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Another Rte. 105 fatal: Jag driver exceeds 100 MPH, hits cow

A 48-year-old man from Enosburg was killed in a car crash involving a cow in Sheldon Sunday night.

Authorities were notified that a vehicle hit a cow on Route 105 at around 10:50 p.m. Responding troopers were told that there was a nurse on the scene and that the driver of the vehicle was deceased.

The Rte. 105 traffic death was at least the 10th on Rte. 105 since January 2021 and at least the second to involve a collision with a farm animal or vehicle in the east-west corridor in agriculture-heavy Franklin County.

The vehicle involved was a 2000 Jaguar Type S sedan. The driver was identified as Jason St Pierre, 48, and his passenger as Cody Sheperd, 30.

EMS attempted CPR on St Pierre at the scene, but say he died from injuries sustained in the crash. At this time, police say speed was a major factor in the crash. It was reported that the vehicle had been traveling over 100 miles-per-hour at the time of the crash.

Anyone who may have witnessed the crash is asked to call 802-524-5993. Police are still investigating the crash, including information relating to the owner of the cow. Republished in part from Newport Dispatch

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  1. People in general, including adults have been given the clear impression that laws can be ignored without fear of being held responsible and without repercussions. The rule of law is what prevents a society from descending into abject chaos, corruption, and worse.

  2. Are there hospital records revealing if drugs were involved? The public should have access to knowing how pervasive drugs are playing into highway accidents/fatalities.

    • Regardless of if drugs played a part in the decision to drive 100+ MPH on a two-lane road at night, the laws of traffic are stretched thin, but the laws of physics are not as easily violated. The laws of natural selection and Darwinism also come into play. Speed limits exist for a reason; they are not suggestions.

  3. There was a “nurse” on scene? How could he/she tell the person was dead? Most “nurses” are so high on drugs and alcohol that they can’t even find their own pulse.
    Poor cow.

  4. Sad end for a fine car
    Nothing said about the passenger except presumption that he survived?
    Nobody has headlights enough to drive even on a straight road
    at those speeds at night

    No need for snide comments about a nurse helping at the scene,
    She could have just driven by without offering aid.

    It is only presumed that the farmer lost a cow, which should not have been in the highway.

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