You’ve got a ballot – make sure you have a plan, Sec State Condos says

Vermonters should have a voting plan for the November 8, 2022 Vermont General Election, Secretary of State Jim Condos said Monday.

“Whether you plan to vote early by mail, in-person at your Town Clerk’s office, by dropping your ballot at a secure ballot drop box, or in-person at the polls on Election Day, having a voting plan helps ensure that you don’t experience any issues when casting your ballot,” said Condos.

All active, registered voters have been mailed a ballot. Any voter who has not received a ballot should contact their Town or City Clerk. Secretary Condos issued the following guidance, which can be found on the Secretary of State’s website, on the 2022 General Election voting process to educate Vermonters on their voting options:

Once you receive your ballot, voting it is as easy as Sign, Seal & Send!

·         Sign: Place your voted ballot in the ballot envelope and sign the certificate on the outside of the envelope, following all instructions included with your ballot.

·         Seal: Seal your signed ballot envelope, with your voted ballot inside. Place and seal your ballot envelope inside the mailing envelope.

·         Send: Return your ballot to your Town or City Clerk. They must have your ballot in hand by 7pm on Election Day (Tuesday, November 8) for it to be counted!

How you return your ballot is up to you. You may return your ballot:

·         By mail: We recommend mailing your ballot package no later than Monday, October 31st to ensure adequate time for it to be delivered to your Town or City Clerk.

·         In person: Bring your ballot to your Town or City Clerk’s office during normal business hours.

·         Drop off at a secure ballot drop box before Election Day: Check the “Voters” page of our website, under “Quick Links,” or check with your Town or City Clerk’s office to see if a secure ballot drop box is available.

·         Bring your ballot to the polls on Election Day: Bring your ballot to your polling location on Election Day (November 8, 2022) before the polls close at 7pm.

All polls will be open as usual on Election Day on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Check https://mvp.vermont.gov or directly with your Town or City Clerk to find out where your polling place is, check your registration status or check your voter mailing address.”

Some municipalities may also be holding elections on local or regional issues. Voters are encouraged to check directly with their Town or City Clerk to verify whether or not there is a local election they can vote in, and to discuss their voting options for obtaining a ballot.

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  1. Re: “Bring your ballot to the polls on Election Day: Bring your ballot to your polling location on Election Day (November 8, 2022) before the polls close at 7pm.”

    And if you don’t bring the ballot mailed to you at your home address to the polls on election day, does that mean there won’t be a ballot there for you when you check in and you can’t vote?

    Yes, I suppose I should check with my Town Clerk on that issue…. and all of the other options listed by Mr. Condos.

  2. Remember not too long ago when voting was once a civic duty that Americans managed to fulfill with relative ease without the need for a diatribe of instructions, “plans”, etc.

    What’s next? An appointed position at the state level for someone who dissects the methodology of shoelace tying & directs us upon how to properly complete that task too?

  3. Mail in ballots are a violation of our state and federal constitutions. They only exist because it makes election fraud so much easier for democrats who can’t win any other way. Condos is a total buffoon.

  4. Condos gives us Dominium voting machines then resigns from running again…I wonder why? Condos gave us, last presidential election, the duly elected President, number 20, on a list of 22 candidates, in small print…I wonder why? Condos listed Joe Biden number one, on the ballot, in bold black print…I wonder why? When asked, in this forum, how many Zuckerbucks his office took to influence the last presidential elections, there was stone cold silence…I wonder why ? I think a federal investigation is in order, and if abuse of office found ,federal charges be brought. This isn’t over,,,not by a long shot, and of this, I know why! Stay tuned…

  5. There are investigation for election and voter fraud all over the country but Vermont is immune to such things according to election officials. Mail in ballots have been ruled as unconstitutional but somehow Vermont is immune. Anyone who denies election and voter fraud is a moron or a party shill.

  6. Why are we wasting taxpayer dollars on needless postage?
    No resident should be mailed a VT (or any other state for that matter) ballot – unless they are unable to get to the polls on Election Day – and have actually requested their ballot ahead of time.
    What a scam!

  7. I remember the list of 22 candidates for 2020 President……Trump, the incumbent listed dead last …….Biden the Dem basement campaigner 1st……..I’ve voted many years……never has that happened; so what is really going on? I think many of us know the answer.
    Yesterday I received a “forwarded” mail in ballot, which MY town clerk said WOULD NOT be forwarded…………

    • Naturea…my ballot was an overseas sent absentee. I don’t recall it being last, but I was seeing red, when I saw a sitting President, down so low…just as bent as can be.

      In my opinion Vermont voting system, under Condos, is comprised, making him an operative for a political party, and not the people, of the State of Vermont, as he is sworn into serve…ALL people of Vermont.

      It’s appalling.

      We need to fight tooth and nail or watch our hard earned freedoms march right out the door, and down the pike.

  8. Anyone who has ever voted in Presidential elections know the candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name of the Presidential Candidate. Hence, Biden was at the top of the list and Trump was next to last. If fact, all candidates in all races are listed alphabetically. There is a sample 2020 ballot at https://www.calaisvermont.gov/vertical/sites/%7B226D684E-C864-4AFA-B4A5-59BE32741B77%7D/uploads/Sample_Ballot_Front_Nov_3_2020_(1)_.pdf

    • Only in the last election tomnsue, who posts not in their full name. Pre Condos it was the major parties followed by the minor parties.I voted in VT since 1972 so what you say is false and I post my full name to back it up.

  9. I encourage people to contact Will Senning and demand that all our tabulators record ballot images and produce cast vote records.
    He is simply refusing go do what best practices recommend. He has offered no reason why not.

    Director of Elections and Campaign Finance
    Vermont Secretary of State’s Office
    128 State Street
    Montpelier, VT 05633-1101
    (802) 828 – 0175

    IF you search for “ballot images” in the following EAC docs they say over and over again that ballot images must be preserved. (Again, if the ballot images are preserved because the correct setting has been chosen on the software the info to produce the FOIA requested CVRs will be available. It will be a trivial task to produce the CVRs.)
    According to Eac gov/voting-equipment/voluntary-voting-system-guidelines
    VVSG1.1 Volume 1 -2015 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines Version 1.1 (2015) that is likely true for the latest guidelines also.

    one ballot could be counted multiple times in an election with the Dominion machines. according to the fairly recent video on Coffee County with Jeff Lenberg the Dominion machines Accepted *XEROXED* Ballots. Ballot images help detect if the “fraud features” mentioned above are being misused because they have a time stamp associated with them. Cast voter records which are generated from the ballot images can also tell if those features are being misused to some extent for a related reason. Is this why Election Supervisors seam to always set the software to the setting that causes the ballot images to not be saved?

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