14-year-old charged in Bristol killing – 8th homicide of October

Murder victim Madden Gouveia of Shelburne, from GoFundMe page

By Mike Donoghue, Vermont News First

A 14-year-old Burlington boy has been arrested on a charge of second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of a Chittenden County teen in a car outside a home in Bristol on Monday night, officials said Tuesday morning.

Hussein Mohamed is being charged in adult court by the office of Addison County State’s Attorney Eva Vekos with second-degree murder, officials said.

He is charged with killing Madden Gouveia, 14, of Shelburne, officials said.

This isn’t the first tragedy in Gouveia’s family, according to a GoFundMe page established by his sister, Nichole Worthen of Burlington. Their older brother died in an accident in 2020, she said.

The adult felony charge stems from a joint investigation by Vermont State and Bristol Police following the 7:20 p.m. incident on North Street near Plank Road.

Mohamed was in possession of a handgun while sitting in the rear passenger-side seat of a parked vehicle when the handgun discharged, police said. The bullet struck Gouveia as he sat in the front passenger seat, police said.

Mohamed is expected to appear for arraignment at 1 p.m. today at Vermont Superior Court in Middlebury.

Gouveia was treated at the scene and rushed by Bristol Rescue to the UVM Medical Center in Burlington, officials said.
A spokesman said shortly before 10 p.m. that best medical efforts were unable to save him.

Bristol Police Chief Bruce Nason said he asked Vermont State Police to take the lead in the investigation due to their vast resources, including a crime scene search team and trained homicide investigators. Bristol officers are assisting.

An autopsy was planned for Tuesday by the office of Vermont’s Chief Medical Examiner in Burlington.

A Facebook page for a youth named Hussein Mohamed of Burlington was taken down shortly after 11 AM this morning.

The Bristol homicide is unrelated to any of the 7 other reported homicides in Vermont this month. The 8 appear are all unrelated and 6 of the cases remain unsolved, police said.

There are persons of interest in at least 3 of the 6 unsolved deaths, according to investigators.

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  1. He Liberals I thought you passed gun control that in order to own a handgun in Vermont, you had to be 21 years old, apparently these 14 years olds did not get the message, or another feckless gun bill that’s not being followed, and now a young boy is dead, so how did these minors get the handgun, and a gun law was broken what the penalty ?????

    The only gun control you need is to understand how to use a real firearm, and not put your head in the sand, and it’s not what you see in your video games, apparently sitting in the back seat fumbling around not knowing, and now you see the consequence !!

    Bottom line one dead, one a felon………………………………………………………………

  2. Finally !👍👏. A 14 year old knows that when you shoots someone they will die and that is murder, period! No excuses!! I’m glad for the family they will see justice for their son!

    • Dont be so sure about the “justice”. Who WILL be punished are the law-abiding, responsible gun owners of Vermont, who will be blamed by our feckless legislature.
      Little Mohammed will likely get the benefit of the “rough upbringing” defense.

  3. Very sad but good to know the shooter will be held responsible for his action no matter the age! I feel by the age of 14 an individual knows shooting someone is not the right thing to do! Terrible results for both families Prayers for the families.

  4. Do we know for certain that the firearm was “discharged” with intent? An accidental discharge would also fit the information in this brief. It would be negligent to make assumptions without further information.

    • Gee…..drug deal gone bad. Looks like the cops know what happened.

      Glad that refugee thing is working out so well liberals.

  5. Behold a culture of ignorance and violence devoid of a moral compass that holds no regard for a future.

    Having destroyed manufacturing, Vermont legislature has largely eliminated any meaningful future a young man could aspire to. Faced with mindless, low pay, unskilled, service industry employment soon to be dominated by the eight million, illegal, immigrants now here. Being a drug dealing thug is easy to rationalize.

    I hope the citizens of Vermont are proud their legislatures that engineered this state of affairs.

    • Lets make sure and give full credit to those Vermonters who voted to keep those legislators in office…

  6. I’m certain most of Vermont yawns at these news stories….. apathy runs rampant in the State. They want their free stuff, to be left alone and could care less on the mayhem that surrounds them. Occasionally, they’ll express their moral outrage when Bernie, Peter Welch or Becca Balint says so (BLM stuff, Trump, Trans topics, etc.). Of course, the apathy and moral outrage comes to an end when this social and violence mayhem shows up on their doorstep. By then, it’s too late. Like I’ve said before: It’s going to get worse before it gets better in Vermont. It’ll take 3 to 4 generations to dig itself out of this modern day Orwellian world they’ve allowed to be built.

  7. According to VT Digger, which won’t identify the shooter by name despite being charged as an adult (not PC to do so I guess), the gun was stolen and “belonged” to the slain teen. Evidently there were 4 of them in the car, scuffling over the gun, loading and unloading it and grabbing it from each other. How nice. Pass all the gun laws you want VT; only going to negatively impact lawful safe adult gun owners. Kids such as these really don’t care what your rules are.

  8. To make Vermont a wonderful paradise again we need to replace every democrat and rino in office. That would include everyone now holding office. Or we can continue the decline. Or we can move to another state.

  9. Congratulations to the Vermont Commiecrat legislature for allowing the “gangsta” culture of MA, CT and NY to come to Vermont.

    • He and his family likely came to Vermont as refugees. For that you can thank the federal government, along with the ‘charities’ engaged in refugee resettlement. Except they aren’t really charities, they are government contractors, many with tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue via resettlement contracts (but once they are in your town, they are your responsibility), and management people with salaries of hundreds of thousands per year. It is a racket that few Americans are aware of.

  10. Two 14 year olds. Who was driving? What were the parents thinking about allowing 14 year olds out after dinner on a school night?! Did the parents know anything about the gun, and if so why are they not being held accountable? Lots of questions which probably will never be answered because it’s uncomfortable for the liberal mindset to admit they have failed the youth of America.

    • It’s funny to hear people still using the plural form: “parents” in situations such as this.

  11. All in all, I’d say the October body count makes the politicians look like the genious problem solvers they claim to be – this is the climate change we can believe in! In a couple months, they can high five each other under the Golden Dome and proceed to steal millions more taxpayer dollars and say the money is necessary to fix the mounting problems. The proof is in all great things they have accomplished here in Pervmont[sic] and the extraordinary quality of life we are enjoying each bloody day.