinking you will just rollover and comply. What are they thinking? Do they intentionally want a young woman to be physically attacked(raped)????? Come on, take action to stop it before it happens!!! Again Good Luck!!! Mary

  10. they need back up, real support….like the VTGOP……some political leaders to stand up and help…..

    otherwise its a long lonely battle, expensive, with very little upside. This is how they defeat the truth, because it’s one person all alone, easily, easily taken down in lawfare.

    this case could drag out for 6 years. Yes they’ll try and get a quick judgement, but will they?

    God Speed.

  11. On moral issues like this, Vermont is obviously a lost cause…however this country as a whole is about to have an electoral response on tuesday that should make it abundantly clear that we dont want marxists/leftists using the public school system and other taxpayer-funded institutions to trans the young children…

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