4 Letters: Welch didn’t stand up to Big Pharma when it counted / Control over procreation?

Longtime Welch voter not feelin’ it this time – I watched the two recent televised debates with Peter Welch and Gerald Malloy and am left with some concerns from Welch’s comments on both the pharmaceutical industry and Vermont’s COVID-19 vaccination ‘performance.’ For the record, I have voted for Peter Welch multiple times, unfortunately—admittedly—on auto-pilot.

Congressman Welch stated emphatically “I will stand up to big pharma.” This is a curious statement, as well as a tired cliche´ because when asked about the pandemic, he proudly said “Vermont did an outstanding job—most of us got vaccinated.” I also, naively, did my part for big pharma last year—I got vaccinated, a decision I wholeheartedly regret.

Daily, more information is coming to light about the Covid-19 vaccine. For example, our Food and Drug Administration wanted to keep all of Pfizer’s Covid-19 trials data secret for 75 years. Only through a Texas federal court order this past January is Pfizer now slowly releasing the documents, and they are revealing the irreparable reproductive harms to pregnant women, young girls, and young boys. Likewise with myocarditis in young men. Do not take my word on this….these, and many more troubling vaccine side effects are in these official Pfizer documents which are easily accessed at Dr. Naomi Wolf’s website: https://www.dailyclout.io. Have you heard a peep about this from Peter Welch?

I believe we’re at an inflection point and a political realignment is needed to restore some stability. If you and your family support on-going COVID-19 policies and  mandates—which Peter Welch has—you should continue to vote for him. For me, I’m not feelin’ it. Glenn Richardson, Williamsville

Article 22 gives the state control over procreation – There are a couple of things that need to be said about Article 22 could do if it passes. Even if others have mentioned them, they bear repeating.  Article 22 confers new rights to everyone, and it’s so open-ended that it could be used to justify having the State do almost anything about procreation. 

First, Article 22 will make it possible for a minor, with the help of advocacy organizations, to sue the Vermont State to pay for his or her medical (hormone and surgical) procedures for “gender transitioning” without parental consent. 

Article 22 could also make it possible for females to get artificial inseminations and selective abortions of unborn males, possibly with taxpayer funding.  

Think about this, the USA communist party (CPUSA) wants to abolish the traditional nuclear family. The CPUSA’s bible – The Communist Manifesto – calls for this abolishment, and you can watch recent CPUSA Zoom presentations on the topic.  According to communists, traditional parents have ‘privatized’ procreation, and they know that the family is the most powerful authority competing with the state for control of our society.

There’s no better way of abolishing traditional families than to empower the state to manage human procreation. Is this an (or the) hidden intended purpose behind Article 22?  Robert Fireovid, South Hero

Article 22 pretty vague – Does Article 22 (Proposal 5) really pass muster as an amendment to a constitution?

What exactly is “a compelling State interest”? If a Vermont governor feels a compelling need to bump up the state’s population, might pregnant women be quarantined, “by the least restrictive means,” until they give birth? Gee, we’ve just had a massive test of quarantines! Most people in Vermont marched in lockstep and did what they were told and followed the CDC, State, and Municipal rules, probably at great expense to themselves and their families.

If a World Economic Forum junkie ends up in our state government with a Forum-fueled belief that the world population needs to be cut in half—at the very least—might “a compelling State interest” be a China-style one-child policy? Or even a zero-child policy?

I’ll be voting No on Proposal 5, just because it is so poorly written and leaves so many undefined doors wide open. J. Brook, Windham County.

Former minister runs for House – If elected and sent to the House of Representatives from Caledonia County, I will take the Oath of Office to uphold The Constitution as my first priority. I was an Ordained Minister but I gave that up for this run. I will address conflict and special interest lawlessness. I am not a Politician, or considered an expert in all things.

What I am and what I will be is the voice of those ignored in Vermont. Many are afraid to speak out. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Free Enterprise are all being taken away by Big Government. In Vermont, the largest employer is the State. They are forcing agendas that are ruining the Middle Class. Soon the rich will own much of the land and the State will oversee the rest of it. Vermont will become a Social Welfare State and full of Low Income Housing. Many of those who have crossed our Borders illegally, including those not properly vetted will be offered this housing and they will take the jobs of those who are leaving Vermont.

On top of that we have a deficit that is caused by inflation and a false sense of security. When the covid relief money is gone, how will Vermonters pay for these programs ? In the past two years, many laws and executive orders have been put forth unconstitutionally.

The drive to force Electric vehicles which only the rich can afford and the fact we don’t have the infrastructure to support them are just one example. What happens when you can’t charge your car because of a power outage ? What happens when it is minus 20 and you are stuck in your car ?

Many in the Legislature seem to think there is an endless supply of Tax Dollars, they are trying to tax everything. This Government burdens us with grossly high taxes and endless squander that burden our lives with endless regulations. We can not continue down the path of turning Vermont into California. Vote for those that who listen to the people and not the special interest.

If I am elected I will do my best to overturn bad policies that have hurt our Small Businesses and Farms. I will work to lower taxes, bring jobs back to Vermont, fight for less regulation, uphold Constitutional Law and fight for the Right to Life. I ask for your vote and for you to vote for Constitutional Patriots. We can’t continue to allow tyranny to reign. – Charles Wilson, GOP candidate for House, Lyndonville.

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  1. A friend and I wrote repeatedly to Peter Welch regarding C-19 “vaxxes” and the massive damage done to so many. We received boilerplate, plausibly deniable responses deferring to cdc, FDA policies etc… very disappointing. I’d always voted for him as well – not this year.
    Hard to know if he’s fearful – takes guts to go against the accepted narrative and big pharma or if it’s herd mentality at work. Either way, points to the lack of an inquiring mind and critical thinking.

    • MVV31, I would venture a guess that the Welch family portfolios would answer why he and the wife are heavily invested in Pharma. Before chasing stocks he used to chase ambulances. The guy is 78 and needs to be fired by the voters. He’s got his fortune and can live very comfortably after being a rubber stamp for Pelosi and Biden.

      • This is what happens when a bottom feeding lawyer is elected for feel-good, do-good reasons by a flock of self-satisfied sheep. Just saying.