Your letters: the Biden blackouts / Big Pharma blood money

Biden climate plan a recipe for more blackouts – President Biden’s executive order directed his Administration to combat the “climate crisis” and reduce “climate pollution in every sector of the economy”.  By 2035 lights, heat and everything else will use carbon free energy to achieve a net-zero emission.  Though Biden is dictating this direction it has yet to be vetted by Congress.

Several states have adopted this costly policy.  They’re assuming wind/solar farms can replace all fossil fuel sources.  That’s unreal.  You can build a trillion wind turbines and solar panels but on a calm night they will produce nothing but black-outs.  Even with other renewables there’s not enough energy generated to feed 330 million people, clothe and shelter them, provide transportation, energy and all the industry that makes those things.  Power shortages warnings are now surfacing in the U.S..

With no fossil fuel back-up, energy storage must be addressed.  There’re no detailed engineering studies identifying the cost either of inventing mass storage capacity, its consumer costs or the duration power can be stored.  “Friends of Science” Ken Gregory’s guesstimated it would cost $100 trillion (20X the size of our Federal budget) and require inventing new technology that stores vast amounts of energy. 

Biden and net-zero emissions advocates are completely wrong about renewables solving our climate crisis to save our planet.  Also, China and Russia have no interest to abandon fossil fuels and coal.  Yet, environmentalists and the Biden Administration continue to push net-zero emissions with vengeance.  Climates do change but the world isn’t buying what Biden is selling. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

Big Pharma outspent NRA 20-1 – Big Pharma spent over $356.5 million in 2021 lobbying politicians.  They have 1,740 lobbyists.  Nearly 60 percent of those lobbyists are former government employees.  How many people has Big Pharma killed  just from the fueling the opioid epidemic? 500,000 people!  

How many Americans have died from taking the experimental MRNA vaccines pushed by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson and their legion of lobbyists and politicians?   According to the VAERS reporting system (VAERS is the U.S. taxpayer funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions) the “vaccines” have killed 28,312 Americans. The data also includes 232,694 serious injuries.

Compare this to the lobbying done by defenders of the Second Amendment.The National Rifle Association in 2021, spent $4.8 million lobbying politicians.  The entire gun lobby spent $15.8 million in 2021 lobbying politicians.  How many mass shootings have NRA members participated in?  None. Zero. – Stu Lindberg, Cavendish

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  1. Pharma /Behavioral Health also push various psychiatric drugs which have been linked to mass shootings. Puberty blockers are a huge money maker. Children are cash cows for all behavioral health drugging.

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